How Mobile Virtual Reality is Impacting Industries

How Mobile Virtual Reality is impacting industries

The Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality) Technology on mobile is gaining traction with many mobile hardware manufactures like Sony, HTC, Microsoft, Google and Lenovo launching Virtual Reality Devices and Headsets. The Gaming and Entertainment industry, the primary beneficiary of Virtual Reality technology, has been able to churn out cost effective and affordable Apps that is easily accessible by all, decreasing the dependency on bulky hardware and complex technologies. The interest in this segment is growing by the day and it is evident from investments made by some of the big tech giants, like Facebook’s investment of $2 billion for Oculus, Google’s $542 million into Magic Leap, Microsoft’s wonderful HoloLens.

Of late, companies across different industry verticals are planning to leverage on the Virtual Reality technology to minimise cost and maximise revenue. We will take a look at some of the industries that are poised to make the most out of the Virtual Reality Technology using Mobile Devices.

Education and Training Industry:

The Education industry is well-poised to take advantage of the Virtual Reality Technology using mobile. Education can be more effective if theory is combined with practicals. This is the primary reason why apart from books students take part in practical execution of knowledge. Thus e-Learning is gaining prominence where students are educated using videos and supplemented with practicals through Mobile App and Tablets. The education industry can use Virtual Reality effectively to impart education in the fields of Medical, Automobile & Machinery, Biology etc. This is a boon for NGOs who are trying to educate children at remote locations in the absence of books and other Educational Materials.

Virtual Reality for Sales and Marketing:

The Sales and Marketing division of companies are on constant lookout to use trendy and eye catching innovations to reach more people. Similar to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality can also be the next big thing for Marketing.

Field Marketing and Sales Agents can use their mobile to display their products easily to their prospective clients to give them a hands on Virtual Experience. There is immense potential to market the product to users who can experience the product before they actually use it.

Therapy Using Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality Technology is used in the medical field for treating patients with Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Alcoholism.

Virtual Reality has been a part of treatment for more than a decade as an instrument for therapists to administer Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (Virtual Reality ET) in an Environment that is safe and controlled. But during the earlier stages of Virtual Reality technology, the cost and technology limitations were huge, which made the treatment unaffordable. But with inception of mobile Virtual Reality headsets, there are newer avenues to be explored in reaching-out to more patients.

Museums and Art:

Museums have been safeguarding Artefacts and Historic relics, which is also displayed to public for imparting knowledge and teach what history is to general public in various parts of the world. But the very singular existence of many items in museums make them difficult to access. People cannot travel across to various cities just to visit museums making it difficult and sometimes impossible. Emergence of Virtual Reality on mobile is one way of solving the problem.

Speaking about the Entertainment Industry, companies are looking for different options to enhance the movie watching experience from their comfort of home using Virtual Reality Mobile technology. As mentioned earlier, the biggest benefactor would be the Gaming Industry, which has been striving over the years to provide a Live and Interactive Environment

With rapid improvement in Hardware and Software Technology, the Virtual Reality devices will become much smaller, lighter and cheaper. All these could make it more affordable and usable to many users.

KARYA Technologies Mobility:

KARYA Technologies has been carving its Enterprise Mobility Expertise in all dimensions. Let it be devising an End-to-end Mobile Strategy, developing a new Mobile Application or mobilizing an existing Enterprise Application and integrating them with other LOB Applications, we have been there, done that. With continuous investments, Research & Development in niche areas such as MDM, BYOD, IoT, Beacons and other related proprietary and Open Source technologies, we have been crafting and enhancing a perfect blend of competencies right from UI/UX Designers through Testers, Developers and Mobile Architects. To know more about KARYA’s Enterprise Mobility Services please log on to

How To Turn Your Dumb Car Into a Smart Car!

One of the major advancement in the field of Automobile is the Infotainment Systems, also known as “Dashboard Technology”. These systems provide users with loads of information needed to make driving a pleasure. The pre-built Infotainment Systems, available in iOS and Android versions, are universally adaptable and affordable. But the use of these systems are confined to premium market due to the high cost of the car and not all sections of the society can afford it.

This is where the emergence of Smartphones come to the aid of larger section of car users. Though it is not advisable to use mobile phone while driving the car, the primary aim of these applications is to help the driver to drive safely.

There are many occasions during which these applications prove to be very useful. It helps the driver to avoid wrong turns and handle tricky parking tasks with ease. The APPS that are discussed below is sure to turn your Mobile into a Car Infotainment System. All you need to do is just get a smartphone, mount it and have a relaxed and comfortable ride.

1. Mobile Car Dashboard Apps

The Car Dashboard Apps makes driving safer without intruding into your driving space. This happens by letting people trying to reach the driver of the car over a phone or text automatically intimating them about the appropriate action and answering the call or using the device. These Apps usually have a simple interface and large icons. While driving you will find these Apps to be smoother and less risky. All most all of them use Voice-recognition and Map Integration Services to provide all the information a driver would need.

2. Place Finders App

Most drivers would like to know what are the important landmarks that are present around their current location. Even though it may seem easier to ask somebody, it may not be always possible. These APPS can be of immense value during the time of emergency as it can help a person to locate the hospitals, ambulance, police stations etc. in no time. A lot of Mapping Apps also has this feature which helps you find places near you from a coffee shop to an ATM. But Standalone Enquiry Apps or Services could help save some extra taps needed to get the information.

3. Mapping Apps

These days there are a number of Mapping Apps, which has flooded the App market place. The Maps Application is not just restricted to navigation purpose only, as they provide an array of other features such as planning your trip, real time traffic, provide alerts to select contacts about your location and host of other features too. Map Application are combined as a package and provide the driver with a number of other information apart from just being a guiding tool.

4. Car Pooling Apps

The information provided to a driver is just not confined with providing information related to driving. There are a host of Apps which provides individuals who are driving and not driving too. Apart from some App-based Taxi Service, Carpooling is another way of commuting which is beneficial for those looking for ride companions heading in the same direction. Not just ride companion but also ride sharing, which becomes a win-win situation for both the driver and the commuter.

5. Driver Safety Apps

Safety of individual is of high importance and developers of application have come up with solution for it. There are few Apps in the Apps Market place which help people traveling alone by providing constant tracking, panic button and help button even without internet access. These applications are developed specifically aimed at making travel safe for women drivers.

6. Elevating Driving Experience Apps

Other than making driving less tedious, some Apps also help you cut down on car expenses. These apps regularly monitor your driving and the car’s fuel consumption so that there are lesser breakdowns. There are also some which use your smartphone’s rear camera to record your driving and integrate augmented reality to it. They further offer Over Speed Warnings, Emergency Calling, and also Traffic Alerts. Be it locating your car in a parking or monitoring your teen while driving, these Apps go a long way in improving the driving experience.

KARYA Technologies’ Mobile Competency

Since its inception, KARYA Technologies has carved a niche for itself in the field of Mobile Development. Let it be devising an end-to-end Mobile Strategy, Developing a New Mobile Application or Mobilizing an existing Enterprise Application and Integrating them with other LOB Applications, we have been there, done that.

With continuous Investments, Research and Development on imparting knowledge in the field of Mobility, KARYA has kept pace with the latest developments in the field of Mobile Application.

We have good blend of competencies right from UI/UX Designers to Testers, Developers and Mobile Architects.

To learn more about KARYA’s Mobile Capability please visit:

(About the Author:- Praveen Kumar Rajendran works as a Senior Consultant- Presales at KARYA Technologies. He holds Masters’ Degree in International Business from La Trobe University and has wide experience in Business Consulting on various technologies. He loves to write on latest trends in IT and his areas of interest include Mobility, Cloud and Enterprise Solutions.)

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KARYA Technologies, a comprehensive Global Enterprise Solutions Provider, today announced the launch of its new corporate web site. The new web site has new features, expert content, and enhanced search and navigation that covers all the newly-included service areas, partnerships and solutions.

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Explore the new Retail reality…with Karya’s Mobility Servcies

Businesses are fast adapting to mobile paced applications taking maximum benefit of enterprise mobility. Users demand necessary information at their fingertips. Retailers take advantage of mobility, providing customer centric information and delivering effective customer experiences. With this kind of instant information, retailers enable customers to make quick and informed decisions while on the go.

Mobile Solutions for Retail

A promising Shopping Experience…on Mobile!

With ample scope to integrate mobile technologies into retail, Karya focuses on enhancing the in-store environment. Accessing enterprise applications through mobile devices enables retailers to obtain timely access to data, information based on specific requirements resulting in a closely knit relationship with customers. Karya owns a certified team of experts in Enterprise Mobility, with specific focus on the retail space. Karya’s retail solutions include mobile applications which can be used for checking pricing and availability of products, checking order status along with product search management. We also provide access to relevant applications fully based on specific requirements of the customers. With Karya’s solutions, the retailer is able to target customers with compelling and convincing promotional offers based on location of store and reach of customers to the store.

Karya’s Enterprise Mobility offerings include:

Enterprise mobility offerings

Shaping a new Paradigm to in-store shopping experience…

Karya has taken the plunge into yet another emerging technology….iBeacons. iBeacons connect customers…. the technology way. Karya’s iBeacons let customers view the Retail world through their smartphones. With iBeacons, Karya initiates an endless set of possibilities for richer and personalized customer experiences. We allow mobile interactions, contactless payments, in-venue analytics, self-guided tours, indoor way finding based on proximity of the user from the store. iBeacons are widely used to build apps especially in the retail industry for a wider adoption of technology and to set the path for an augmented customer journey.

A case study:

One of the largest telecom service providers in Asia wanted to allow its subscribers to be able to perform transactions through their mobile phones. Karya developed a mobile wallet and payment solution for the telecom service provider. With this solution, subscribers were able to store money and perform commercial transactions through their mobile phones which included purchasing merchandize, payment of bills and ticket booking. With Karya’s solution, the telecom service provider was able to obtain a good exposure of the banking domain along with the opportunity to reach out to the rural areas by providing monetary investments and transactions at a competitive pricing.

Stay updated with us…

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Experience a Universal presence with Karya’s mobile enabled SCM and Logistics!

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the governance of process flow from storage of raw materials to the delivery of finished goods. The complexity of supply chain depends on the size of business and the nature of goods being produced. SCM refers to the term used for efficient and cost effective flow of production components. It involves robust, feature-rich technologies which contribute towards the enhancement of business operations. It also helps to weather industry changes and outpace competitors along with streamlining business processes.

Few supply chain processes include:

  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Forecasting and Planning
  • Return Management

Mobility for inventory and warehousing

A Primer to Karya’s mobile enabled SCM and Logistics:

Karya Technologies takes the SCM process to the next level by completely mobilizing all components involved. Karya’s mobile enabled SCM and logistics management solutions help to free the field staff from complex manual procedures. This solution offers maximum flexibility thereby contributing to increased productivity. The solution aids to break away from desktops and ensure connectivity from wherever workers are, which makes mobility and SCM/logistics an immaculate combination.

Karya’s mobile enabled Supply Chain processes provides real time monitoring capabilities along with the visibility required to fine tune work flows and procedures. We enable an interactive relationship with customers which add value in comprehending the market better. By providing significant analytical features important data points from the field can be collected on time. Karya’s solutions enable the prediction of activities with its impact on supply chain. This transparency accelerates processes and optimizes operations ultimately resulting in greater efficiency, connectivity and visibility.

Rationalize your processes with Karya’s mobile enabled solution for SCM and Logistics:

Transformational Solutions from Karya empowered by Experience and Expertise

  • Supply Chain Advisory services
  • Demand and Supply Planning
  • Logistics and Fulfillment Management
  • Strategic Sourcing, Procurement and Analytics
  • Fleet Management
  • Freight Management
  • RFID for Tracking & Tracing
  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
  • Operational Visibility
  • Event Correlation
  • Crew Management

Mobile technology supply chain

Understanding better with a real time scenario:

Karya’s mobile enabled Supply Chain Management application was able to help out a leading logistics company, focusing on delivering time-critical packages at the shortest possible time. The company needed an advanced computing system to add value to its customer relationship, improve the utilization of technology and scale up performance benefits across business procedures. They also wanted the system to be accessible using mobile devices. With Karya’s mobile enabled Supply Chain Management application, the company was able to provide extensive capabilities to its customers and employees. The customers were able to track the progress of their deliveries. Also, the dispatch team was able to obtain a real time operational view of the business. They were able to trace and locate the movement of couriers and contribute towards its speedy delivery.

Karya’s Mobile SCM applications transform supply chain management from a competent requirement to a combative benefit. We help you improvise your process to attain functional excellence. Begin a comprehensive product record with integrated information and automated processes. Make informed and profitable decisions and monitor the impact of those on corporate goals.

Start your mobile enabled SCM and logistics today for your agents to access critical information while on the go effortlessly, wherever they are and whenever they need it. We provide you a migration pathway to the state-of-the-art technologies.

If you have any queries regarding our services, you are welcome to visit our webpage We are also available at

Augment user experience with Karya’s mobile enabled Microsoft Dynamics CRM

It is a world without borders and the global marketplace is more than interconnected. To cope up with the shifting industry trends and evolving customer expectations, it is important to build a deeper connection with the customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM establishes a dynamic connection between processes. It gives a comprehensive, integrated view of the customer data. This system motivates new business opportunities, superior delivery of service and new contacts.

Microsoft CRM enables in maintaining customer data which is easily accessible and easily manageable. It can be made use of on a day to day basis to fetch details on sales and marketing. This system simplifies and presents a combination of relational and transactional data in a very effective way. It leverages processes to be productive, sustainable and scalable to derive quicker responses whenever necessary.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Reduces the longevity of the sales cycles
  • Improves customer reliability through automated tasks
  • Helps establish lucrative customer relationships through effective reporting tools

Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Mobile

A sneak peek into Karya’s mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

It is needed to be able to access and fetch critical data at any time to make better informed decisions. The staff will need to remain connected and they should be able to have full access over data all the time. This has been made possible with Karya’s mobile Dynamics CRM. Karya’s mobile Dynamics CRM enables the representatives contacting customers in the field of sales, marketing and customer service to obtain information from the centralized repository through a very secure environment.

Let us understand this better. Let us consider a scenario of the sales and marketing executives. With Karya’s mobile Dynamics CRM, they will be able to connect with their customers 24/7, establish leads and also provide effective follow ups resulting in satisfied customers.

The mobile Dynamics CRM is a combination of nifty features:

  • It allows access to critical information from anywhere and at any time
  • As this solution is based on a familiar interface, it can be put into use right away
  • This solution has an added advantage of being able to function even when offline and automatically reconnects when the connection resumes
  • Data is kept secure free from misuse

Discover ease with Karya’s mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Karya offers the following Mobile CRM Solutions:

  • Mobile-enabling marketing and sales functionalists
  • Role based access
  • Location based functionality
  • Collaboration functions
  • Delivering reports, graphs, KPIs, Dashboards, executive scorecards and predictive analytics on mobile devices.
  • Optimal licensing model and customizing options
  • Intuitive mobile UI
  • Seamless integration with enterprise CRM applications

Karya deploys mobile enabling solutions for standard mobile platforms such as:

  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian

With CRM on the move, the productivity of the staffs is increased and they are able to reach out to necessary information from everywhere whenever they need it. Drill down on the functionalities of this solution, text your queries or clarifications to

Start mobilizing your reports with Karya’s SSRS Report viewer!

Karya has launched the SSRS report porter which eases viewing SSRS reports on your mobile device (iPhone/iPad). This report viewer is compatible with different versions of SSRS servers like 2008 R2, 2008 and SSRS on Azure, also supporting Native and SharePoint Mode. It establishes user connection using HTTPS, ensuring security of the connection. Karya’s report viewer facilitates you accessing the reports from the server on your mobile device and lets you navigate them.

What is SSRS Reporting Service?

SQL Server Reporting Services is a report generation system which plays a vital role in simplifying the conception, deployment and management of reports in an organization. These services also help in tailoring your report functionality based on your needs.

Reporting Services help creation of different types of reports. These reports may include heavy components like charts, maps, and spark lines. The Reporting Services also accommodates publishing reports, view reports that are on demand and also help in scheduled report processing. A wide range of viewing formats are available for you to choose from. You can also subscribe to published reports and export various reports.

An Insight on Karya’s Report viewer:

There are two versions of Karya’s report viewer. The Pro Version provides access to all the SSRS reports in the report viewer, on the other hand, the Lite Version provides access to limited reports.

With Karya’s report viewer, reports can now be obtained “anywhere and anytime” almost instantly with one move of the finger! Without having to burden with desktops or laptops, Karya’s report viewer allows users to access data from the mobile device itself.

Use cases:

The C-level management of any organization is always on the move. They may not be able to come directly to the workplace at all times. In such cases, SSRS report viewer proves very helpful. Top level managers can now access reports from their mobile device and get work done from wherever they are. Using Karya’s report viewer saves time and facilitates work on the go. Again this feature has proved to be a boon to executives and sales representatives who travel a lot. They can use this enhanced feature to update, retrieve reports as they travel.

ssrs report builder

Attributes of the Report Viewer:

  • Displays reports from SSRS server through native or SharePoint mode
  • Displays reports from SharePoint server
  • Built-in with a sliding bar for quick navigation in file system.
  • Parameter support for reports.
  • Additional 3rd party viewer is not required for common document formats
  • Dynamic zooming
  • Search/filter/Sort reports
  • Personalized security for application
  • Mark as favorite option
  • View recent reports

We have got you covered with this and much more!

We at Karya have the right skills and expertise to develop and implement effective mobile strategies which generate great results.

Do you want to cope up with shifting trends and take up challenges effortlessly? Go ahead and reach us at to make yourself productive like never before!

Mobile Retail POS – Redefines Your Retail Business

Karya’s Retail and POS mobility allows enterprises to do things better, whether it is speedy checkouts, access to item/inventory information, customer transactions and quick replenishment of out of stock items. Karya’s mobile enabling solution addresses all these aspects and provides the required infrastructure for improving customer satisfaction, sales revenues and labor productivity.

Karya Technologies brings the power and performance of Microsoft Dynamics AX – Retail POS into mobile by providing customer’s service anywhere and anytime. Karya Mobile POS developed in iOS platform is integrated with Dynamics AX, unlocking a comprehensive Multi-Channel Retail Management Suite for retail businesses.

Retail Mobility Solutions

The following are some of the key Functional areas that can be mobile-enabled with minimal cost of implementation for maximum output with multiple sets of business processes.

Karya’s Dynamics AX Retail POS– Key Solution Areas

  • Mobile Enabling POS Applications
  • Mobile Enabling Supply Chain-Inventory and Warehousing Applications
  • Mobile Applications for Customer Self Service Checkouts
  • Mobile-enabling Cross Functional Enterprise Applications

Client-Facing Functions (B2C interactions)

  • Item lookup – price, quantity, specs
  • Cash tendering, check scanning, credit/debit/gift cards
  • Mobile wallet support – Google
  • Mobile applications for customer self service
  • Mobile customer alerts
  • Targeted campaigns

Internal Functions (B2B interactions)

  • Inventory management
  • Reconciliation
  • Stock-out alerts/ Replenishment
  • Monitor and respond to various alerts
  • Oversee daily operations
  • View KPIs, Dashboards and Scorecards

Karya’s Dynamics AX Retail POS: Key Benefits

Improved customer satisfaction

  1. - Line busting
  2. - Faster checkouts and returns
  3. - Secure payment processing options
  4. - Paperless transactions

Increased Sales Revenues

  1. - Accurate inventory information and traceability
  2. - Enhanced user experience
  3. - More time to shop

Improved operational and administration efficiency

  1. - Reduced picking and shipping errors
  2. - Faster decision making
  3. - Quick Response

To consolidate, Retail and POS mobility enables enterprises to do things better and allows

  • Speedy checkouts
  • Quick access to item/inventory information
  • Quick access to customer transactions
  • Quick replenishment of out of stock items
  • Bar code, RFID, QR Code scanner Integration

For a demo, please click here

You can download Karya’s Retail POS Brochure

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Karya’s Mobile T & E – Manage your Time and Expenses on the Go..

In the beginning of this Smart generation, it is necessary to track Time and Expense on hand to run the business professionally. Enabling Mobility in T&E management provides the ability to record time and expense and procures prior approvals wherever, whenever needed. Mobile Time and Expense tracking minimizes the manual work of billing clients and saves time and reduces unnecessary expenses.

T & E on Mobile

Karya Technologies, Mobile Time and Expense application is designed to simplify your complicated business process. Karya’s Mobile T & E automates timesheet and expense approval to benefit the employees. Karya’s Time and Expense integrates with Dynamics AX (AX 2012, AX 2012 FP) and AX 2012 R2 supports the following platforms.

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)
  • Blackberry

Karya’s T&E is extensible to other mobile platforms and ERP systems with minimal changes without compromising on installation ease and user experience. Karya’s Time and Expense allows employees to view, edit, add, delete and submit timesheets and expense. It also allows you to check the report status. This app helps employees to re-submit timesheets and expense reports for approval. The status of the time sheet is indicated with the color codes for easy identification.

Karya’s Mobile T&E helps to:

  • Organize your expenses – Client, Project, Trip, and Cost Center.
  • Track your expenses, receipts, mileage and time.
  • Govern and manage – Employee accounts, reporting/approval hierarchies and policies
  • Export and Print – Expense reports inclusive of expense summaries and receipts.
  • Import bank and credit card statements – Import bank statements, corporate credit cards, or CSV.
  • International Support – Automated currency conversion.
  • Track VAT, GST, or user-defined taxes.

In addition to the above mentioned functionalities it helps to view the workflow history and provides the organization with alerts and push notifications.

For a demo, please click here

You can download Karya’s Time and Expense Brochure

If you have any questions about the post, please contact us by sending a mail to

Karya’s Mobile Retail POS – A complete POS solution

Karya’s Mobile Retail POS application offers all the functionalities of a standard retail POS with the added benefit of mobility. This application is designed to completely integrate with the existing Retail POS in a cost effective way. Karya’s application offers a simple, user friendly interface that is engaging and appealing. The interface and the functionalities can be customized based on the retail client’s requirements. The mobile retail POS functionalities are related to:

Maintain Customer Data

  • Customer Maintenance
  • Lookup by Name, ID, Phone, Email
  • Loyalty information/Sales history

Process Sales, Returns

  • Checkout – Create orders
  • Suspend/Resume transactions
  • Apply discounts, Promotion codes, Coupons, Sales Tax

Item/Inventory lookup

  • Price, Specs, On-hand quantity

Secure Payment/Refund processing

  • Cash Tendering, Check Scanning, Credit/Debit/Gift Cards
  • Mobile Wallet Integration- Google
  • Split Payments
  • Point Redemption
  • Mobile Signature Capture
  • Print/Email Receipts
  • Secure processing- PCI

Bar code, RFID, QR Code scanner Integration

Integration to Sales Tax processing engine

This application can be extended to integrate other aspects of retail infrastructure such as supply chain-inventory and warehousing applications, applications for improved shopping experience and other cross functional applications such as business intelligence, time and expense reporting and more.

Retail POS on Mobile

While regular POS cash wrap counters can cost up to several thousand dollars, a regular smartphone with Karya’s mobile retail POS application can do just as well or even better; not to mention the savings in terms of floor space. Accessories would be in the form of pin pad, bar code scanner, card reader and printer- all of which can be procured from a local store at a few hundred dollars- and your retail POS checkout counter is ready to go. The entire system is very much affordable to most entrepreneurs and organizations ranging from small to medium scale businesses as well as large organizations which already have a POS infrastructure in place and are looking forward to adding more POS counters. For small businesses who avoided POS setup due to cost implications, this is an excellent opportunity.

Mobile retail POS solutions from Karya can be adapted in a phased manner starting with customer facing functionalities and then extending to other retail functionalities. Karya’s mobile POS solution provides superior transaction security and encryption.

Whether the retailer plans to use Karya’s mobile retail POS in-store in place of regular checkout counters, or at the aisles to lock in sales, or outdoors in sales camps, exhibitions, special counters, campus sales, fairs or outdoor extended stalls, Karya’s mobile retail POS is sure to offer superior performance every time and delight customers, thereby enhancing customer retention, brand reputation and customer referrals.

In order to know more about the mobile enabling solutions, products and services available to the Retail POS, Check out more on their offerings at

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