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Gone are the days when things were tied to the desktop and mobility meant lugging around laptop for managing enterprise functions. Today’s enterprise works with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and they are not restricted to just communication and collaboration but literally help in running the enterprise efficiently and effectively. In short, enterprise mobility has come of age and is mature enough to handle enterprise of any size, industry or country.

Over the next few weeks, this blog will address this subject. We analyze why enterprises need to focus on mobile platform, bring enterprise applications and services to smart devices and deploy strategic solutions specific to the enterprise.

It also gives insight into:

  • Past difficulties across technology
  • Supplier deployment and customer adoption
  • How the next generation of mobile enterprise platform is a game changer.

This blog will discuss how Karya’s proven solutions can help enterprises go to that next level in their mobile-enabling endeavors. Partnering with Karya for enterprise mobility sets your enterprise on the move.

The key to successfully mobile -enable an enterprise involves:

  • Consideration of current and planned IT infrastructure
  • Consideration of new functions and intelligence
  • Identification of critical areas that can make or break mobile deployment
  • Harnessing the power of mobile systems
  • Cloud computing
  • Securing the system for compliance and confidentiality

Karya offers end to end solutions in this direction for successfully mobile-enabling your enterprise.

Understanding Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is capturing, processing and managing enterprise data on the move. It involves collection of data, synchronization with the enterprise servers (including cloud storage systems), and instant analysis (which requires significant processing either on the server or on the mobile device) for delivery of rich and relevant information – all from the point of activity in real-time.

Enterprise mobility focuses on empowering the mobile workforce by providing them with relevant information, regardless of time or location, in order to take strategic decisions that can add value to the enterprise in today’s highly competitive global market.

The Need for Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is required for securely capturing and sharing of enterprise information outside the boundaries (firewall) of an enterprise. It helps enterprises to provide on-demand services and solutions via a wide variety of applications on different types of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Enterprise mobility can save costs, enhance responsiveness, improve effectiveness and boost overall productivity of the enterprise. It leverages the capabilities of smart devices and communication technology infrastructure to provide meaningful information for enterprise managers and customers, at the tip of their fingers.

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Welcome to Karya Technologies Blog

KARYA Technologies focuses on enterprise mobility and delivers world-class solutions that help enterprises to perform efficiently in the global markets. Our robust and scalable enterprise solutions and mobile services are the result of our solid research and sound knowledge, gained by understanding thoroughly the current and emerging needs of the industry inside out.

Karya Blog

In the course of our mobile journey we have discovered surprising developments and shocking statistics on mobility in the enterprise. These findings have the potential to make you rethink your technological strategies for your enterprise, and Karya is bringing the information you look forward to on this brand new blog.

Our team at Karya believes in sharing experiences, and feels blogging their findings is the best way to disseminate knowledge to corporate decision makers and lay end users. Karya’s blog is not just about publishing articles, whitepapers and posts on interesting happenings, but a 360 degree asynchronous interactive pull platform to interact with one and all.

Karya’s blog will have posts on:

  • Karya’s proven enterprise solutions
  • Karya’s deployed mobile services
  • Industry outlook, insights, statistics and key emerging trends
  • Upcoming enterprise and mobile technologies
  • Fascinating case studies and user interactions

KARYA has been on the social network for long and this blog bridges the formal and informal network of communication between us. We hope you’ll enjoy our blog and bookmark it for continued reference.

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If you have any questions about the post, please contact us by sending a mail to info@karyatech.com