Karya helps you outgrow your Retail challenges easily with LS Retail

Gone are the days when Retailing was a simple business! Swept off by massive changes over the last decade, both the Retail Industry and the Retailers are quite jittery of the multitude of challenges hovered around them, especially on how to deal with their customers. A wake up call for all involved in the Retail scenario – Independent Retailers, specialty Retailers, grocery store owners, independent retailers, this blog aims at throwing light on how to nullify these challenges diligently using LS Retail, boost up productivity, make your process transparent and efficient, and ultimately grow your business, what Karya Technologies has to offer on the same! An end-to-end retail solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this proves to be a best fit for a variety of vertical industries like Fashion, Electronics, Food/Grocery, Furniture, Specialty, and many more.

A sea of Challenges…

A world of retail chains and giants with extensive resources, Retailers are really struggling hard to stay competitive in this competitive world. Coupling their agony further are the ever-conscious customers that are highly price conscious, that look for a top-of-the-line service, every time they chose to spree or dine! True is the Retailers plight that really struggle to understand and anticipate the needs of these mixed consumers, for in ‘customer retention’ lies his true success!

LS Retail solutions

LS Retail for Dynamics NAV addresses these challenges in no time! With its LS Point Of Sale (POS), it helps you manage your Retail business in the most innovative ways possible, ever! Coming along with easiness of setup and user-friendly interface, this end-to-end Retail solution, is certainly a boon to Retail Industries that help curb inventory, reduce shrinkage, manage pricing, and avoid shortages. A fully integrated solution, LS Retail delivers a range of functionality demanded by large and small retailers, without having to build, manage and maintain multiple applications and inconsistent interfaces. Its mastery lies in its single application usage to cover your current store to headquarters, the Point of Sale (POS) terminals, store systems, inventory, merchandising and all the back office functions required at head office makes it a most sought after one!

How can Karya help you?

Not stopping with mere implementing, we at Karya rather get on to the nerves of your exact problem and work with your team to see an expected change in your retail business. Strengthened with Microsoft Dynamics core competence, we make sure that your Retail stratagem is steadily and efficiently delivered across your store network. Possessing a team of dedicated experts with hands-on Dynamics experience, they carry out the implementation solution for your Retail business, franchise network and at shopping centers. Our job doesn’t stop with that! Our ongoing support and periodic health checks are sure to improve your business productivity and sustainability! Giving us a chance is sure to triple your retailing skills and performance!

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Karya Partners with Datumrite for Clinical Data Management Solutions

KARYA Technologies, Inc. Bluebell, August 21, 2012 – Karya Technologies has partnered with Datumrite to provide enterprise and mobile solutions for clinical data management to clinical research organizations across the world.

Karya’s expertise in enterprise solutions and mobile-enabling enterprises can greatly benefit the present and future clientele of Datumrite especially in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Karya has proven expertise in identifying the most suitable strategy through careful analysis of the business model of the enterprise. Based on this analysis, Karya offers customized solutions prioritising the critical areas. With extensive experience in Big Data management solutions, Karya aims to add great value to Datumrite by provide robust solutions around clinical data management.

Time-sensitive industry verticals, particularly the ones such as clinical research and clinical data management organizations can immensely benefit with Karya’s enterprise and mobile-enabling solutions and optimize their services – thereby improving productivity, preventing latency and leading to improved customer satisfaction. Mobile-enabling is the future of customer service and gives a competitive edge to organizations. This not only helps them acquire more business, but also allows for effective utilization of resources and makes a drastic difference to the bottom line.

Karya and Datumrite

The partnership will help Datumrite to leverage Karya’s MobileReflex platform and enterprise solutions architecture, add value to its existing portfolio of products and services, and offer mobility to its enterprise applications and functions via smartphones like iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian.

About Datumrite

Datumrite, based in PA, USA has a strong presence in clinical research industry and has successfully provided IT solutions for small and medium enterprises in healthcare, life sciences and clinical research. Datumrite focuses on developing IT solutions that revolve around clinical data restructuring, analysis and reporting. With a strong set of founder members and vast experience in clinical research and data management, Datumrite offers specific solutions needed to improve the results and bottom line of clinical research organizations.

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Welcome to Karya Technologies Blog

KARYA Technologies focuses on enterprise mobility and delivers world-class solutions that help enterprises to perform efficiently in the global markets. Our robust and scalable enterprise solutions and mobile services are the result of our solid research and sound knowledge, gained by understanding thoroughly the current and emerging needs of the industry inside out.

Karya Blog

In the course of our mobile journey we have discovered surprising developments and shocking statistics on mobility in the enterprise. These findings have the potential to make you rethink your technological strategies for your enterprise, and Karya is bringing the information you look forward to on this brand new blog.

Our team at Karya believes in sharing experiences, and feels blogging their findings is the best way to disseminate knowledge to corporate decision makers and lay end users. Karya’s blog is not just about publishing articles, whitepapers and posts on interesting happenings, but a 360 degree asynchronous interactive pull platform to interact with one and all.

Karya’s blog will have posts on:

  • Karya’s proven enterprise solutions
  • Karya’s deployed mobile services
  • Industry outlook, insights, statistics and key emerging trends
  • Upcoming enterprise and mobile technologies
  • Fascinating case studies and user interactions

KARYA has been on the social network for long and this blog bridges the formal and informal network of communication between us. We hope you’ll enjoy our blog and bookmark it for continued reference.

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