Latest in the world of Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations (F&O) – Enterprise Edition

Let us probe in to the world of Dynamics 365 and understand the latest happenings, new capabilities and electrifying new features across F&O and highlight a few Technology Stack Improvements. Dynamics 365 For Operations (Enterprise Edition of D365) and Dynamics 365 for Financials (Business Edition targeted for SMB Clients) are transformed into Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – Enterprise Edition for Enterprise Clients and Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations – Business Edition (Suitable for SMB Customers) respectively.

Here are some of the pulsating changes in Features and Functionalities from the latest update in D365 for Finance and Operations.

Embedded PowerBI and Analytical Workspaces

PowerBI, the backbone of Business Intelligence for D365 which delivers Rich Interactive Dashboards, Reports, Drill-downs and offering various filter options wasn’t embedded in the previous release forcing users to have at-least a free Subscription to mash up data on the workspaces. Worry no more, this has been a thing of the past and now Microsoft offers PowerBI Embedded Services integrated in to the D365 Platform as a Microsoft Azure Service allowing users to embed the dashboards, reports directly into the Operations Workspaces of D365. It is a perfect way of offering near real time data insights, with Direct Query to the Entity Story. Embedded Dashboards are available for all Base License users of D365 for Finance and Operations with no requirement of PowerBI.Com Subscription.


Cash Integration between D365 for Sales and D365 F&O using Common Data Services

With Azure Public Cloud Data Storage Platform, the unification of ERP and CRM worlds is made easier using Common Data Services. This is a huge leap forward eliminating the usage of any 3rd party integration between CRM and ERP. Integration will be supported in the following scenarios:

  • Maintaining Accounts in D365 for Sales and syncing them with Finance and Operations as customers.
  • Maintaining Contacts in D365 for Sales and syncing them with Finance and Operations.
  • Maintaining Products in Finance and Operations and syncing them with Dynamics 365 Sales.
  • Creating Quotes in D365 for Sales and syncing them with Finance and Operations.
  • Generating Sales Orders in D365 for Sales for existing Products and syncing them with Finance and Operations.
  • Generating Invoices in Finance and Operations and syncing them with Dynamics 365 Sales.

Mobile Apps / Workspaces

Project Timesheet Entry and Expense Management App have been revamped with new features with Expense Management Workspace now supports end-to-end Expense Management from Receipt Capture, New Expense Report Creation, Submission, Expense Approvals, and Expense Status Inquiry etc.


  • Exclusive Expense Management Workspace
  • Processing of vendor invoices for different expense lines of an expense report, as opposed to create separate vendor invoices for each expense line, for reimbursement.
  • Ability for the Employees to track payment info for their expense reimbursement

Capturing Vendor Invoices made easy with OCR Interfaces


This is the latest update wherein invoice metadata and invoice scanned attachments is in-built into the Account Payable Process of D365 and 3rd party OCR Service Providers will be able to send Metadata Feed for invoice directly into D365 F&O.

The New Functionality enables:

  • Out of the data entities invoice header, invoice lines, and invoice attachments.
  • A frontend UI for users to make it easy to track failed invoice imports. Exception processing for invoices.
  • A side by side invoice attachment viewer to imported invoices and exceptions.

Financial PowerBI Reporting


With Platform Update 8, power users and BI Report Creators can add Financial Dimensions to the aggregated measurements or custom made in the Entity Store. General Ledger Transactions will be automatically updated when the Entity Store is refreshed. Hence creating Financial Dashboard or Report are made through this updated feature.

Publishing of Financial Reports from D365 to SharePoint

Financial Reports can now be saved in SharePoint Document Library which was not the case with earlier releases. Instead of saving a Financial Report to a local computer, reports can be automatically transferred to your SharePoint Inbox using Microsoft Flow.

New Tools for Upgrade from AX 2012 or AX 2009 to D365


Migration Process from AX 2012 or AX 2009 Code Base to D365 F&O is made easy and upgrades are more predictable reducing the overall cost of the upgrade process. After the completion of the Upgrade Process, an automated validation provides the required Metrics and Statistics on the Success of the Upgrade Process.

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