How Mobile Virtual Reality is Impacting Industries

How Mobile Virtual Reality is impacting industries

The Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality) Technology on mobile is gaining traction with many mobile hardware manufactures like Sony, HTC, Microsoft, Google and Lenovo launching Virtual Reality Devices and Headsets. The Gaming and Entertainment industry, the primary beneficiary of Virtual Reality technology, has been able to churn out cost effective and affordable Apps that is easily accessible by all, decreasing the dependency on bulky hardware and complex technologies. The interest in this segment is growing by the day and it is evident from investments made by some of the big tech giants, like Facebook’s investment of $2 billion for Oculus, Google’s $542 million into Magic Leap, Microsoft’s wonderful HoloLens.

Of late, companies across different industry verticals are planning to leverage on the Virtual Reality technology to minimise cost and maximise revenue. We will take a look at some of the industries that are poised to make the most out of the Virtual Reality Technology using Mobile Devices.

Education and Training Industry:

The Education industry is well-poised to take advantage of the Virtual Reality Technology using mobile. Education can be more effective if theory is combined with practicals. This is the primary reason why apart from books students take part in practical execution of knowledge. Thus e-Learning is gaining prominence where students are educated using videos and supplemented with practicals through Mobile App and Tablets. The education industry can use Virtual Reality effectively to impart education in the fields of Medical, Automobile & Machinery, Biology etc. This is a boon for NGOs who are trying to educate children at remote locations in the absence of books and other Educational Materials.

Virtual Reality for Sales and Marketing:

The Sales and Marketing division of companies are on constant lookout to use trendy and eye catching innovations to reach more people. Similar to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality can also be the next big thing for Marketing.

Field Marketing and Sales Agents can use their mobile to display their products easily to their prospective clients to give them a hands on Virtual Experience. There is immense potential to market the product to users who can experience the product before they actually use it.

Therapy Using Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality Technology is used in the medical field for treating patients with Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Alcoholism.

Virtual Reality has been a part of treatment for more than a decade as an instrument for therapists to administer Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (Virtual Reality ET) in an Environment that is safe and controlled. But during the earlier stages of Virtual Reality technology, the cost and technology limitations were huge, which made the treatment unaffordable. But with inception of mobile Virtual Reality headsets, there are newer avenues to be explored in reaching-out to more patients.

Museums and Art:

Museums have been safeguarding Artefacts and Historic relics, which is also displayed to public for imparting knowledge and teach what history is to general public in various parts of the world. But the very singular existence of many items in museums make them difficult to access. People cannot travel across to various cities just to visit museums making it difficult and sometimes impossible. Emergence of Virtual Reality on mobile is one way of solving the problem.

Speaking about the Entertainment Industry, companies are looking for different options to enhance the movie watching experience from their comfort of home using Virtual Reality Mobile technology. As mentioned earlier, the biggest benefactor would be the Gaming Industry, which has been striving over the years to provide a Live and Interactive Environment

With rapid improvement in Hardware and Software Technology, the Virtual Reality devices will become much smaller, lighter and cheaper. All these could make it more affordable and usable to many users.

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