Enterprise Mobility to Redefine Manufacturing

Manufacturing is one of the sectors that are witnessing sea-changes in the form of process reengineering and product refinement. Advancements in the form of process refinement has become imperative for manufacturing companies to survive tough competition and changing business dynamics. One of the mostly widely used techniques these days is enterprise mobility. It is only prudent that the manufacturing sector cannot appreciate the benefits of enterprise mobility any less. These companies have come to realize that mobility can enhance productivity and reduce costs in an effective way.

Mobility for Manufacturing

There are several processes ranging from field service management functionalities, to asset management, to shop floor management and cross functional applications that can be mobile enabled successfully to give that much required impetus to this sector; to bring them to the top line; to enable them to use state of the art technology; and to reduce huge management cost – It may be hard to believe that all this is possible with a few well-thought out steps, mobile devices and minimal cost outlay. Never before in history has automation or advancement in technology come at such simple costs; never has it ever produced such drastic changes. Enterprise mobility allows manufacturing companies to pick and choose the areas that they want to mobilize depending on their capacity in terms of cost outlay, resource outlay, adaptability and such other factors. These companies can implement mobility in a phased manner to mitigate the cost factor and to enhance adaptability and profitability. The savings can be used for further enhancements in mobile enabling manufacturing functionalities.

The Manufacturing sector has definitely not posed a deaf ear to this new phenomenon. Industry leaders have sat up and taken notice of the large benefits of such an implementation. While many companies have already implemented mobility in core or essential areas, some others are still experimenting in the peripheral operational areas and studying the impact of the same on their bottom line. In a nutshell, this decade goes out to enterprise mobility, which is not only the most innovative of the ideas promoted in this new generation, but also one of the most cost effective, user friendly, reliable, robust and consequential ideas that has the potential to take manufacturing companies high up the growth trajectory to dizzying heights. It goes without saying that setting aside some time to think in this direction will certainly do more good to the enterprises in manufacturing sector.

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Ignoring enterprise mobility ‘now’ can cost dearly for MSPs

Mobile device sales have seen a rapid growth in the last decade. Smartphones and other handheld devices that seemed like a new phenomenon are wide spread and have acquired a larger than life image, leaving even the mobile service providers and mobile device manufacturers flabbergasted. The growth rate is such that several MSP enterprises in the industry are unable to keep pace with the rising demands. The one, who is the fittest, survives; bottom line is that the mobile service providers are forced to adapt the rapidly changing new age technology to provide better service or perish. There are two fold requirements in this direction. One from the consumers (B2C) end and the other from the enterprise clients (B2B).

Consumers are increasingly relying on mobile devices that have penetrated all walks of life. What more, technological advancements in cloud services and enhanced speeds of wireless network have opened up a whole new market; in order to capture this market, MSPs need to address and embrace new business initiatives in the area of deployment or facilitation of enterprise mobility solutions.

Mobility for Mobile Service Provider

MSPs enterprise clients on the other hand face similar need for a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution. This is the demand of the hour by enterprises worldwide. Enterprise clients, of all sizes, want to employ mobility solutions for increased business, improved customer service and improved employee communication, offer employees innovative applications and services that redefine workforce response times and productivity, address operational efficiency with optimal use of enterprise mobility solutions. They want to utilize mobility solutions to gain visibility into enterprise communication using mobile management tools and secure systems.

This two fold opportunity can be leveraged by MSPs efficiently. MSPs can offer enterprise mobility solutions to their enterprise clients packaged or bundled with the mobile services. The consumers can also benefit with mobility solutions that come bundled with their mobile services.

The cost of deployment is spread out which gives an edge to MSPs. There is mounting pressure on MSPs to improve services to entice new subscribers and retain existing subscribers. State of the art service delivery, such as mobility, can help capture new revenues in this rapidly growing wireless market. MSPs stand to gain enormously by deploying enterprise mobility solutions proactively in order to stay ahead of the market and to maintain growth and profitability.

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Can MDM be an answer to all the data management issues?

Over the years enterprises have been overwhelmed with monstrous amount of transaction data generated from different sources. Accompanying this is the need to effectively maintain the master and reference data across the enterprise. In the absence of a Master Data Management these processes have been consuming and resource intensive, often leading to undesirable consequences such as customer dissatisfaction, poor vendor and employee relationship etc.

Master Data Management

With the advent of master data management, life at these enterprises could not have been better. MDM is a combination of tool, technology, processes and people. It can work with any/many sources of master data and help standardize, cleanse and create a golden copy source, in addition it can publish the master/reference data to all the consumers. The key here is consistent single view of Enterprise Master/Reference Data such as Customers, Products, Vendor and Employees

Master data management is being effectively used in several industry verticals such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, banking, financial services and insurance, hospitality, supply chain and logistics and even in educational institutions. The master data management is as combination of process, people, tools and technology that help in data profiling, data cleansing and synchronization of master and reference data. MDM itself is a small part of the overall Enterprise Data Management and governance, but it is a giant leap towards it. Do not expect MDM to solve all your Data Management Issues, but choosing to deploy MDM is good indicator of the fact that your Enterprise is moving towards better quality and improved governance.

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