Karya’s Mobile Retail POS – A complete POS solution

Karya’s Mobile Retail POS application offers all the functionalities of a standard retail POS with the added benefit of mobility. This application is designed to completely integrate with the existing Retail POS in a cost effective way. Karya’s application offers a simple, user friendly interface that is engaging and appealing. The interface and the functionalities can be customized based on the retail client’s requirements. The mobile retail POS functionalities are related to:

Maintain Customer Data

  • Customer Maintenance
  • Lookup by Name, ID, Phone, Email
  • Loyalty information/Sales history

Process Sales, Returns

  • Checkout – Create orders
  • Suspend/Resume transactions
  • Apply discounts, Promotion codes, Coupons, Sales Tax

Item/Inventory lookup

  • Price, Specs, On-hand quantity

Secure Payment/Refund processing

  • Cash Tendering, Check Scanning, Credit/Debit/Gift Cards
  • Mobile Wallet Integration- Google
  • Split Payments
  • Point Redemption
  • Mobile Signature Capture
  • Print/Email Receipts
  • Secure processing- PCI

Bar code, RFID, QR Code scanner Integration

Integration to Sales Tax processing engine

This application can be extended to integrate other aspects of retail infrastructure such as supply chain-inventory and warehousing applications, applications for improved shopping experience and other cross functional applications such as business intelligence, time and expense reporting and more.

Retail POS on Mobile

While regular POS cash wrap counters can cost up to several thousand dollars, a regular smartphone with Karya’s mobile retail POS application can do just as well or even better; not to mention the savings in terms of floor space. Accessories would be in the form of pin pad, bar code scanner, card reader and printer- all of which can be procured from a local store at a few hundred dollars- and your retail POS checkout counter is ready to go. The entire system is very much affordable to most entrepreneurs and organizations ranging from small to medium scale businesses as well as large organizations which already have a POS infrastructure in place and are looking forward to adding more POS counters. For small businesses who avoided POS setup due to cost implications, this is an excellent opportunity.

Mobile retail POS solutions from Karya can be adapted in a phased manner starting with customer facing functionalities and then extending to other retail functionalities. Karya’s mobile POS solution provides superior transaction security and encryption.

Whether the retailer plans to use Karya’s mobile retail POS in-store in place of regular checkout counters, or at the aisles to lock in sales, or outdoors in sales camps, exhibitions, special counters, campus sales, fairs or outdoor extended stalls, Karya’s mobile retail POS is sure to offer superior performance every time and delight customers, thereby enhancing customer retention, brand reputation and customer referrals.

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Karya’s Airlines Mobile Application: Travel Agent in Your Pocket

One prefers air travel to other means of transportation because of the speed, convenience and comfort offered by air travel. Karya’s mobile application for air travel takes you one step further and allows the convenience of planning your air travel from anywhere, anytime with the touch of a few buttons on your smartphone. Now you carry your travel agent in your pocket!

Here are the highlights of Karya’s mobile application for air travel:

Login: Multiple users can utilize the application with respective login credentials.

The dashboard offers the following options

  • Add a booking – Here one-way or roundtrip travel can be booked. This functionality allows you to search flights, access flight info, enter passenger details, carry out booking, make payment and provides a booking reference number.
  • Flight status: Here one can check the status of booked flights
  • Airport information: This button offer basic info about active airports
  • Booked history – The button you click to access a list of flights booked during a time period
  • Alerts: This button provides notifications about flights, details such cancellations, delays or any other relevant ‘must know’ information
  • Checklist – This button is a last minute reminder to ensure you carry all the essentials for the travel such as passport, visa, allied docs, basics essentials, dresses or such other material
  • My schedule- offers a quick check of flight schedule. This is where one can reschedule their flights as well
  • Mobile check in using mobile phone- This feature is certainly a gain since it saves significant time and is extremely convenient for an air traveler. Here one can enter booking reference number and name for checking in, see summary of the flight, select seat, enter meal preference and select baggage options

This application can be customized for a single or multiple airlines. The smooth and attractive user interface is definitely a joy. This system can be integrated with the existing web interface or any existing software systems for real-time information access. Backed by strong and reliable technology, Karya’s airlines app is sure to make air travel booking a delightful experience.

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