DevOps – 2017

DevOps may be the way forward for Agile Software Delivery but the road to Development and Operational Excellence could get bumpy if not handled properly. DevOps is a Software Development Methodology that necessitates changes in the Organizational Structure, Collaborative Mindset, and requires New Metrics, New Skills and New Tools in place. DevOps has always taken a holistic view of the system than any other traditional Software Development Methodologies. DevOps Approach is based on the Agile and Lean Principles and it boosts Software Delivery in continuous stable manner collaborating extensively with various teams including Business Owners, Development, Quality Assurance, Deployment and Operations. DevOps helps in breaking Traditional Barriers, Boosting Innovation and Faster Deployment without compromising on the quality of the Deliverables.

KARYA’s comprehensive DevOps Services drives Transformation and enables IT Agility quickly meeting customer expectations.

devops 2017

Why DevOps?

DevOps is way of thinking and it eliminates the blockade between Development, Quality Assurance and Operation Team thereby enabling better, faster and custom outcomes as desired by the customer.

Factors that drive the need for DevOps:

  • Pressures from the Business to release Applications more quickly to meet customer demand or enter new markets
  • Complex IT Infrastructure with a mix of Data Center and Cloud
  • Increasing need to develop or deploy Cloud-based Applications
  • Simultaneous Deployment across Different Platforms
  • Increasing use of Mobile Devices (Smartphones/Tablets)
  • To reduce IT costs and enhance optimization
  • Pressures from the Business to release Applications more quickly to meet customer demand or enter new markets

Benefits of DevOps

  • Collaborative Environment: DevOps establishes a culture of Collaboration, eliminates working in silos and boost Faster Deployment meeting the customer Agile Requirements
  • Room to Experiment: Institutionalize the idea of Fail Fast
  • Automation: Automate traditional Development and Operational Responsibilities
  • Reduce Cost/Time to Deliver: Deploy Faster with repeatable and reliable processes and guidelines.
  • Minimizes Rollbacks: With clarity of customer expectations, rollbacks can be averted.


DevOps is enabling companies move successfully from Agile Development to Agile Delivery. It encourages a One Team Culture leading to greater Collaboration and Visibility with all Major Stakeholders. It promotes quick corrections and adjustments to drive continuous and improved delivery. Today DevOps is no longer an option but it is an essential aspect of IT Infrastructure and Application Management for companies to remain agile and responsive.

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