Adapt Enterprise Mobility in Manufacturing for Strong and Reliable Growth

Manufacturing enterprises are unique in the sense that they have distinct functionalities and no two manufacturing processes are alike. A unique industry like this requires unique solutions to address new challenges as well as to stay afloat in these highly competitive times. Enterprise mobility can be a strong and reliable solution that can allow the manufacturing companies to address most, if not all, business challenges.

One might wonder how mobility can address some of the most complex challenges. This is because mobility can streamline functionalities, allow greater transparency, reduce time, offer real-time access to data, and allow for quick updating of data and give immense power to the staff even when they are located in remote areas. All these changes lead to enhanced productivity and profitability, not to mention better insight into the day to day happenings at the manufacturing plant.

A host of functionalities can be mobile enabled. Some of the functionalities that are worth mentioning are service call monitoring, access to customer history and service history, and some of the other common field service management applications. Asset management is another ripe area for mobile enabling, notable functionalities in this area are work ticket creation and assignment, asset condition updating, asset allocation and access to information about equipment and tools availability.

An enterprise looking forward to simple implementation of mobility can start with mobile enabling shop floor management applications. This includes instant messaging facility, access to inventory status, access to production schedules, work order progress, access to real-time shop floor alerts and KPIs and more. Then there are a host of cross functional applications that can be utilized with ease to generate a variety of reports and for tracking business intelligence reports, access control, labour tracking, device tracking and interactions and much more.

Increasing competition and effective customer service are driving most manufacturing companies to rethink and optimize the way they do business. They are bringing about new age technologies and sophistication while keeping the cost intact or even reducing it, to stay afloat in the market. Enterprise mobility can go a long way in improving the bottom line of manufacturing industries by giving them state of the art tools for efficient management of resources and for superior productivity.

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