Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX: How Do They Compare?

Microsoft Dynamics AX Vs NAVMicrosoft Dynamics offers a range of integrated, adaptable business management solutions that enables organisations to take decisions with confidence. Microsoft Dynamics’ ERP offerings are aimed at automating and streamlining financial, customer relationship and supply chain processes of your organisations.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions empower people to anticipate and embrace change so that business can innovate and grow. It increases the efficiency of the organisation by making the critical business information available for the right people at the right time.

While ERPs can bring about a huge change in how your business is run, an ideal ERP should be simple use and also provide the agility you need to expand business. Choosing the right solution is very crucial for any organisation as ERP implementations are not only risky and complex, the perceived failure rates are also very high.

A research done by Gartner points out that “an estimated 20% to 25% of ERP projects fail outright (late and/or over budget, failed to deliver any benefits, or abandoned). A further 50% to 60% are perceived as having failed because they are considered compromised by the organization in some way.

Though Microsoft Dynamics offers a wide range of ERPs catering to various business needs, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics AX are more popular and choosing between them requires good understanding about the business needs and goals.

Both Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX are highly customizable, flexible and offer high scalability for the businesses that are operating from one centralized or multiple decentralized locations.

The primary aim of this article is to shed some light on how both the applications differ from each other in terms of functionality and technology. This ready reckoner can be a good starting point to understand how these robust applications can solve your business problems.

Microsoft-Dynamics-AX-Vs-NAVIf you still have difficulty in choosing the right Dynamics ERP solution, please get in touch with our experts at Karya who can guide you to choose the right ERP solutions that aligns best with your organization’s current and future needs.

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ETL on Cloud Gaining Significance

A survey carried out by an US-based data integration company involving 200 business intelligence professionals finds that 51 percent of them are ‘strongly considering’ moving all ETL processes to the cloud.

While many organizations are still relying heavily on existing on-premise IT for ETL, the desire to shift to a more cloud-based model is growing stronger.

Cloud ETL offers a host of benefits over on-premise, from increased agility in resource deployment to reduced costs. As such, the cloud is an increasingly attractive option from both a performance and operational perspective.

Big data analytics solutions

Biggest Challenges :

The study also reveals that the biggest challenges were in making data ready for analysis.

Over 55% say integrating data from different platforms, followed by transforming, cleansing and formatting incoming data (39%), integrating relational and non-relational data (32%), and the sheer volume of data that needs to be managed (21%) at any given time.

As a business manager you should be more concerned about the information rather than making the data ready for analysis. To know how Karya can drastically reduce your data burden, please mail us at

While Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) technology allows for a seamless integration of information from various sources, it has its own set of challenges when it involves cloud. The biggest part of the challenge is ‘security’.

It would be more pertinent to ask where should the ETL tool sit in relation to the data warehouse. Just like how the data can reside onsite (on-premise) or in the cloud, ETL tool can also reside onsite or in the cloud. Irrespective of the fact where it is located, it has to work well with the Business Intelligence platform, which again may exist onsite or in the cloud.

Assuming the data warehouse, BI and ETL are all deployed and floating, then the ETL tool would also exist as a cloud service.

Security in the cloud

Though the job of securing the data may not be the responsibility of the business that uses the cloud service, the link from database to database over IP may pose some worry. We definitely need to secure the most sensitive data using the best encryption methods.

ETL tools are not built to scale. The right tool depends entirely on the infrastructure that’s using it. ETL also involves a great deal of network sophistication. When the complexity of the enterprise BI increases, the ETL tool has to quickly scale up to meet the requirements of the organization.

A weak ETL tool or a bad setup can wreak havoc on consistency and reliability of extracted and loaded data. Once again, if the ETL is hosted in the cloud, there are certain complexities and issues that come along with it. ETL tools, depending on their engines, can handle both small and big data. Choosing the ‘right’ service provider for implementing ETL securely into your process would be the first step for any organization. With an experienced systems implementation partner like Karya, which follows safe and secure practices, you can be rest assured.

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Better Handle Information Silos with Karya’s Big Data Services

The volume, velocity and variety of data are increasing drastically with ever-changing advancing technology. It has become difficult to handle this huge amount of incoming data with the traditional data processing methods. It has thus become mandatory to adopt an effective methodology to extract the derivative worth of information from unprocessed data. Karya’s Big Data services help enterprises bridge the gap between an enormous volume of complex data and the ability to perform an in depth analysis for interpretation and reporting of interactive analytics. With our big data services, we transform business problems into real time insights ultimately resulting in businesses to thrive.

Big data analytics solutions

Karya’s Big Data offerings include:


  • Strategy Road map, Technology evaluation & recommendations
  • Architectural Consulting
  • Capacity Planning, Performance

Implementation and Development services which includes

  • Data Modeling, Algorithm development
  • Develop map reduce code, transformations, custom code
  • Data Integration Services
  • Search & Document Indexing
  • Data Quality and Metadata management
  • Reports/Visualizations, Analytics (Machine Learning, Statistical Programming, Text Mining)

Operations, Maintenance and Production Support

  • Configuration and Provisioning
  • Big Data support and Managed services
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Configuration, Security, Policy management
  • Backup, Recovery, Archival Support
  • Big Data Administration

Big Data security

  • Data leak detection
  • Application Fraud Analytics
  • Security Reporting

Big Data testing

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Provisioning and automation

Karya builds flexible solutions can be easily integrated with existing systems/applications facilitating the smooth transition of unstructured data to a revived format.

Karya’s Big Data services revolve around the following aspects:

Big data consulting

Benefits of our services:

  • Bridge gap between complex technologies and successful implementation strategies
  • Gain a detailed approach for data analysis
  • Obtain results at your fingertips through interactive dashboards
  • Get valuable insights and accelerate decision making duration
  • Controlled total cost of ownership

Unleash the power of data and analytics with Karya!

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Explore the new Retail reality…with Karya’s Mobility Servcies

Businesses are fast adapting to mobile paced applications taking maximum benefit of enterprise mobility. Users demand necessary information at their fingertips. Retailers take advantage of mobility, providing customer centric information and delivering effective customer experiences. With this kind of instant information, retailers enable customers to make quick and informed decisions while on the go.

Mobile Solutions for Retail

A promising Shopping Experience…on Mobile!

With ample scope to integrate mobile technologies into retail, Karya focuses on enhancing the in-store environment. Accessing enterprise applications through mobile devices enables retailers to obtain timely access to data, information based on specific requirements resulting in a closely knit relationship with customers. Karya owns a certified team of experts in Enterprise Mobility, with specific focus on the retail space. Karya’s retail solutions include mobile applications which can be used for checking pricing and availability of products, checking order status along with product search management. We also provide access to relevant applications fully based on specific requirements of the customers. With Karya’s solutions, the retailer is able to target customers with compelling and convincing promotional offers based on location of store and reach of customers to the store.

Karya’s Enterprise Mobility offerings include:

Enterprise mobility offerings

Shaping a new Paradigm to in-store shopping experience…

Karya has taken the plunge into yet another emerging technology….iBeacons. iBeacons connect customers…. the technology way. Karya’s iBeacons let customers view the Retail world through their smartphones. With iBeacons, Karya initiates an endless set of possibilities for richer and personalized customer experiences. We allow mobile interactions, contactless payments, in-venue analytics, self-guided tours, indoor way finding based on proximity of the user from the store. iBeacons are widely used to build apps especially in the retail industry for a wider adoption of technology and to set the path for an augmented customer journey.

A case study:

One of the largest telecom service providers in Asia wanted to allow its subscribers to be able to perform transactions through their mobile phones. Karya developed a mobile wallet and payment solution for the telecom service provider. With this solution, subscribers were able to store money and perform commercial transactions through their mobile phones which included purchasing merchandize, payment of bills and ticket booking. With Karya’s solution, the telecom service provider was able to obtain a good exposure of the banking domain along with the opportunity to reach out to the rural areas by providing monetary investments and transactions at a competitive pricing.

Stay updated with us…

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Negotiate boat loads of data at your fingertips with Karya’s MS SharePoint services

Microsoft SharePoint is a proven business collaboration platform easing the way people work together in an organization. It aids steadfast, strategic and tactical decision-making throughout the organization and facilitates streamlining key metrics in business. With Microsoft SharePoint services, information can be managed and planned effectively with immediate access to critical data helping in taking the best course of action to serve business and clients better. With its holistic approach, Microsoft SharePoint connects people, processes and information in the best possible way to obtain enhanced productivity. MS SharePoint automates redundant manual functions to save time and eliminate errors. Information can be shared within employees by setting up websites. Documents can be managed effectively and interactive reports can be generated to make better, proactive decisions. Microsoft SharePoint acts as a repository of information wherein a single copy of information can be used for different purposes. This results in the able utilization of resources amongst various departments saving time and human effort.

Considering the amount of belief today’s industrial marketplace has placed upon IT, it is imperative that every business has a unified view of business critical information and documents. Microsoft SharePoint services from Karya Technologies is here to make this idea a reality.

Going one step ahead with Karya’s SharePoint Services

Karya’s Microsoft SharePoint operates as an intranet for business, where all internal documents are stored and managed. These documents are available to simultaneously view and edit, along with facilitating workforce to constantly work on documents without any deterrence. Karya’s Microsoft SharePoint services features administrative capabilities which control the accessibility to documents including viewing and/or editing any information.

Gaining a universal presence

Karya’s MS SharePoint services, a cloud hosted platform, allows workforce to access documents while on the move from an internet enabled mobile device. Karya’s SharePoint services allows workforce to become truly mobile and retain efficiency at the palm of the hand. Having access to all business documents via SharePoint empowers the work done by people who are constantly on the move. Access to information while travelling and working off site allows more productivity and adds value to business from anywhere and at any time.

Our Offerings surrounding Microsoft SharePoint

MS SharePoint Services

Our Industry vertical features:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Software and services
  • Telecom
  • Energy

Reporting and Business Intelligence:

  • Design/Develop, Render SSRS reports in a Microsoft SharePoint integrated environment
  • Data Summarization & Analytics using Excel Power Pivot Tools
  • Integrating Data Cubes, KPI’s, Score Cards with ECM Portal
  • Role based Dashboard and Collaboration Workspaces for Intranets & Extranets
  • Role and Data based security protecting access to users data
  • Some popular data sources and business subsystems
    • Microsoft Dynamics Suite – AX, NAV, GP, CRM
    • Oracle based Systems
    • Sales force CRM
    • ADP Payroll
    • Other 3rd Party systems

Business benefits:

  • Users can retrieve and view documents with a focused approach
  • Quicker access to documents resulting in increased productivity
  • High adoption rate
  • Facilitates multi facets of document management like record maintenance, collaboration and compliance

Case Study:

A global automotive company maintained a website to offer information to employees and dealers about vehicles, social networking and updated newsletters. The company decided to enhance the website to obtain improved content, increased scalability and a reduced cost of ownership. The website was built on ASP web architecture and the company management felt an elevated burden of IT management and also an increase in the total cost of running the website. The company considered several options and finalized upon MS SharePoint services from Karya. With Karya’s MS SharePoint services the automotive company was able to successfully meet fluctuating market demands. The result from Karya was a highly customizable end product with efficient features to aid the company’s specific needs.

Benefits of Karya’s MS SharePoint solution:

  • High degree of resource scalability
  • Reliability
  • Reduced cost of operation

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Experience a Universal presence with Karya’s mobile enabled SCM and Logistics!

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the governance of process flow from storage of raw materials to the delivery of finished goods. The complexity of supply chain depends on the size of business and the nature of goods being produced. SCM refers to the term used for efficient and cost effective flow of production components. It involves robust, feature-rich technologies which contribute towards the enhancement of business operations. It also helps to weather industry changes and outpace competitors along with streamlining business processes.

Few supply chain processes include:

  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Forecasting and Planning
  • Return Management

Mobility for inventory and warehousing

A Primer to Karya’s mobile enabled SCM and Logistics:

Karya Technologies takes the SCM process to the next level by completely mobilizing all components involved. Karya’s mobile enabled SCM and logistics management solutions help to free the field staff from complex manual procedures. This solution offers maximum flexibility thereby contributing to increased productivity. The solution aids to break away from desktops and ensure connectivity from wherever workers are, which makes mobility and SCM/logistics an immaculate combination.

Karya’s mobile enabled Supply Chain processes provides real time monitoring capabilities along with the visibility required to fine tune work flows and procedures. We enable an interactive relationship with customers which add value in comprehending the market better. By providing significant analytical features important data points from the field can be collected on time. Karya’s solutions enable the prediction of activities with its impact on supply chain. This transparency accelerates processes and optimizes operations ultimately resulting in greater efficiency, connectivity and visibility.

Rationalize your processes with Karya’s mobile enabled solution for SCM and Logistics:

Transformational Solutions from Karya empowered by Experience and Expertise

  • Supply Chain Advisory services
  • Demand and Supply Planning
  • Logistics and Fulfillment Management
  • Strategic Sourcing, Procurement and Analytics
  • Fleet Management
  • Freight Management
  • RFID for Tracking & Tracing
  • Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
  • Operational Visibility
  • Event Correlation
  • Crew Management

Mobile technology supply chain

Understanding better with a real time scenario:

Karya’s mobile enabled Supply Chain Management application was able to help out a leading logistics company, focusing on delivering time-critical packages at the shortest possible time. The company needed an advanced computing system to add value to its customer relationship, improve the utilization of technology and scale up performance benefits across business procedures. They also wanted the system to be accessible using mobile devices. With Karya’s mobile enabled Supply Chain Management application, the company was able to provide extensive capabilities to its customers and employees. The customers were able to track the progress of their deliveries. Also, the dispatch team was able to obtain a real time operational view of the business. They were able to trace and locate the movement of couriers and contribute towards its speedy delivery.

Karya’s Mobile SCM applications transform supply chain management from a competent requirement to a combative benefit. We help you improvise your process to attain functional excellence. Begin a comprehensive product record with integrated information and automated processes. Make informed and profitable decisions and monitor the impact of those on corporate goals.

Start your mobile enabled SCM and logistics today for your agents to access critical information while on the go effortlessly, wherever they are and whenever they need it. We provide you a migration pathway to the state-of-the-art technologies.

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Perform at the speed of thought with Karya’s Oracle EBS services

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is the most comprehensive suite of integrated, global business applications. Karya’s Oracle EBS practice offers an extensive range of services across Oracle E-Business Suite, which embraces design phase, development, Oracle EBS implementation, EBS upgrades, integration, support and maintenance. Karya’s Oracle EBS services provide the ability required to enhance critical objectives from regular functionalities to enterprise wide transformational changes.

Karya translates Oracle EBS applications to strategic and sustainable business outcomes thereby positioning the business on a platform for growth. Karya is an Oracle Gold partner and offers effectual services spanning across the complete Oracle EBS suite. We are equipped with the apt blend of industry specific domain expertise, technically experienced Oracle experts and best practices which enable us to deliver an appropriate resolution for varying requirements of organizations. Our approach conveys the key solution milestones ensuring organizations to stay ahead of the business curve. Karya holds a unique standing for its Oracle E-Business suite practice, supported by multiple successful engagements across various industry segments. Karya provides a business solution which is flexible, cost-effective and offers agility and efficiency in key functional and operational areas.

Karya’s Oracle EBS Offerings

Oracle EBS Services

Karya’s Oracle EBS services traverses through the areas of:

  • Oracle Customer Relationship Management
  • Oracle Financials
  • Oracle Human Resource Management System
  • Oracle Logistics
  • Oracle Supply Chain Applications
  • Oracle Order Management
  • Oracle Transportation Management
  • Oracle Warehouse Management System

Crafting Oracle EBS solutions with Karya:

Karya associates closely with business, functional and technical teams to understand and identify the functionality and working of the current system, select features required and deliver an optimal solution to meet business goals. Karya is empowered with a unique engagement model largely contributing towards effective client interaction. We combine our industry experience with proven techniques, Oracle accelerators and know-how to provide comprehensive E-Business Suite services maximizing returns on Oracle investments. Our services are closely aligned with Oracle Architecture Development Process (ODAP) which adds to proactive decisions, reduced costs, and increased performance.

Oracle E-business Solutions

Value added benefits:

  • Integration
    • Commerce Solutions
    • Web center/SharePoint
    • Other LOB Systems
  • Enhanced Business Intelligence
  • Performance Tuning
  • Add-ons
    • Advanced Technology
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
  • Mobility Solutions

Our approach:

  • Analysis of existing Business Processes and Architecture
  • Identifying gaps and potential improvements in existing architecture
  • New architecture planning based on Business and Process requirements
  • Deriving a roadmap to overcome assessed risks and objections
  • Statutory compliances and governance
  • Successful implementation with support services

Benefits of our services:

  • Client focused solutions
  • Agile platform for rapidly changing business
  • Value-added business processes
  • Empowered by latest technologies
  • Improved decision making
  • Reduced business risks
  • Global experience in delivering R12 implementations, upgrades along with maintenance and support

Case Study:

A leading consumer electronics company experienced difficulties in consolidating data pertaining to Human Resources across its branches. They were maintaining individual modules and the information obtained was not accurate. It was also not easy to fetch data from such a disoriented structure of information. It was time-consuming and affected the ability of the company to retain capable staffs. With Karya’s Oracle EBS solutions, the company was able to provide self-service options to its staffs for generating pay slips, tracking time and attendance record. A feedback and support option was also provided. Karya was able to design and implement the HR management system thereby aligning business and HR objectives, generation of interactive reports and streamlining processes.

Oracle EBS services from Karya expands business opportunities, maximizes efficiencies and helps organizations differentiate their business from its competitors.

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Multiple areas, One integrated, Scalable solution- Karya’s MS Dynamics NAV for Food & Beverages

The Food and Beverage business is a fast emerging competitive marketplace accompanied by shifting trends and tough challenges. Customer expectations keep soaring high and amidst complex global regulations, being inventive and profitable is a complex task. The ability to be flexible and evolve with the consumer demands is critical to stand apart in the food & beverages business. Karya believes in innovation to be a strong differentiator in the Food and Beverages industry. Innovation contributes to evolution of new products, identify effective ways to run business and establish relationships with consumers. Karya’s solution for the Food and Beverages industry helps organizations to self-assess their capability to drive growth and surface new ideas across the entire organization. Further Karya’s solution also aids organizations to define.

  • What they mean by their product success?
  • How they respond to the shifting trends of the food and beverages industry?
  • How this changing environment will affect their business?

Having done this, Karya also directs the organization to determine the best possible way to capitalize on the subsequent opportunities and build strategies to transform the business outcomes. {Read: Dynamics AX for Food and Beverage Industry}

Dynamics NAV for Food and Beverage

Reshape, lead & grow with Karya’s MS Dynamics NAV for your Food & Beverages business:

Karya’s solution based on Dynamics NAV has the right skills and processes to help companies improve efficiency, profitability, and turbo boost businesses. Karya adapts to your needs and provides end to end solutions. Karya provides quick access to real-time financial and operational data needed every day to spend less time wrestling with issues in fetching data and have more time to measure performance against goals. Karya is equipped with technical experts having seamless knowledge and experience required to implement the Food and Beverage Solutions merged with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to adapt to business and comply with industry requirements specific to the market.

Maximizing efficiencies & opportunities with Karya:

Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution for Food and Beverage offers a comprehensive business management control with the ability to track and analyze various components of the system. The capability to gather, record, analyze and retrieve accurate product and operational information contributes to greater visibility across all processes. A complete understanding of cost details and internal operations helps in identifying areas for development and new opportunities for growth. Karya’s solution reduces the risk of error. Flexible data views, graphical key performance indicators, and drill-down capabilities provide the ability to find and compare data efficiently.

MS Dynamics NAV functionality for Food & Beverages:

  • Fast order entry
  • Multi-channel trading
  • Flexible pricing & promotions
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Accurate stock & distribution
  • Delivery planning
  • Improve purchasing
  • More Efficient Returns Management

Benefits of our solution:

  • Common database for operational processes
  • Increases efficiency by adapting a Comprehensive methodology
  • Improved scalability and Traceability
  • Ensured Quality
  • Proactive decision making
  • Flexible and scalable to changing requirements

Use Case:

A leading confectionary realized that with the standalone systems they maintained, the business systems were very cumbersome and dependent on different spread sheets to fetch management information. The business process across the organization lacked transparency with restricted reporting capability and heavy paper work leading to a constant variation in the data posing creating challenges to the management. Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions helped create a system that had complete traceability, comprehensive management system, controlled costs and ROI in spades. With our solution, the users were able to identify stock locations and exact quantities of raw materials with ease, the control over ordering improved, the efficiency of the inventory management increased. With Karya’s MS Dynamics NAV solution, users were added and a structured training and staffing was employed across the organization.

Explore tangible, quantifiable benefits with Karya’s MS Dynamics NAV solutions. Realize the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for your business with our extensive list of offerings at We would also be glad to hear from you through email at