DevOps: Ignore at Your Own Peril

DevOps is now being frequently linked with enterprise’s profitability and market capitalization. But can the DevOps live up to the expectations? How companies are reacting to the new paradigm? Organizations around the world are beginning to realise that there is a lot to be achieved when development and operations teams collaborate. It is a new cultural change that brings customers and businesses together.

When it comes to code deployment and lead time, DevOps teams are witnessing a high level of success. There has been instances where companies that adopted DevOps has been able to reduce the lead time from months to week. The popularity of agile methodology and cloud adoption are fuelling the growth of DevOps. The areas where the companies stand to gain most are

DevOps Service Providers

Deployment Frequency :

According to a study, companies that are following DevOps practices the longest were shipping code up to 30 times faster — and completing deployments up to 8,000 times faster.

Speed of Deployment :

In an IT survey, more than 25% of the companies reported that their teams were able to accelerate time-to-deployment to less than a day. Some Fortune 500 companies have reported that they are now able to move code from developer’s machine to production within hours.

Failure Rate :

A few companies have reported 50% fewer failures from code changes. One of the leading multi-national in the US reported just 0.001% outages from deployment.

Recovery from Failed Deployment :

Almost 75% of the respondents were able to restore service in less than an hour and about 28% were able to restore services within few minutes.

So, whether your company is releasing codes frequently for production or not, DevOps can still be used. Even companies that don’t have frequent releases, are experiencing huge reduction in the cost. Though development, integration, testing, and deployment are key for any software development, the idea behind DevOps is to automate the entire process in order to deliver value to the end user. Recent studies and surveys reveal that there’s a compelling business case for DevOps, with a typical the return on investment (ROI) ranging from about 10 to 100 times.

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