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Use the newly-emerging data types and patterns to your business advantage through KARYA’s Big Data Practice.

Big Data Service Provider

Enabling Enterprises to harness Information Assets

It’s no secret that right information is the key to success in a modern organization. Be it top level executives or middle management or associates, they all need right information at the right time to make right decisions to enhance productivity, customer service and revenues.

It has been more than a decade now that the concept of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing has been prevalent in the industry in some form or the other. The BI/DW set up has been providing good degree of Integrated Information Analytics to organizations from their transactional systems such as ERPs, CRMs, Payroll and Database. Recent trends in Digital Data, thanks to the proliferation of Web Applications, Social Media and Enterprise Mobility Solutions, has been pushing traditional BI/DW setups to their limits. While this development is creating new opportunities for revenues, it poses fresh challenges in acquiring, storing, analyzing & meaningfully visualising data. Big Data Management is rapidly emerging as an answer to overcome these challenges. Keeping in view the opportunities, challenges and the promising solution, KARYA Technologies' Big Data Centre of Excellence (CoE) was commissioned.

Big Data Management

Big Data is not just about sheer volume of data. While volume is one big qualifier, other dimensions such as Velocity, Variety, Variability, Veracity and Complexity of Data can help classify a dataset as Big Data or not. The word Big Data, often used synonymously with Big Data Management, is a platform built on Low Cost Commodity Hardware and Open Source Software that gives organizations ability to scale up to their informational needs by helping them acquire, process, store and analyze data of very high volume and complexity which would otherwise be impossible.

Business Use Cases for Big Data

  • Understand their customers better than ever
  • Analyze their core operations
  • Add value to their existing Data Warehouse
  • Carry out more Integrated Data Analysis by Breaking Down Data Silos
  • Enhance Security to their Digital Applications
KARYA Technologies' Big Data Centre of Excellence

Our Big Data CoE has been thoughtfully built to provide full scope Big Data Solutions to enterprises. Armed with the right technology resource pool and business use cases specific to industry verticals, we offer comprehensive set of solutions to those companies just thinking Big Data or to those who have made some headway in that direction. We build flexible Big Data platforms (Hardware, Software and Application) which can satisfy the primary objectives, scale up infinitely and integrate well with existing enterprise systems and applications, thereby facilitating smooth transition to the Big Data Universe. Our Big Data CoE can deliver end-to-end solutions right from setting up the Big Data Infrastructure Platform to developing the Big Data application coding components.

Big Data Technology Team

Our Big Data team comprises of Solution Architects, Business Analysts, Infrastructure Resources & Developers at various skill set and levels.

Technology Stack

Our competency spans across state-of-the art technology that enables Big Data implementations. Some of the Big Data technology areas we are actively involved with include NOSQL, Hadoop, MapReduce, Programming with Big Data in R (a series of R Packages), SQRRL, Unstructured Data, Open Source Technologies, Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Infrastructure Providers

Further we have the ‘Know-How’ to implement Big Data Platforms from the scratch or leverage on some of the ready-to-use Big Data Infrastructure and Frameworks made available by some of the established players such as Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Teradata.

KARYA Technologies' Big Data Offerings

Advisory Services

  • Road map
  • Technology Choices
  • Architectural Design
  • Infrastructure / Capacity Planning

Solution Delivery

  • Infrastructure Setup
  • Core Development
    • Data Modeling
    • Algorithms
    • Map Reduce, Transformation, Custom Code
    • Integration
    • Search & Document Indexing
    • Analytics
    • Visualizations
  • Governance
    • Data Quality
    • Metadata Management
    • Change Management

24x7x365 Operations, Maintenance & Production Support

  • Big Data Platform Administration
    • Configuration, Provisioning, Security Policy Management
    • Backup, Recovery, Archival
    • Proactive and Reactive Maintenance
  • Big Data Application Support
    • Activity Monitoring
    • Error Handling / Failure Recovery
    • Security Reporting

Why KARYA Technologies for Big Data?

KARYA's Big Data

We are well-versed in implementing end-to-end Big Data solutions for most industry vertical scenarios. To learn more about KARYA Technologies' Big Data Solutions Contact Us

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