How Mobile Virtual Reality is Impacting Industries

How Mobile Virtual Reality is impacting industries

The Virtual Reality (Virtual Reality) Technology on mobile is gaining traction with many mobile hardware manufactures like Sony, HTC, Microsoft, Google and Lenovo launching Virtual Reality Devices and Headsets. The Gaming and Entertainment industry, the primary beneficiary of Virtual Reality technology, has been able to churn out cost effective and affordable Apps that is easily accessible by all, decreasing the dependency on bulky hardware and complex technologies. The interest in this segment is growing by the day and it is evident from investments made by some of the big tech giants, like Facebook’s investment of $2 billion for Oculus, Google’s $542 million into Magic Leap, Microsoft’s wonderful HoloLens.

Of late, companies across different industry verticals are planning to leverage on the Virtual Reality technology to minimise cost and maximise revenue. We will take a look at some of the industries that are poised to make the most out of the Virtual Reality Technology using Mobile Devices.

Education and Training Industry:

The Education industry is well-poised to take advantage of the Virtual Reality Technology using mobile. Education can be more effective if theory is combined with practicals. This is the primary reason why apart from books students take part in practical execution of knowledge. Thus e-Learning is gaining prominence where students are educated using videos and supplemented with practicals through Mobile App and Tablets. The education industry can use Virtual Reality effectively to impart education in the fields of Medical, Automobile & Machinery, Biology etc. This is a boon for NGOs who are trying to educate children at remote locations in the absence of books and other Educational Materials.

Virtual Reality for Sales and Marketing:

The Sales and Marketing division of companies are on constant lookout to use trendy and eye catching innovations to reach more people. Similar to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality can also be the next big thing for Marketing.

Field Marketing and Sales Agents can use their mobile to display their products easily to their prospective clients to give them a hands on Virtual Experience. There is immense potential to market the product to users who can experience the product before they actually use it.

Therapy Using Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality Technology is used in the medical field for treating patients with Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Alcoholism.

Virtual Reality has been a part of treatment for more than a decade as an instrument for therapists to administer Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (Virtual Reality ET) in an Environment that is safe and controlled. But during the earlier stages of Virtual Reality technology, the cost and technology limitations were huge, which made the treatment unaffordable. But with inception of mobile Virtual Reality headsets, there are newer avenues to be explored in reaching-out to more patients.

Museums and Art:

Museums have been safeguarding Artefacts and Historic relics, which is also displayed to public for imparting knowledge and teach what history is to general public in various parts of the world. But the very singular existence of many items in museums make them difficult to access. People cannot travel across to various cities just to visit museums making it difficult and sometimes impossible. Emergence of Virtual Reality on mobile is one way of solving the problem.

Speaking about the Entertainment Industry, companies are looking for different options to enhance the movie watching experience from their comfort of home using Virtual Reality Mobile technology. As mentioned earlier, the biggest benefactor would be the Gaming Industry, which has been striving over the years to provide a Live and Interactive Environment

With rapid improvement in Hardware and Software Technology, the Virtual Reality devices will become much smaller, lighter and cheaper. All these could make it more affordable and usable to many users.

KARYA Technologies Mobility:

KARYA Technologies has been carving its Enterprise Mobility Expertise in all dimensions. Let it be devising an End-to-end Mobile Strategy, developing a new Mobile Application or mobilizing an existing Enterprise Application and integrating them with other LOB Applications, we have been there, done that. With continuous investments, Research & Development in niche areas such as MDM, BYOD, IoT, Beacons and other related proprietary and Open Source technologies, we have been crafting and enhancing a perfect blend of competencies right from UI/UX Designers through Testers, Developers and Mobile Architects. To know more about KARYA’s Enterprise Mobility Services please log on to

The Future of SharePoint


Microsoft recently conducted an event “The Future of SharePoint” in San Francisco. In the event, Microsoft unveiled a new Cloud-first, Mobile-first Vision and Roadmap for SharePoint, along with innovations that empower People, Teams and Organizations to intelligently Discover, Share and Collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device. Microsoft also announced the general availability of SharePoint Server 2016. This included new hybrid capabilities that enabled On-premises customers to leverage the Innovations in Office 365.

The Vision and Roadmap for SharePoint Online in the Cloud and SharePoint Server On-premise according to Microsoft could be described as

  • Collaboration of file sharing on any device, keeping it simple and at the same time powerful.
  • Focus on Mobile and use of Intelligent Intranet, with Contemporary Team Sites, Publishing and Business Applications both on Desktop and Mobile.
  • Platform that evolves SharePoint extensibility to embrace Modern Web Development.
  • Focus on Security, Privacy and Compliance across Office 365.

Collaboration on Any Device

According to Microsoft their main vision is to make SharePoint a simple and powerful File Sharing Service. To attain this Unified Access and Intelligent Discovery for all of Office 365 files, making it easier than ever for users to Create, Share, Collaborate on and Manage Documents from anywhere, on any device. Microsoft has come up with Mobile Apps which are available in App Markets of all the major Mobile OS, which is in addition to the ability to experience an intuitive browser experience too. This helps the users to leverage access to file on-the-fly when on road, where Microsoft says it provides the users a rock-solid, selective sync between PC and Mac and offline files on user’s Mobile Device.

There are a range of rollouts, which has been planned in the present quarter and also before the end of this calendar year. Microsoft‘s following capabilities will be rolled out this quarter:

  • Access to SharePoint Online Document Libraries and Office 365 Group files using OneDrive Mobile App.
  • Documents from both OneDrive and SharePoint to be found using Intelligent Discovery.
  • Ability to copy from OneDrive to SharePoint in the OneDrive Web Experience.
  • Availability of OneDrive Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Application.

And before the end of calendar year 2016:

  • Document Analytics surfaced in OneDrive to offer visibility into Document Usage, Reach and Impact.
  • Synchronization of new OneDrive Sync Client with SharePoint Online Document Libraries and Shared Folders.
  • Mobile access to SharePoint Document Libraries using On-premises Environment.
  • Move and Copy files between OneDrive and SharePoint in Web Experiences.

Covering the space of Intelligent Intranet and Mobile Space of SharePoint:

In an organization the Intranet acts as the Central Nerve System of Data Access and this space has been catered to by Microsoft’s SharePoint. SharePoint is now leveraging the user’s Intranet more by providing accessible on the go, more intelligent, and more personalized. This according to Microsoft is based on users’ activities across sites, the people user work with, the content user work on and the business processes user drives.

Microsoft has mentioned that this month it will be rolling out the new SharePoint Home Page in Office 365, which would give users Unified Access to all of their sites—Online and On-premise, all available to be navigated seamlessly over the Intranet.

Microsoft has a clear Roadmap chalked out when it comes to Mobile and for Intelligent Intranet,

  • Implementation of Morden Document Library
  • SharePoint Apps for iOS, Android, Windows
  • SharePoint Home to be made available in Office 365 Groups and Integration of SharePoint Sites
  • Improved experience in Morden List
  • Site Content Page to contain site activity and insights

Expectations for Modern Team Sites Users:

Microsoft’s Team sites have always been at the nerve centre of collaboration with SharePoint. All the content, the information and the Apps you rely on are connected with users and their team. Enabling sharing and communication within the team and across the organization.

Microsoft is bringing the power of SharePoint Team Sites and Office 365 Groups together, which provides every group a team site, and giving team site the benefit of groups of simple management of membership across Office 365 Services. The users of modernized team site, would experience an engaging Home Page personalized by the intelligence of Office Graph. Microsoft is going to introduce a new page authoring and publishing experience that allows you to create attractive, feature-rich pages that are responsive, mobile and easy to share with your team and the organization.

New Services of Microsoft Flow and PowerApps Integration:

To access Data, Share and Collaborate with Structured Data onto SharePoint by the team and individual users are done by SharePoint Lists. It is also a common practice by users to regularly to bring data onto other systems into SharePoint list, which helps them in supporting the Business Processes. So to add more arsenal to the users Microsoft has announced Microsoft Flow. A new service which has being tasked to Automate Workflow across the ever expanding Apps and SaaS Services that are been extensively used by business users. The Microsoft Flow helps in exchange of Data onto SharePoint, Microsoft and other Third Party Services, storing the Modified Data onto SharePoint.

Another major announcement was about Microsoft preview of Power Apps, which is a New Enterprise Service which has been specifically developed targeting Innovators to Connect, Create and Share Business Apps universally on any devices.

Few other Notable Updates from Event:

There were some other notable updates which have come out of the event.

SharePoint Framework:

One being SharePoint Framework, which points towards Microsoft’s evolution around Mobile First-Cloud First Approach. The Framework which incorporates page and part model that enables fully supported Client-Side Development, Easy Integration with Microsoft Graph and provides support for Open Source Tooling. The SharePoint Framework adapts the tools, Frameworks and Open Source Initiatives and it extends ability to provide solutions that can be built on SharePoint, in the Cloud and On-premises.

Security, Privacy and Compliance:

Microsoft has come put with Dynamic Conditional Access Policies in SharePoint that judiciously define access based on who the user is, the App or Device users are using and Network location. Other Security Supports which are provided by Microsoft for SharePoint are Customer Lockbox, Data Loss Protection (DLP) policies, Mobile device (MDM)& Application Management (MAM) and Whitelist and Blacklist domains for external sharing.

To Summarise the event, Microsoft has clearly defined the Future Strategy to revolve around Cloud and Mobile approach. The primary aim seems to be the ability to provide documents to all from their hand held devices, thus improving the efficiency. Also the Cloud and Open Source push shows the willingness of Microsoft to reach out to larger users with empowering individuals and organizations.

Microsoft SharePoint is a proven and an effective tool that seamlessly Integrates & Collaborates your Enterprise. KARYA Technologies provides comprehensive set of services on Microsoft SharePoint that meets your requirements through Architecture, Administration, Development and Integration.

Learn more about KARYA’s Microsoft Sharepoint Services at You may also email us at

(About the Author:- Praveen Kumar Rajendran works as a Senior Consultant- Presales at KARYA Technologies. He holds Masters’ Degree in International Business from La Trobe University and has wide experience in Business Consulting on various technologies. He loves to write on latest trends in IT and his areas of interest include Mobility, Cloud and Enterprise Solutions.)

What You Should Know About Android Studio 2.0


The aggressive Mobile Application Development throws open a very intense market which needs to be best in its class. Thus to stand out in this competitive market the developers need an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is an all-in-one solution that can provide the required Source Code Editor, Build Automation Tool and Debugger in one Single Platform. Open Source Platforms play a major role in helping developers to develop Software quickly.

There are only two major Mobile OS (Android & iOS) which dominate the device market on which most of the Mobile Hardware Platforms are running. Out of the two major OS, Android is the most widely used Operating System. For such a widely used OS Platform Android (Google, Inc comes up with an IDE, the “Android Studio” which is also the best in its class when it comes to covering the entire Software Development Lifecycle for Android APPs. Android Studio provides the fastest tools for Building Apps on every type of Android-run devices.

World-class Code Editing, Debugging, Performance Tooling, a Flexible Build System, and an instant Build/Deploy System all allow developers to focus on building unique and high quality Apps, rather than waste time shifting between Development Platforms. Android Studio is based on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA Software and is specifically designed for Developing Android Applications only. It was brought in to primarily replace the Eclipse Android Development Tool.

Android Studio offers even more features that enhance your productivity when building Android apps, such as:

  • A flexible Gradle-based Build System
  • Build variants and multiple APK File Generation
  • Code Templates to help you build Common App Features
  • A rich layout editor with Support for drag and drop theme editing
  • Lint tools to catch Performance, Usability, Version Compatibility, and other problems
  • Code shrinking with ProGuard and resource shrinking with Gradle
  • Built-in support for Google Cloud Platform, making it easy to integrate Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine

New and Stable Version

The next stable release from Google for its Android Studio is the 2.0 version which was released recently. Android Studio 2.0 the new and stable version of Android Studio has Fast Build Speeds and a Fast Emulator with Support for the latest Android version and Google Play Services.

Android Studio is built in Synchronisation with the Android Platform and supports all of the latest and greatest APIs. The most recommended IDE if an Android Application is being developed using Android Studio 2.0. The IDE is available to be downloaded freely or update on the stable release channel.

Highlights of Android Studio 2.0

  • Speed and Agility for Faster Build Speeds:

    It enables the Developer to make changes and see them appear Live in their Running App. With many Build/Run Accelerations ranging from VM Hot Swapping to Warm Swapping App Resources, Instant Run will save you time every day.

  • Speed and Performance:

    It has been mentioned that the new Emulator is termed to be running ~3x faster than Android’s previous Emulator, and with ADB Enhancements, Developers can now push Apps and Data 10x faster to the emulator than to a physical device. The physical device would consist Google Play Services and similarly the official Android Emulator also includes Google Play Services Built-in. This would enable Developers to test more API Functionality. Lastly, something notable in the new Emulator is the rich new features to manage calls, battery, network, GPS, and more.

  • Testing Process :

    “Write once, run anywhere” is the mantra followed in this Platform. Enables the developer to improve the quality of Developed Apps by quickly and easily Testing on a wide range of physical Android Devices in the Cloud Test Lab right from within Android Studio.

  • Indexing Support :

    Would endorse the visibility for Developed App in Google Search for users. This is achieved by adding Auto-generated URLS with the App Indexing feature in Android Studio. Developers with a few click can add Indexable URL links and in-turn can test all within the IDE.

  • Debugger:

    For those Developers developing OpenGL ES-based Games or Apps, Developers can now see each frame and the GL state with the new GPU Debugger. Uncover and Diagnosis GL Rendering issues by capturing and analysing the GPU Stream from Developer’s Android Device.

  • IntelliJ 15 Update -

    Android Studio is built on the world-class Intellij Coding Platform.

KARYA Open Source Exponents:

KARYA’s Open Source Service offering is tailored to meet the demands of today’s Organizational Requirements. We have immense expertise in Open Source Development from working with several clients across domains.

KARYA Mobility Services:

KARYA provides Enterprise Mobility Services with all dimensions of Native App Development and Open Source Applications Development. KARYA services all the OS Platforms for Application Development. KARYA utilises the Android Studio as part of its five most-utilized Mobile Application Development Platform for its clients across all spectrum of Enterprise Mobility.

(About the Author:- Praveen Kumar Rajendran works as a Senior Consultant- Presales at KARYA Technologies. He holds Masters’ Degree in International Business from La Trobe University and has wide experience in Business Consulting on various technologies. He loves to write on latest trends in IT and his areas of interest include Mobility, Cloud and Enterprise Solutions.)

How To Turn Your Dumb Car Into a Smart Car!


One of the major advancement in the field of Automobile is the Infotainment Systems, also known as “Dashboard Technology”. These systems provide users with loads of information needed to make driving a pleasure. The pre-built Infotainment Systems, available in iOS and Android versions, are universally adaptable and affordable. But the use of these systems are confined to premium market due to the high cost of the car and not all sections of the society can afford it.

This is where the emergence of Smartphones come to the aid of larger section of car users. Though it is not advisable to use mobile phone while driving the car, the primary aim of these applications is to help the driver to drive safely.

There are many occasions during which these applications prove to be very useful. It helps the driver to avoid wrong turns and handle tricky parking tasks with ease. The APPS that are discussed below is sure to turn your Mobile into a Car Infotainment System. All you need to do is just get a smartphone, mount it and have a relaxed and comfortable ride.

1. Mobile Car Dashboard Apps

The Car Dashboard Apps makes driving safer without intruding into your driving space. This happens by letting people trying to reach the driver of the car over a phone or text automatically intimating them about the appropriate action and answering the call or using the device. These Apps usually have a simple interface and large icons. While driving you will find these Apps to be smoother and less risky. All most all of them use Voice-recognition and Map Integration Services to provide all the information a driver would need.

2. Place Finders App

Most drivers would like to know what are the important landmarks that are present around their current location. Even though it may seem easier to ask somebody, it may not be always possible. These APPS can be of immense value during the time of emergency as it can help a person to locate the hospitals, ambulance, police stations etc. in no time. A lot of Mapping Apps also has this feature which helps you find places near you from a coffee shop to an ATM. But Standalone Enquiry Apps or Services could help save some extra taps needed to get the information.

3. Mapping Apps

These days there are a number of Mapping Apps, which has flooded the App market place. The Maps Application is not just restricted to navigation purpose only, as they provide an array of other features such as planning your trip, real time traffic, provide alerts to select contacts about your location and host of other features too. Map Application are combined as a package and provide the driver with a number of other information apart from just being a guiding tool.

4. Car Pooling Apps

The information provided to a driver is just not confined with providing information related to driving. There are a host of Apps which provides individuals who are driving and not driving too. Apart from some App-based Taxi Service, Carpooling is another way of commuting which is beneficial for those looking for ride companions heading in the same direction. Not just ride companion but also ride sharing, which becomes a win-win situation for both the driver and the commuter.

5. Driver Safety Apps

Safety of individual is of high importance and developers of application have come up with solution for it. There are few Apps in the Apps Market place which help people traveling alone by providing constant tracking, panic button and help button even without internet access. These applications are developed specifically aimed at making travel safe for women drivers.

6. Elevating Driving Experience Apps

Other than making driving less tedious, some Apps also help you cut down on car expenses. These apps regularly monitor your driving and the car’s fuel consumption so that there are lesser breakdowns. There are also some which use your smartphone’s rear camera to record your driving and integrate augmented reality to it. They further offer Over Speed Warnings, Emergency Calling, and also Traffic Alerts. Be it locating your car in a parking or monitoring your teen while driving, these Apps go a long way in improving the driving experience.

KARYA Technologies’ Mobile Competency

Since its inception, KARYA Technologies has carved a niche for itself in the field of Mobile Development. Let it be devising an end-to-end Mobile Strategy, Developing a New Mobile Application or Mobilizing an existing Enterprise Application and Integrating them with other LOB Applications, we have been there, done that.

With continuous Investments, Research and Development on imparting knowledge in the field of Mobility, KARYA has kept pace with the latest developments in the field of Mobile Application.

We have good blend of competencies right from UI/UX Designers to Testers, Developers and Mobile Architects.

To learn more about KARYA’s Mobile Capability please visit:

(About the Author:- Praveen Kumar Rajendran works as a Senior Consultant- Presales at KARYA Technologies. He holds Masters’ Degree in International Business from La Trobe University and has wide experience in Business Consulting on various technologies. He loves to write on latest trends in IT and his areas of interest include Mobility, Cloud and Enterprise Solutions.)

Things You Should Know About “Internet of Things (IoT)”


Technology has given rise to quite a number of innovations. Today, almost everything is connected to some kind of a network, communicating with each other and to intelligent devices such as smartphones. Add sensors to these devices and they will also be able to act more intelligently.

In essence, this will create a smarter planet where energy efficiency is greater, appliances are smarter, and the overall life is better. This interconnection of things using smart sensors and embedded technologies is known as Internet of things (IoT). Today, the world is perceiving an advent of a large number of Internet of Things Service Providers. The thing in IoT domain can be anything that has an embedded sensor that measures and transmits its detailed status over a network. Each of these objects have an assigned IP address, making the IPv4 obsolete and IPv6 the norm. IoT has been proposed way back in the ‘90s although even today it’s under great research and development phase. Once it becomes reality, it will be game-changing for most industries—a paradigm shift not just for IT but all industries.

IoT has some key applications in several industries, such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, Utilities, etc.

  • Security and Surveillance
  • Building Management
  • Vehicle, Asset, Person & Pet Monitoring & Controlling
  • Agriculture Automation
  • Energy Consumption
  • M2m & Wireless Sensor Network
  • Telemedicine & Healthcare
  • Embedded Mobile
  • Smart Homes & Cities

Strategy and Consulting

Work with our Internet of Things Services Team and Consultants to develop a Strategy Roadmap to achieve your Enterprise Business Goals.

Managed Services

Our Internet of Things Services team helps you accelerate deployment through the implementation of next-generation technology such as cloud-enabled, “pay-as-you-go” services or a predictable fixed fee.

Delivery Services

Leverage Internet of Things to reinvent your business processes and the way you work to gain efficiencies and increase speed to market.

We Focus on The Following Steps:

1. Gearing Up for the Internet of Payments

Made possible by the Internet of Things, a host of IP-instrumented devices and appliances are opening vast opportunities for banks to play a bigger role in the lives of their customers.

2. Transforming Manufacturing with the Internet of Things

We are entering a golden age for innovation in manufacturing products and processes, all enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). This IDC market spotlight can help you understand some of the considerations for driving value from Connected Products, Connected Supply Chains, Smart Manufacturing and IoT.

3. Informed Manufacturing: The Next Industrial Revolution

‘Intelligent Machines’ enable People, Processes, Products and Infrastructure to seamlessly Coordinate, creating cost-efficient finished goods on time, that meet, if not exceed customer expectations.

4. Designing for Manufacturing’s ‘Internet of Things’

The deeper meshing of virtual and physical machines offers the potential to truly transform the manufacturing value chain, from suppliers through customers and at every touchpoint along the way.

5. Turning the Vision of Connected Health into a Reality

To fulfil the goals of the healthcare industry’s Triple Aim Framework and the new patient-centric paradigm, stakeholders across the healthcare and life sciences sectors must combine high-tech with high-touch.

6. Reaping the Benefits of the Internet of Things

Before they can realize the potential of the Internet of Things, organizations must deal with shortcomings in IT standards, skill sets and data and infrastructure management capabilities.

KARYA Technologies offers Design, Development, Implementation and Support Services for Internet of Things. Please refer the link below to understand more about our IoT competency stack and what makes us unique among other service providers.

Learn more about KARYA’s Internet of Things (IoT) at You may also email us at

Security Testing In The Secured World

Security Testing in the secured world

In today’s agile world, every organization is prone to cyber-attacks, as most of the applications have been developed and deployed with more focus on functionality, end user experience and with minimal attention given to security risks. Prominent sites from a number of regulated industries that include Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, and Retail, are probed daily.

The Consequences of a security breach are great; loss of revenues, damage to credibility, legal liability and loss of customer trust. Security breaches can happen through network penetration or vulnerabilities in software applications while developing software. Security testing helps companies to retain their reputation, privacy of sensitive data, customer confidence and also trust.

What is a Security Testing?

The Security Testing is a process of testing the current security set up to ensure that the test turns out to be successful. In order for any modern day organization to work properly, it is pretty much mandatory for them to get the following four things to a perfect place. A lack of any of these may cause serious concerns over the security of the database of a particular organization.

  • Data Access refers to the accessibility of any data. There are only a few people or a particular individual that is allowed to access any important database. The data if falls in the hands of an unauthorized individual, it may lead to misuse which can turn out to be a disaster for any organization.
  • Network Security refers to the level at which a network is secured. There are various levels in Network Security. The more important the data, the higher should be the level of Network Security.
  • Authentication refers to authenticity of any program. A stage where certain information is revealed to make sure that people are aware about who is heading or owning a particular program.
  • Encryption is some kind of common information. For example: specific password. Encryption is the last step of a Security Test and indeed the most pivotal one. If there is a shortcoming in any of these parameters, the test may turn out to be unsuccessful. In order to ensure smoothness, the importance of a security test is required to be understood before it’s too late.

Security Testing basically works on six principles:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Availability
  • Non-Repudiation

These principles form the corner stone for any test. In order to determine whether your Security Testing is successful or not. You have to rely on these principles. Sounds similar to that of resource management, but are quite the opposite.

  • Confidentiality is a process where things are kept private. Not everyone or perhaps, no third party is aware of the test. The matter is kept confidential within an organization.
  • Integrity refers to protecting information so the unauthorized parties aren’t able to modify it.
  • Authenticity showcases the legitimacy of any desired software.
  • Authorization cannot be defined better than the access control which is under the hands of a particular individual.
  • Availability refers to the assurance for the provision of information & communication services as and when required.
  • Non-Repudiation is to avoid any conflict between sender and receiver on the basis of ultimate denial. That it when the Non-Repudiation principle comes into play.

The aforementioned principles are the basics of testing. Let’s learn more about the process.

For every application that has been created, has been done so, with the help of a Database, Structured Query Language (SQL) forms the basis for this. Now, when all the above principles fall short somewhere, the language becomes vulnerable to the unauthorized sources.

Now, this takes place due to several reasons. One of the major reason is an organization does not focus on the security aspects as much as it does on the other aspects such as infrastructure and access codes. The shortfall in the security aspects leads to its breach.

Different Type of Security Assessment

Different Type of Security Assessment

Application Security Assessment

Application Security Assessment reveals vulnerabilities and configuration flaws that could lead to unauthorized access, information loss or denial of service. It checks user identification and authentication, input and output validation controls, and vulnerabilities that exist based on OWASP Standards.

Network Security Assessment

The Network Assessment service helps clients identify network related threats, design mitigation steps and improve security posture. It also involves Network & Server Performance and Configuration Audit, Protocol Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is carried out using Automated Tools that test for a range of potential weaknesses. A selected set of VA Tools scan specific devices within the organization’s Network and identifies latent vulnerabilities. Scans are executed on desktops, critical servers and security devices on the network.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is done by simulating the role of an external threat, using information that is publicly available. The ethical hacking team attempts to penetrate security mechanisms on the perimeter of the network as well as the mechanisms of access control to the core system.

ISO 27001 Consulting

One of the key ways to ensure that organizations address key issues relating to information security is by compliance to ISO 27001. It helps clients understand and adopt controls prescribed by the standard, to suit their business needs using a comprehensive and proven methodology.

BCP / DR Consulting

It’s the consultancy to help clients implement a Business Continuity Plan, based on industry best practices. BS25999 is an internationally recognized and certifiable standard that establishes the process of Business Continuity Management.

PCI – DSS Consulting

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) – Data Security Standard (DSS) is to encourage and enhance cardholder Data Security. It helps clients to achieve a level of vigilance with regard to compliance against the PCI – DSS Requirements.

Advantages of Security Testing

  • Combines best practices such as White Box, Gray Box, and Black Box Testing.
  • Implements robust processes such as the Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) Philosophy to ensure Application Security is considered during all phases of the SDLC.
  • Rich experience in both Open-Source and Commercial Tools used for Security Testing.
  • Tie-up with major tool vendors ensures thorough validation of all aspects related to Security Testing.
  • A Comprehensive Testing Mechanism integrates with industry best practices such as the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), SANS and Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM).
  • The Security Test consultants are backed by industry certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and ISO 27001 LA.
  • Expose weaknesses stemming from the application’s relationship to the rest of the IT infrastructure.
  • Assess Application Security versus real-world attacks via a variety of manual techniques.
  • Identify Security Design Flaws.
  • Increase end-user confidence in the application’s overall Security.

Learn more about KARYA’s Software Testing Services at You may also email us at

What You Must Know About Devops

DevOps Services

DevOps is a suite of technologies that lets an organization align its Development and Operations Teams in order to improve Code Quality, Integrate Continuously, and Deliver Faster.

Today, IT has become so competitive that you need to deliver high-quality products, in less time. This is the reason why continuous integration tools are so important today. Which explains the presence of DevOps service providers in the industry.

The Challenges

Continuous Integration and Delivery is the basis of DevOps Paradigm, and is a service promise from DevOps service providers like us. Many organizations continue to use manual processes in delivering their software—a tedious, costly process that only hampers the code quality and time-to-market. After the application goes live, it’s sure to create issues, which then requires a similar time-consuming bug-fixing process.

Why not automate this with the help of a DevOps Service Provider and make Deployment and Delivery a continuous process?

Reliable, high-quality Continuous Integration pipelines will make your organization faster and more efficient in embracing challenges. More importantly, professional DevOps Service Provider like KARYA Technologies knows and abide by the Agile Philosophy of emphasizing on Customer Satisfaction.

The industry-leading DevOps tools, such as Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Vagrant, Packer, etc. plays a vital role in this sophisticated world.

KARYA’s Offerings in DevOps include:

  • Automated Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines
  • Custom Development of Dashboards, Tools, Connectors, and Accelerators
  • Training and Consulting Services

Continuous Integration Tools have been able to deliver Software Products up to 30 times more frequently. DevOps achieves about 33 percent improvement in Infrastructure, while traditional operations are 41 percent more time consuming.

DevOps Consulting

DevOps Companies

DevOps and Infrastructure Automation

DevOps is a collection of strategies built around the fact all facets of your organization must be aligned towards the goal of rapidly and reliably producing high-quality software-based products and services while breaking down silos, removing bottlenecks and eliminating inefficiencies.

The DevOps point-of-view is that your technology organization should be enabled in a way such that the business can react quickly to ever-changing market forces and out-win the competition. Automation is the single biggest enabler for DevOps.

Automated Infrastructure Provisioning

KARYA Technologies enables customers with the ability to Deploy, Refresh and rectify their complete Application Infrastructure – in a repeatable, model-based policy driven manner. It has deep expertise in Architecting and Deploying full-stack provisioning solutions including bare metal provisioning (using Razor, Crowbar), cloud provisioning (using jcloud, fog, libcloud etc.) to operating system and application configurations (using Chef, Puppet, CloudFormation and Salt) and associated services.

KARYA Technologies works with customers to understand their existing processes and requirements, define their roadmap for Automation and Implement Solutions in a phased manner. Learn more about our DevOps Offerings.

Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines

Continuous Delivery provides Automated Feedback of the readiness of an Application Release Build for Production every time a change is applied to Application Code, Configuration, Infrastructure and Data. KARYA Technologies has deep expertise in designing and deploying Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines including:

  • One Click Build and Deployment Automation
  • Automated Testing
  • Defining Promotion Processes for Release Candidates
  • Custom Dashboards for Cross Team Visibility.

KARYA Technologies works with customers to Design and Deploy Continuous Integration/Delivery Pipelines, Develop Automated Test Suites and Automate Code/Build Management. Learn more about our recommended Best Practices for a Mature Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Custom Development: Dashboards, Tools, Connectors and Accelerators

The DevOps and Infrastructure Automation Ecosystem consists of several open and closed source tools that provide Bootstrapping, Provisioning, Orchestration, Reporting and Monitoring Solutions. Based on the Business Requirements, Custom Workflows can be built that integrate these tools to provide end-to-end Automation with Simplified Management.

KARYA Technologies has built Custom Dashboards to easily monitor production readiness of release candidates across product lines. KARYA Technologies has also built several tools, connectors and extensions integrating several tools to work a unified manner.

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What You Must Know About Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) is part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software portfolio. The Microsoft NAV ERP system is targeted towards small to medium sized businesses, often with a mix of manufacturing and distribution needs. It is quick to deploy, easy to use, and has the power to support your business ambitions.

It’s Versatile

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is built very similarly to Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows, making it ideal for employees already familiar with using computers at their work. This ERP can bring all of your key business activities together under one system. The centralized database with Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Sales, Human Resources, Management Information, and Financial Management functions is really powerful.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV can streamline all your business needs into one, simple to use, system. This ERP uses a variety of powerful tools and functions that can help grow your business and increase productivity, no matter how-highly specialized your industry is. It is easy to configure and it can be customized to suit any business model and will make day-to-day business activities easier to handle

One million satisfied users are already enjoying the reliable and flexible functions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is flexible enough to handle ever-changing business needs of your organization. It helps companies to become more productive and efficient. When working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, employees will be well-equipped to conceptualize ideas and turn them into profitable measures.

The ERP’s integrated security features will allow you to handle User Rights and Roles. No matter what you need your business and its employees to do at any point in the future, you will be able to do it given the integrated features of this program.

Software Maintenance

The ERP system needs regular maintenance in order to function properly. Any ERP needs revision and updating as per the changing situations in the organization. Managing Microsoft Dynamics NAV is very easy, thanks to the compact source code. It can be easily customized to your needs. For instance, it features a role, tailored user experience, that brings the features you use most to the forefront while hiding 90% of the features that do not see in regular use. This keeps the system simple and uncluttered, increasing productivity.

The integration can be done easily while helping you to leverage your existing IT hardware. Cost over runs and disruptions of IT operations are rarely faced. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a valuable addition when it comes to improving the efficiency of the organization.

Industry leader amongst other ERP Solutions

Here are some factors that makes it an industry leader amongst other ERP solutions:

Simple and user-friendly interface:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV navigation is similar to other popular Microsoft products. This ensures a minimal learning curve and easy adaptability to meet specific business needs.

Easy integration with other Microsoft tools:

Combining the Dynamics NAV Architecture with Microsoft Office Suite, SharePoint and the Dynamics CRM package is easy. It offers more processing capabilities under the flagship software and reduces operational time for various tasks considerably.

On-premises or hosted:

Many small and medium businesses have their servers in the office building itself and outsourcing their maintenance, installation etc. is common these days. Though many ERP software are restricted to either a third- party host or an on-premises operation, Microsoft NAV gives users the freedom for both.

Add-on Customization:

At a certain point, there might be a need for extra features, to execute highly specialized business operations. Add-ons designed by independent software vendors and certified by Microsoft neatly fill in these gaps. The NAV system offers an extensive list of add-ons created for various industry verticals such as leasing, construction, life sciences, automation services.


In a competitive business environment, access to timely and accurate information is very crucial. An ERP system such as Microsoft NAV serves as an active operational backbone, seamlessly integrating information from multiple channels to facilitate well-informed decision-making.

(This blog was written by Vinish P.R, Senior Technical Writer, KARYA Technologies. He has a passion for writing and he has been awarded Gold Star for his Technical Writing Skills).

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