Things You Should Know About “Internet of Things (IoT)”


Technology has given rise to quite a number of innovations. Today, almost everything is connected to some kind of a network, communicating with each other and to intelligent devices such as smartphones. Add sensors to these devices and they will also be able to act more intelligently.

In essence, this will create a smarter planet where energy efficiency is greater, appliances are smarter, and the overall life is better. This interconnection of things using smart sensors and embedded technologies is known as Internet of things (IoT). Today, the world is perceiving an advent of a large number of Internet of Things Service Providers. The thing in IoT domain can be anything that has an embedded sensor that measures and transmits its detailed status over a network. Each of these objects have an assigned IP address, making the IPv4 obsolete and IPv6 the norm. IoT has been proposed way back in the ‘90s although even today it’s under great research and development phase. Once it becomes reality, it will be game-changing for most industries—a paradigm shift not just for IT but all industries.

IoT has some key applications in several industries, such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, Utilities, etc.

  • Security and Surveillance
  • Building Management
  • Vehicle, Asset, Person & Pet Monitoring & Controlling
  • Agriculture Automation
  • Energy Consumption
  • M2m & Wireless Sensor Network
  • Telemedicine & Healthcare
  • Embedded Mobile
  • Smart Homes & Cities

Strategy and Consulting

Work with our Internet of Things Services Team and Consultants to develop a Strategy Roadmap to achieve your Enterprise Business Goals.

Managed Services

Our Internet of Things Services team helps you accelerate deployment through the implementation of next-generation technology such as cloud-enabled, “pay-as-you-go” services or a predictable fixed fee.

Delivery Services

Leverage Internet of Things to reinvent your business processes and the way you work to gain efficiencies and increase speed to market.

We Focus on The Following Steps:

1. Gearing Up for the Internet of Payments

Made possible by the Internet of Things, a host of IP-instrumented devices and appliances are opening vast opportunities for banks to play a bigger role in the lives of their customers.

2. Transforming Manufacturing with the Internet of Things

We are entering a golden age for innovation in manufacturing products and processes, all enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). This IDC market spotlight can help you understand some of the considerations for driving value from Connected Products, Connected Supply Chains, Smart Manufacturing and IoT.

3. Informed Manufacturing: The Next Industrial Revolution

‘Intelligent Machines’ enable People, Processes, Products and Infrastructure to seamlessly Coordinate, creating cost-efficient finished goods on time, that meet, if not exceed customer expectations.

4. Designing for Manufacturing’s ‘Internet of Things’

The deeper meshing of virtual and physical machines offers the potential to truly transform the manufacturing value chain, from suppliers through customers and at every touchpoint along the way.

5. Turning the Vision of Connected Health into a Reality

To fulfil the goals of the healthcare industry’s Triple Aim Framework and the new patient-centric paradigm, stakeholders across the healthcare and life sciences sectors must combine high-tech with high-touch.

6. Reaping the Benefits of the Internet of Things

Before they can realize the potential of the Internet of Things, organizations must deal with shortcomings in IT standards, skill sets and data and infrastructure management capabilities.

KARYA Technologies offers Design, Development, Implementation and Support Services for Internet of Things. Please refer the link below to understand more about our IoT competency stack and what makes us unique among other service providers.

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Security Testing In The Secured World

Security Testing in the secured world

In today’s agile world, every organization is prone to cyber-attacks, as most of the applications have been developed and deployed with more focus on functionality, end user experience and with minimal attention given to security risks. Prominent sites from a number of regulated industries that include Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, and Retail, are probed daily.

The Consequences of a security breach are great; loss of revenues, damage to credibility, legal liability and loss of customer trust. Security breaches can happen through network penetration or vulnerabilities in software applications while developing software. Security testing helps companies to retain their reputation, privacy of sensitive data, customer confidence and also trust.

What is a Security Testing?

The Security Testing is a process of testing the current security set up to ensure that the test turns out to be successful. In order for any modern day organization to work properly, it is pretty much mandatory for them to get the following four things to a perfect place. A lack of any of these may cause serious concerns over the security of the database of a particular organization.

  • Data Access refers to the accessibility of any data. There are only a few people or a particular individual that is allowed to access any important database. The data if falls in the hands of an unauthorized individual, it may lead to misuse which can turn out to be a disaster for any organization.
  • Network Security refers to the level at which a network is secured. There are various levels in Network Security. The more important the data, the higher should be the level of Network Security.
  • Authentication refers to authenticity of any program. A stage where certain information is revealed to make sure that people are aware about who is heading or owning a particular program.
  • Encryption is some kind of common information. For example: specific password. Encryption is the last step of a Security Test and indeed the most pivotal one. If there is a shortcoming in any of these parameters, the test may turn out to be unsuccessful. In order to ensure smoothness, the importance of a security test is required to be understood before it’s too late.

Security Testing basically works on six principles:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Availability
  • Non-Repudiation

These principles form the corner stone for any test. In order to determine whether your Security Testing is successful or not. You have to rely on these principles. Sounds similar to that of resource management, but are quite the opposite.

  • Confidentiality is a process where things are kept private. Not everyone or perhaps, no third party is aware of the test. The matter is kept confidential within an organization.
  • Integrity refers to protecting information so the unauthorized parties aren’t able to modify it.
  • Authenticity showcases the legitimacy of any desired software.
  • Authorization cannot be defined better than the access control which is under the hands of a particular individual.
  • Availability refers to the assurance for the provision of information & communication services as and when required.
  • Non-Repudiation is to avoid any conflict between sender and receiver on the basis of ultimate denial. That it when the Non-Repudiation principle comes into play.

The aforementioned principles are the basics of testing. Let’s learn more about the process.

For every application that has been created, has been done so, with the help of a Database, Structured Query Language (SQL) forms the basis for this. Now, when all the above principles fall short somewhere, the language becomes vulnerable to the unauthorized sources.

Now, this takes place due to several reasons. One of the major reason is an organization does not focus on the security aspects as much as it does on the other aspects such as infrastructure and access codes. The shortfall in the security aspects leads to its breach.

Different Type of Security Assessment

Different Type of Security Assessment

Application Security Assessment

Application Security Assessment reveals vulnerabilities and configuration flaws that could lead to unauthorized access, information loss or denial of service. It checks user identification and authentication, input and output validation controls, and vulnerabilities that exist based on OWASP Standards.

Network Security Assessment

The Network Assessment service helps clients identify network related threats, design mitigation steps and improve security posture. It also involves Network & Server Performance and Configuration Audit, Protocol Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is carried out using Automated Tools that test for a range of potential weaknesses. A selected set of VA Tools scan specific devices within the organization’s Network and identifies latent vulnerabilities. Scans are executed on desktops, critical servers and security devices on the network.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is done by simulating the role of an external threat, using information that is publicly available. The ethical hacking team attempts to penetrate security mechanisms on the perimeter of the network as well as the mechanisms of access control to the core system.

ISO 27001 Consulting

One of the key ways to ensure that organizations address key issues relating to information security is by compliance to ISO 27001. It helps clients understand and adopt controls prescribed by the standard, to suit their business needs using a comprehensive and proven methodology.

BCP / DR Consulting

It’s the consultancy to help clients implement a Business Continuity Plan, based on industry best practices. BS25999 is an internationally recognized and certifiable standard that establishes the process of Business Continuity Management.

PCI – DSS Consulting

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) – Data Security Standard (DSS) is to encourage and enhance cardholder Data Security. It helps clients to achieve a level of vigilance with regard to compliance against the PCI – DSS Requirements.

Advantages of Security Testing

  • Combines best practices such as White Box, Gray Box, and Black Box Testing.
  • Implements robust processes such as the Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) Philosophy to ensure Application Security is considered during all phases of the SDLC.
  • Rich experience in both Open-Source and Commercial Tools used for Security Testing.
  • Tie-up with major tool vendors ensures thorough validation of all aspects related to Security Testing.
  • A Comprehensive Testing Mechanism integrates with industry best practices such as the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), SANS and Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM).
  • The Security Test consultants are backed by industry certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and ISO 27001 LA.
  • Expose weaknesses stemming from the application’s relationship to the rest of the IT infrastructure.
  • Assess Application Security versus real-world attacks via a variety of manual techniques.
  • Identify Security Design Flaws.
  • Increase end-user confidence in the application’s overall Security.

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What You Must Know About Devops

DevOps Services

DevOps is a suite of technologies that lets an organization align its Development and Operations Teams in order to improve Code Quality, Integrate Continuously, and Deliver Faster.

Today, IT has become so competitive that you need to deliver high-quality products, in less time. This is the reason why continuous integration tools are so important today. Which explains the presence of DevOps service providers in the industry.

The Challenges

Continuous Integration and Delivery is the basis of DevOps Paradigm, and is a service promise from DevOps service providers like us. Many organizations continue to use manual processes in delivering their software—a tedious, costly process that only hampers the code quality and time-to-market. After the application goes live, it’s sure to create issues, which then requires a similar time-consuming bug-fixing process.

Why not automate this with the help of a DevOps Service Provider and make Deployment and Delivery a continuous process?

Reliable, high-quality Continuous Integration pipelines will make your organization faster and more efficient in embracing challenges. More importantly, professional DevOps Service Provider like KARYA Technologies knows and abide by the Agile Philosophy of emphasizing on Customer Satisfaction.

The industry-leading DevOps tools, such as Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Vagrant, Packer, etc. plays a vital role in this sophisticated world.

KARYA’s Offerings in DevOps include:

  • Automated Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines
  • Custom Development of Dashboards, Tools, Connectors, and Accelerators
  • Training and Consulting Services

Continuous Integration Tools have been able to deliver Software Products up to 30 times more frequently. DevOps achieves about 33 percent improvement in Infrastructure, while traditional operations are 41 percent more time consuming.

DevOps Consulting

DevOps Companies

DevOps and Infrastructure Automation

DevOps is a collection of strategies built around the fact all facets of your organization must be aligned towards the goal of rapidly and reliably producing high-quality software-based products and services while breaking down silos, removing bottlenecks and eliminating inefficiencies.

The DevOps point-of-view is that your technology organization should be enabled in a way such that the business can react quickly to ever-changing market forces and out-win the competition. Automation is the single biggest enabler for DevOps.

Automated Infrastructure Provisioning

KARYA Technologies enables customers with the ability to Deploy, Refresh and rectify their complete Application Infrastructure – in a repeatable, model-based policy driven manner. It has deep expertise in Architecting and Deploying full-stack provisioning solutions including bare metal provisioning (using Razor, Crowbar), cloud provisioning (using jcloud, fog, libcloud etc.) to operating system and application configurations (using Chef, Puppet, CloudFormation and Salt) and associated services.

KARYA Technologies works with customers to understand their existing processes and requirements, define their roadmap for Automation and Implement Solutions in a phased manner. Learn more about our DevOps Offerings.

Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines

Continuous Delivery provides Automated Feedback of the readiness of an Application Release Build for Production every time a change is applied to Application Code, Configuration, Infrastructure and Data. KARYA Technologies has deep expertise in designing and deploying Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines including:

  • One Click Build and Deployment Automation
  • Automated Testing
  • Defining Promotion Processes for Release Candidates
  • Custom Dashboards for Cross Team Visibility.

KARYA Technologies works with customers to Design and Deploy Continuous Integration/Delivery Pipelines, Develop Automated Test Suites and Automate Code/Build Management. Learn more about our recommended Best Practices for a Mature Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Custom Development: Dashboards, Tools, Connectors and Accelerators

The DevOps and Infrastructure Automation Ecosystem consists of several open and closed source tools that provide Bootstrapping, Provisioning, Orchestration, Reporting and Monitoring Solutions. Based on the Business Requirements, Custom Workflows can be built that integrate these tools to provide end-to-end Automation with Simplified Management.

KARYA Technologies has built Custom Dashboards to easily monitor production readiness of release candidates across product lines. KARYA Technologies has also built several tools, connectors and extensions integrating several tools to work a unified manner.

KARYA Technologies Expertise In DevOps

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What You Must Know About Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) is part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software portfolio. The Microsoft NAV ERP system is targeted towards small to medium sized businesses, often with a mix of manufacturing and distribution needs. It is quick to deploy, easy to use, and has the power to support your business ambitions.

It’s Versatile

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is built very similarly to Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows, making it ideal for employees already familiar with using computers at their work. This ERP can bring all of your key business activities together under one system. The centralized database with Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Sales, Human Resources, Management Information, and Financial Management functions is really powerful.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV can streamline all your business needs into one, simple to use, system. This ERP uses a variety of powerful tools and functions that can help grow your business and increase productivity, no matter how-highly specialized your industry is. It is easy to configure and it can be customized to suit any business model and will make day-to-day business activities easier to handle

One million satisfied users are already enjoying the reliable and flexible functions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is flexible enough to handle ever-changing business needs of your organization. It helps companies to become more productive and efficient. When working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, employees will be well-equipped to conceptualize ideas and turn them into profitable measures.

The ERP’s integrated security features will allow you to handle User Rights and Roles. No matter what you need your business and its employees to do at any point in the future, you will be able to do it given the integrated features of this program.

Software Maintenance

The ERP system needs regular maintenance in order to function properly. Any ERP needs revision and updating as per the changing situations in the organization. Managing Microsoft Dynamics NAV is very easy, thanks to the compact source code. It can be easily customized to your needs. For instance, it features a role, tailored user experience, that brings the features you use most to the forefront while hiding 90% of the features that do not see in regular use. This keeps the system simple and uncluttered, increasing productivity.

The integration can be done easily while helping you to leverage your existing IT hardware. Cost over runs and disruptions of IT operations are rarely faced. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a valuable addition when it comes to improving the efficiency of the organization.

Industry leader amongst other ERP Solutions

Here are some factors that makes it an industry leader amongst other ERP solutions:

Simple and user-friendly interface:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV navigation is similar to other popular Microsoft products. This ensures a minimal learning curve and easy adaptability to meet specific business needs.

Easy integration with other Microsoft tools:

Combining the Dynamics NAV Architecture with Microsoft Office Suite, SharePoint and the Dynamics CRM package is easy. It offers more processing capabilities under the flagship software and reduces operational time for various tasks considerably.

On-premises or hosted:

Many small and medium businesses have their servers in the office building itself and outsourcing their maintenance, installation etc. is common these days. Though many ERP software are restricted to either a third- party host or an on-premises operation, Microsoft NAV gives users the freedom for both.

Add-on Customization:

At a certain point, there might be a need for extra features, to execute highly specialized business operations. Add-ons designed by independent software vendors and certified by Microsoft neatly fill in these gaps. The NAV system offers an extensive list of add-ons created for various industry verticals such as leasing, construction, life sciences, automation services.


In a competitive business environment, access to timely and accurate information is very crucial. An ERP system such as Microsoft NAV serves as an active operational backbone, seamlessly integrating information from multiple channels to facilitate well-informed decision-making.

(This blog was written by Vinish P.R, Senior Technical Writer, KARYA Technologies. He has a passion for writing and he has been awarded Gold Star for his Technical Writing Skills).

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What You Must Know About Dynamics AX

Jet Reports

Microsoft AX was previously known as Axapta till Microsoft took over it and released the version with the name of Microsoft Dynamics AX. This ERP solution is focused towards companies having several divisions and doing business across locations where compliance of business processes and best practices is a must. Microsoft AX can be easily customized to adapt for business processes and is cost effective along with this it comes with features to automate and provide solutions for Finance, Human Resource, Sales, Web Stores, Supply Chain Management, Warehouses, Distribution, Balanced Scorecards, Knowledge Management and Business Analytics. As it has been upgraded and designed to work at distant locations it supports multilingual and multi-currency functions. Microsoft has announced that the next release of Dynamics AX will just be known as Microsoft Dynamics AX. The product is architected specifically for the cloud. .

Organizations and individuals are empowered to transform their business operations with the combination of hyper scale, enterprise-grade and hybrid-cloud capabilities of Microsoft Azure along with the real-time insights and intuitive user experience of Dynamics AX. The initial release of Microsoft Dynamics AX will be available only in the cloud on Azure and the on premise versions are to be released later. As Dynamics AX customers upgrade to the cloud, they will need to consider their compliance requirements before moving mission critical data to Azure cloud.

The end of number version style

The upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics AX has gone by many names including:

  • Dynamics AX Rainier
  • AX 2015
  • Dynamics AX7

and now it’s just “Microsoft Dynamics AX” as Microsoft refers to it. Dynamics AX users and consultants have already started to get the real sensation of this little dynamite. Peter Snaeland, a Software Architect, has been in the Dynamics AX business for the past 15 years, got his chance to use the Microsoft Dynamics AX upcoming release. He feels it is the best and the most exciting of all.

A Unique Experience

Dynamics AX offers a redesigned, touch-enabled user experience that looks and works like Microsoft Office, delivering deep integration that seamlessly shares information between Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM and Office 365. Real-time analytics powered by Azure Machine Learning Services offer the ability to visualize Power BI data directly from AX. Based on extensive usability analysis, the redesigned Dynamics AX is highly visual and more in line with what users expect from consumer applications.

Hassle Free Management

ERP Systems have traditionally been known for their rigidity, complexity, and slow deployments and implementations, but the days of big budget high stress implementations are over, even for massive enterprise products like Microsoft Dynamics AX. The new release introduces enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services, an Azure-based service that enables turnkey implementation.

Because of the improved portability of the system and improved cloud functionality and architecture, Dynamics AX7, or Microsoft Dynamics AX no version, will be designed for a simple upgrade process that runs as seamlessly as possible.

Intelligent is The Right Word

Microsoft is making Dynamics AX more intelligent with intuitive workspaces that allow never before seen visibility across an organization while performing tasks such as billing or AP processing. Other metrics will be readily available in a sidebar for quick reference while performing critical tasks. Check out Jason Gumpert’s post to learn more about AX7 workspaces and how they improve Power BI.

In addition to better integration with Power BI, the new Dynamics AX release will seamlessly integrate with CRM 2016 and O365. It will also draw insights from social and other data sources using the power of Azure Machine Learning services and Cortana. Cortana Integration helps users gain quick access to actionable human insights from big data generated by Microsoft Dynamics AX and other LOB apps.

Use it Anywhere

The new HTML5-based browser interface is so flexible you will be able to access AX from virtually any device.

While Dynamics AX is flexible to meet the needs of most industries, the new Microsoft Dynamics AX release is designed with five core industries in mind: Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Professional Services and Public Sector.

(This blog was written by Vinish P.R, Senior Technical Writer, KARYA Technologies. He has a passion for writing and he has been awarded Gold Star for his Technical Writing Skills).

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KARYA Technologies Partners with Jet Reports to Provide Reporting Solutions

Jet Reports

KARYA Technologies, a comprehensive Global Enterprise Solutions Provider, announced a strategic partnership with Jet Reports, the leading provider of Reporting and Business Intelligence Solutions.

KARYA provides Consulting, Implementation and Production Support through our dedicated team of Technical and Functional Consultants. KARYA has a dedicated practice for Jet Reports, which comprises of top-notch Developers, Business Analysts, Industry vertical SMEs and Project Managers.

“Though on an average it takes about 17 months for Business Intelligence implementation, we believe that is way too long for almost any company. We understand that extended implementation times results in waste of time, money and resources. Our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics suite of products and its underlying data structures helps provide seamless integration with Jet Enterprise in no time,” said Venkatkumar Navaneethakrishnan, VP Global Services, KARYA Technologies.

“Our best practices and proprietary add-ons enable us to implement, design and troubleshoot Jet Reports effectively and efficiently. Our proficiency in SharePoint has enabled our clients to collaborate with their existing Jet Reports and dashboards,” he added.

“This is really just a response to existing market demand. Dynamics AX clients have been combining our solutions on their own for years. The functionality is a natural fit and it just made sense to get together and create an easier and more resource effective solution for partners and Dynamics end users.” said Joe Little, President, Jet Reports.

About Jet Reports

Jet Reports is the market leader for reporting and BI solutions for Microsoft Dynamics. We’ve helped over 100,000 users in 94 countries discover new insights from their data, with solutions tailored to meet a range of business needs and budgets. A complete BI solution that delivers a Data Warehouse and set of pre-built cubes. Jet Enterprise enables any user at an organization to analyze metrics instantly, without having to know the underlying database structure. An Excel add-in which enables full operational reporting across multiple databases and companies. Developed through a strategic partnership with Microsoft – Jet Express offers Microsoft Dynamics NAV & Microsoft Dynamics GP customers a simple, no-cost way to create financial and ad hoc reports in Excel.

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KARYA Technologies Partners with Talend to Provide Integration Solutions


KARYA Technologies, a comprehensive Global Enterprise Solutions Provider, announced a strategic partnership with Talend, the leading provider of self-service Business Intelligence Software Solutions. Through this partnership, KARYA will be able to provide real-time or batch, application integration or data integration, big data or master data, on-premises or in the cloud.

Talend Open Studio is the most open, innovative and powerful data integration solution on the market today. Our partnership with Talend helps to break the traditional proprietary model by supplying open, innovative and powerful software solutions with the flexibility to meet the data integration needs of all types of organizations.

Talend’s Open Source subscription model is disrupting the market and fundamentally lowering the cost of ownership for integration solutions. Unlike other vendors, Talend charges per developer with no hidden fees per connector or extra charges for capacity,” a senior representative from Talend said.

Talend’s wide range of service include Big Data Integration, Data Integration, Cloud Integration, Application Integration, Master Data Management.

About Talend

Talend is the first provider of Open Source Data Integration Software. Its main product is Talend Open Studio. After three years of intense Research and Development Investment the first version of that software was released in 2006. It is an Open Source Project for Data Integration based on Eclipse RCP that primarily supports ETL-oriented implementations and is provided for on-premises deployment as well as in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model. Talend Open Studio is mainly used for integration between operational systems, as well as for ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, and for migration. Talend offers a completely new vision, reflected in the way it utilizes technology, as well as in its business model.

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KARYA Technologies Partners with Scribe to Provide Data Integration Solutions


KARYA Technologies, a comprehensive Global Enterprise Solutions Provider, announced a strategic partnership with Scribe, a Data Integrations Solutions Company. Through this partnership, KARYA will be able to provide cost-effective, no-coding solutions that can be used to integrate virtually any application, Data Source or Software as a Service Platform.

The Scribe Data Integration Solutions help companies of all sizes achieve a competitive advantage through the successful integration of data and applications in cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments. Through Scribe Insight we can help populate your CRM system with key customer information from ERP, CRM, Web, and Legacy applications, making it possible for you to work with a complete customer profile.

“The emergence of cloud platforms, the explosion of data and the development of new avenues for information – social media, mobile – make the role of integration one of critical importance for SaaS providers, integration providers and enterprises alike. The companies that succeed in bringing essential pieces of information together from across their business will sell more, service better and ultimately compete more effectively in their markets,” Shawn McGowan, CEO of Scribe, said.

A true Cloud Integration Platform, Scribe allows users to build, deploy, manage and maintain integrations anywhere they have internet connectivity. No heavy-weight software or hidden hosting costs. Whether connecting cloud-to-cloud or cloud-to-ground, Scribe has users covered with both cloud agents and lightweight secure agents that can be installed behind the firewall.

About Scribe

Scribe Software is the leader in Customer Data Integration Solutions, helping businesses maximize their investments in CRM, Marketing Automation, ERP, and other data assets. Scribe’s integration solutions connect a wide range of data and applications to the people that need it most, giving a competitive advantage to businesses large and small.

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