Ramp up your Construction finesse with Karya’s Dynamics NAV!

A construction management system involves complex implementation processes which need to be handled efficiently to deliver projects on time and on budget. Maintaining construction projects as per planned schedule can make the difference between profit and loss. A construction management system needs a centralized repository of data which includes critical estimates, details of sales, labor and financial information about budgets, schedules, customer relationships and field activities.

Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a comprehensive ERP construction management solution which connects the moving parts of the business. Karya helps you truly transform your business outcomes. The solution designed by Karya is intended to boost business margins and drive growth along with a greater control over business. Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution adapts to changes with ease and works with familiar Microsoft products further contributing to seize multiple opportunities. Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution designed for construction management reduces errors, saves time, and breaks down multifaceted processes into simple ones which also supports in making proactive decisions. Activities like labor tracking and payroll processing can be automated using this solution resulting in greater productivity and a highly efficient work environment.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Construction

Appraising the severity of challenges:

There are few drawbacks prevailing in the current construction system posing serious challenges which affects the growth of the entire construction system which are:

  • Limited resources: Most developing countries are well equipped with natural resources which are not fully utilized because of lacking infrastructure like strained financials , untrained professionals, deficient technical ‘know-how’.
  • Unskilled and inexperienced labor forces:  Construction contractors depend on uncertain labor force. Such laborers keep switching from one construction site to another with the capability to do all the tasks though they are not professionally qualified for the same. This source of labor is unreliable as they are influenced by many other factors like seasonal demand in other types of occupational domains.
  • Poor Infrastructure: The construction system is also affected by poor infrastructure which results in low productivity. Inadequate and improper facilities like road, water, and transportation also adds-on to the decrease in efficiency in the construction sector.
  • Improper Practices: The unpredictable instabilities in the cost of materials used for construction purposes take a toll over the construction schedule. In an attempt to account the additional expenditure, traps the whole process resulting in a very low productive construction schedule.

How Karya’s Microsoft enabled Dynamics NAV for construction shape your business?

  • A single solution simplifying your entire business
  • Enhances productivity
  • Helps make proactive decisions
  • Results in speedy implementation

Realizing benefits with Karya’s Microsoft enabled Dynamics NAV:

  • Accuracy in data with improved response time
  • Contributes in establishing operational excellence
  • Elevates financial management and performance
  • Industry specific functionality

Use case for construction:

A leading construction company required a massive review in the structure of its management. The infrastructure of this company was based on disparate systems which needed to be correlated and made to function together as a single unit. The different units of this construction company included accounting software for tracking wages, human resources software, and software to calculate the construction budget. The solution designed by Karya was based on Dynamics NAV ERP and it included the processes of preparing tenders, construction and delivery structure. After acclimatizing Karya’s solution, the company was able to integrate with other systems of the construction management system. Karya’s Dynamics NAV solution accommodated special requirements of the customers eliminating double keying and double duplicity of data. The solution monitored all the tasks in detail and allowed the successful completion of the project.

Dovetail action and demand with Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV for construction. Take a look at our range of services at www.karyatech.com or drop us an email at info@karyatech.com

Position your Construction business on a platform for growth with Karya’s Dynamics AX solutions!

Microsoft Dynamics AX, one of the fastest growing ERP solutions globally, provides a scalable enterprise solution capable of handling operations even for the largest construction firms. Karya’s advanced Project Management for Dynamics AX integrates directly with the ERP platform to help manage projects competently and ensure that complex change management and customized requirements do not result in inflating the costs. Enterprise reporting and comprehensive service capabilities are designed specifically for construction firms to make a powerful solution capable of evolving with your growing firm.

In a tough economy, competition in the construction industry can be extreme. After a contractor successfully wins a bid, the profit to control project costs and scheduling depends on the ability and also to respond quickly to changing workplace conditions and keep up with customer demands.

Dynamics AX for Construction

With a rigid competition and the pressure to decrease the margins, you need the ability to calculate margins, costs, and risks quickly as well as precisely. You also need the dexterity to respond quickly to new developments and maintain your competitive edge, without being limited by system constraint. Karya’s Construction Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX offers proven capabilities that meet highly specific industry needs.

Karya’s – Dynamics AX – Advanced Project Management enables you to:

  • Plan and run projects with proficiency, profitable margins and balance margins across labor, equipment, subcontracts, materials, and expenses.
  • Retain and re-use experience and information to respond quickly to requests for quotes while improving the quality of your bids and the profitability of projects.
  • Leverage the project progress, value, and costs, and align them easily with cost code structures, customer requirements, and industry standards.
  • Reconcile materials resource planning (MRP) and project planning, so that products and components are available on time.
  • Track and manage workers’ project time.
  • Handle equipment usage for best cost upturn.

Karya’s Project guidelines to deliver best in class competency:

  • Estimation & Budget Management
  • Project Scheduling
  • Project Resource Management
  • Collaboration
  • Subcontract Management
  • Project Costing
  • Project & Portfolio Analytics
  • Project Fundamentals

Use case:

A leading construction company executes complex and large-scale construction projects to shore up mining, agricultural, fisheries, oil drilling, public-sector, and other clientele across the globe. The company also manufactures many of the workings and resources it uses in its projects, which includes tubing, erosion controls, drainage systems, road layers, ventilation systems, flexible tanks, and much more. This company decided to get hold of a new business management system to replace its legacy software tools and it proceeded with a competitive review of technology providers.

It eliminated several ERP systems and chose the Microsoft Dynamics AX to integrate their legacy system. The result of this implementation gained a complete business management system that controls all facet of the business right from management of construction projects to financial operations. Construction Solution helped them to manage projects within planned margins, budgets, and timelines. It also ensured the quality and cost-efficiency of subcontracted work to strongly win a new business and serve clients across the continent with enhanced agility.

Explore your industry-specific solution at your fingertips. There are boat loads of solutions at Karya, get in touch with us to truly transform your business outcomes.  If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to email us at info@karyatech.com or visit our website www.karyatech.com

Augment user experience with Karya’s mobile enabled Microsoft Dynamics CRM

It is a world without borders and the global marketplace is more than interconnected. To cope up with the shifting industry trends and evolving customer expectations, it is important to build a deeper connection with the customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM establishes a dynamic connection between processes. It gives a comprehensive, integrated view of the customer data. This system motivates new business opportunities, superior delivery of service and new contacts.

Microsoft CRM enables in maintaining customer data which is easily accessible and easily manageable. It can be made use of on a day to day basis to fetch details on sales and marketing. This system simplifies and presents a combination of relational and transactional data in a very effective way. It leverages processes to be productive, sustainable and scalable to derive quicker responses whenever necessary.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Reduces the longevity of the sales cycles
  • Improves customer reliability through automated tasks
  • Helps establish lucrative customer relationships through effective reporting tools

Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Mobile

A sneak peek into Karya’s mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

It is needed to be able to access and fetch critical data at any time to make better informed decisions. The staff will need to remain connected and they should be able to have full access over data all the time. This has been made possible with Karya’s mobile Dynamics CRM. Karya’s mobile Dynamics CRM enables the representatives contacting customers in the field of sales, marketing and customer service to obtain information from the centralized repository through a very secure environment.

Let us understand this better. Let us consider a scenario of the sales and marketing executives. With Karya’s mobile Dynamics CRM, they will be able to connect with their customers 24/7, establish leads and also provide effective follow ups resulting in satisfied customers.

The mobile Dynamics CRM is a combination of nifty features:

  • It allows access to critical information from anywhere and at any time
  • As this solution is based on a familiar interface, it can be put into use right away
  • This solution has an added advantage of being able to function even when offline and automatically reconnects when the connection resumes
  • Data is kept secure free from misuse

Discover ease with Karya’s mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Karya offers the following Mobile CRM Solutions:

  • Mobile-enabling marketing and sales functionalists
  • Role based access
  • Location based functionality
  • Collaboration functions
  • Delivering reports, graphs, KPIs, Dashboards, executive scorecards and predictive analytics on mobile devices.
  • Optimal licensing model and customizing options
  • Intuitive mobile UI
  • Seamless integration with enterprise CRM applications

Karya deploys mobile enabling solutions for standard mobile platforms such as:

  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian

With CRM on the move, the productivity of the staffs is increased and they are able to reach out to necessary information from everywhere whenever they need it. Drill down on the functionalities of this solution, text your queries or clarifications to info@karyatech.com

Transform Manufacturing methods with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business management application best suited for mid-sized industries. Integration and flexibility sets Microsoft Dynamics NAV apart as it lets the customers to rapidly achieve the targeted solution and attain ROI along with enhanced visibility across the business process. Transparency in an organization plays a very important role in steering the business process to success. Industries without an ERP in place experiences limitations in accessing data. To make speedy and informed decisions, it is required that necessary information be accessible whenever required. In the absence of a centralized repository of information, employees will need to juggle between different sources of data. This will in turn slow down the delivery process and hence reduce the total productivity. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is cost effective, flexible and easy to use. Collaboration of data and analyzing data is found to be more effective while using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is used in the areas of:

  • Financial management
  • Supply chain management
  • Manufacturing
  • Business intelligence
  • Project management
  • Human resource management
  • Service management

dynamics nav for manufacturing

Merging MS Dynamics NAV and Manufacturing Industry for unsurpassed stability

Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes tools to help plan, manage, and execute an exceptional manufacturing process. This solution contributes to turbo boost operational efficiency in production. Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps in managing the entire manufacturing process ranging from product configuration to planning and scheduling.

Additionally, this solution also helps to manage a broad array of other business areas according to organizational needs. With the deployment of Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV, employees are able to access a central repository of information. Users have their own role-based views of information, and access is provided to real-time data and user-friendly analytical and reporting tools which gives manufacturers an in-depth view of their business. The solution provides improved staff productivity at a minimal consumption of time.

The manufacturers are able to obtain a multidimensional prospective view of the organizational process and address the areas which need attention. By using Karya’s Dynamics NAV, the employees can eliminate unwanted expenses and reduce costs.

This solution enables to maintain an up-to-date database which contributes in delivering promised orders and giving a quick response to customer queries.

Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows quickly adapting to changing customer demands.

Key manufacturing capabilities of the application include

  • Exceptions handling
  • Supply planning demand
  • Forecasting
  • Capacity requirements planning
  • Warehouse and inventory management

How to improve odds to generate great results?

To understand the utilization of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the field of manufacturing, let us consider a real time scenario. A leading tea manufacturing organization decided to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The organization felt that the comprehensive ERP capabilities would be able to support the requirements of its individual units. The authorities felt that after the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, they were able to efficiently track the core areas including flavoring, tea bag paper and the tea itself.

They were able to effectively monitor the various departments that are purchasing and planning, sales, warehousing and accounting. Besides these, the organization had its operating branches across the globe. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s Multilanguage and multicurrency abilities, the company was able to produce sales documents and purchase transactions in different languages. They were also able to operate across the globe without language being a barrier of communication. The authorities strongly felt that after the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the company was set on a right path of ongoing success.

To explore the intangible benefits for your company’s long-term growth prospects, contact info@karyatech.com

Muddle through your manufacturing business with Karya’s Dynamics AX practice!

Enhance your business by addressing constantly growing customer needs. By innovating the technical processes, we can redevelop an engine that will position the team to succeed.

With the globalization of supply chain and increase in the customer demand for innovation and low cost, manufacturers are in need of a comprehensible, flexible solution to effectively manage the business. Microsoft Dynamics addresses these needs with a powerful design process and exclusive manufacturing solutions.

Karya can help you outgrow your capabilities to compete in the global market, respond rapidly to growing customer demands, and also lowering your operational costs.

MS Dynamics AX Services

Rationalize the process and adapt quickly to changing demands

Using Microsoft Dynamics solution, you can enhance operational competency and efficiently manage production. We offer flexible processes with various planning options, tracking and interactive messaging enabling you to handle orders, make exceptions and respond quickly to any requests and changes.

Some of the benefits that Karya can offer to manufacturers include:

  • Oversee production in a demand-driven situation. View real time, integrated work in progress with real time expenses; comply to stay away from potential delays or additional expenses; and streamline stock administration focused around demand and forecast.
  • Foresee and reduce bottlenecks. Manage every aspect of the production floor with a tailback planning. Rapidly view methodologies and work utilization overall using the graph to minimize delays.
  • Profound understanding over the supply chain. With deep insight through the whole production network, you can streamline business procedures, utilize resources, minimize lead times, and distinguish exact delivery date
  • Perk up the production process. Characterize the manufacturing resources, which includes machines, manpower and tools, and finally divide them to work groups. Control plans by utilizing limited or unlimited competency scheduling for greater flexibility.

Use Case:

One of the leading manufacturers of natural stone and concrete hard landscaping products was looking for a solution that would fit better with its business strategy. This company largely grew through acquisitions and wanted a scalable solution to accommodate new businesses and their systems quickly and efficiently into their model. It is basically to ensure a smooth transition, and to realize the financial benefit of the acquisition more rapidly. The integration of AX was made easy due to its familiar interface and interoperability with other Microsoft products.

One of the major advantages of Dynamics AX is that it is intuitive, which makes it easy to use, and this encouraged the employees to make use of the full potentials. In addition, the organization was able to see a tangible difference in costs, efficiency, productivity, and customer service.

With Karya’s fully integrated ERP solution and our specialization in your industrial vertical our expert teams can help you optimize your business processes. As a worldwide dynamic IT partner, we offer a full range of services like consulting, development, implementation, with training and multilingual support for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

We also offer a wide range of services covering all aspects of technology operations. For more information visit our website www.karyatech.com or you may even drop in an email to info@karyatech.com

Start mobilizing your reports with Karya’s SSRS Report viewer!

Karya has launched the SSRS report porter which eases viewing SSRS reports on your mobile device (iPhone/iPad). This report viewer is compatible with different versions of SSRS servers like 2008 R2, 2008 and SSRS on Azure, also supporting Native and SharePoint Mode. It establishes user connection using HTTPS, ensuring security of the connection. Karya’s report viewer facilitates you accessing the reports from the server on your mobile device and lets you navigate them.

What is SSRS Reporting Service?

SQL Server Reporting Services is a report generation system which plays a vital role in simplifying the conception, deployment and management of reports in an organization. These services also help in tailoring your report functionality based on your needs.

Reporting Services help creation of different types of reports. These reports may include heavy components like charts, maps, and spark lines. The Reporting Services also accommodates publishing reports, view reports that are on demand and also help in scheduled report processing. A wide range of viewing formats are available for you to choose from. You can also subscribe to published reports and export various reports.

An Insight on Karya’s Report viewer:

There are two versions of Karya’s report viewer. The Pro Version provides access to all the SSRS reports in the report viewer, on the other hand, the Lite Version provides access to limited reports.

With Karya’s report viewer, reports can now be obtained “anywhere and anytime” almost instantly with one move of the finger! Without having to burden with desktops or laptops, Karya’s report viewer allows users to access data from the mobile device itself.

Use cases:

The C-level management of any organization is always on the move. They may not be able to come directly to the workplace at all times. In such cases, SSRS report viewer proves very helpful. Top level managers can now access reports from their mobile device and get work done from wherever they are. Using Karya’s report viewer saves time and facilitates work on the go. Again this feature has proved to be a boon to executives and sales representatives who travel a lot. They can use this enhanced feature to update, retrieve reports as they travel.

ssrs report builder

Attributes of the Report Viewer:

  • Displays reports from SSRS server through native or SharePoint mode
  • Displays reports from SharePoint server
  • Built-in with a sliding bar for quick navigation in file system.
  • Parameter support for reports.
  • Additional 3rd party viewer is not required for common document formats
  • Dynamic zooming
  • Search/filter/Sort reports
  • Personalized security for application
  • Mark as favorite option
  • View recent reports

We have got you covered with this and much more!

We at Karya have the right skills and expertise to develop and implement effective mobile strategies which generate great results.

Do you want to cope up with shifting trends and take up challenges effortlessly? Go ahead and reach us at info@karyatech.com to make yourself productive like never before!

Get better in a flash using the Microsoft SharePoint

Discover and focus on strategically growing your business with Karya’s SharePoint know-how at your disposal, there’s no boundary to what you can do with your SharePoint solution. Leveraging best practices, Karya is fully equipped to offer the most robust guarantee for availability and performance, along with an express service response time and expert technical support. We also ensure your environment will meet your needs today and be capable of scaling to meet your needs in the future. We can familiarize yourself your SharePoint solution to your needs, and deploy it rapidly for a faster ROI.

Microsoft SharePoint Services

From our presales contact to our unique on boarding process, from our dedicated migration service to our efficient and helpful support Karya’s SharePoint hosting experience work for you. You’ll always benefit from an outstanding experience—and the most secure and reliable SharePoint environment possible. Many business applications are form based with several people needing to contribute information to the form. It is not unusual for data from the paper to be manually entered into a system, and in a number of cases there is an Excel or Access tracking system to follow up the paper forms. SharePoint eradicates these problems by automating the paper and the process.

Save time and stay focused with our all-inclusive solution

  • Support and Maintenance
  • Integration
  • Upgradation
  • Migration
  • Editions

Despite the industry, all organizations make every effort for increased productivity and having a tool in place like Microsoft SharePoint that can make all of the difference. The collaboration features effortlessly translates to increased efficiency and cost savings for any organization.

If you’re interested in learning and implementing how to navigate SharePoint like a pro then contact us by sending a mail to info@karyatech.com and develop your customized implementation for SharePoint. There’s something in SharePoint for you, whether you are an end user, developer or designer. Thinking of setting up SharePoint? What are you waiting for? Reach out to us, and we give you the rest!

Looking forward to share more SharePoint Services we offer!!

Karya helps you outgrow your Retail challenges easily with LS Retail

Gone are the days when Retailing was a simple business! Swept off by massive changes over the last decade, both the Retail Industry and the Retailers are quite jittery of the multitude of challenges hovered around them, especially on how to deal with their customers. A wake up call for all involved in the Retail scenario – Independent Retailers, specialty Retailers, grocery store owners, independent retailers, this blog aims at throwing light on how to nullify these challenges diligently using LS Retail, boost up productivity, make your process transparent and efficient, and ultimately grow your business, what Karya Technologies has to offer on the same! An end-to-end retail solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this proves to be a best fit for a variety of vertical industries like Fashion, Electronics, Food/Grocery, Furniture, Specialty, and many more.

A sea of Challenges…

A world of retail chains and giants with extensive resources, Retailers are really struggling hard to stay competitive in this competitive world. Coupling their agony further are the ever-conscious customers that are highly price conscious, that look for a top-of-the-line service, every time they chose to spree or dine! True is the Retailers plight that really struggle to understand and anticipate the needs of these mixed consumers, for in ‘customer retention’ lies his true success!

LS Retail solutions

LS Retail for Dynamics NAV addresses these challenges in no time! With its LS Point Of Sale (POS), it helps you manage your Retail business in the most innovative ways possible, ever! Coming along with easiness of setup and user-friendly interface, this end-to-end Retail solution, is certainly a boon to Retail Industries that help curb inventory, reduce shrinkage, manage pricing, and avoid shortages. A fully integrated solution, LS Retail delivers a range of functionality demanded by large and small retailers, without having to build, manage and maintain multiple applications and inconsistent interfaces. Its mastery lies in its single application usage to cover your current store to headquarters, the Point of Sale (POS) terminals, store systems, inventory, merchandising and all the back office functions required at head office makes it a most sought after one!

How can Karya help you?

Not stopping with mere implementing, we at Karya rather get on to the nerves of your exact problem and work with your team to see an expected change in your retail business. Strengthened with Microsoft Dynamics core competence, we make sure that your Retail stratagem is steadily and efficiently delivered across your store network. Possessing a team of dedicated experts with hands-on Dynamics experience, they carry out the implementation solution for your Retail business, franchise network and at shopping centers. Our job doesn’t stop with that! Our ongoing support and periodic health checks are sure to improve your business productivity and sustainability! Giving us a chance is sure to triple your retailing skills and performance!

Contact us to develop your tailored Retail implementation program by sending a mail to info@karyatech.com

Mobile Retail POS – Redefines Your Retail Business

Karya’s Retail and POS mobility allows enterprises to do things better, whether it is speedy checkouts, access to item/inventory information, customer transactions and quick replenishment of out of stock items. Karya’s mobile enabling solution addresses all these aspects and provides the required infrastructure for improving customer satisfaction, sales revenues and labor productivity.

Karya Technologies brings the power and performance of Microsoft Dynamics AX – Retail POS into mobile by providing customer’s service anywhere and anytime. Karya Mobile POS developed in iOS platform is integrated with Dynamics AX, unlocking a comprehensive Multi-Channel Retail Management Suite for retail businesses.

Retail Mobility Solutions

The following are some of the key Functional areas that can be mobile-enabled with minimal cost of implementation for maximum output with multiple sets of business processes.

Karya’s Dynamics AX Retail POS– Key Solution Areas

  • Mobile Enabling POS Applications
  • Mobile Enabling Supply Chain-Inventory and Warehousing Applications
  • Mobile Applications for Customer Self Service Checkouts
  • Mobile-enabling Cross Functional Enterprise Applications

Client-Facing Functions (B2C interactions)

  • Item lookup – price, quantity, specs
  • Cash tendering, check scanning, credit/debit/gift cards
  • Mobile wallet support – Google
  • Mobile applications for customer self service
  • Mobile customer alerts
  • Targeted campaigns

Internal Functions (B2B interactions)

  • Inventory management
  • Reconciliation
  • Stock-out alerts/ Replenishment
  • Monitor and respond to various alerts
  • Oversee daily operations
  • View KPIs, Dashboards and Scorecards

Karya’s Dynamics AX Retail POS: Key Benefits

Improved customer satisfaction

  1. - Line busting
  2. - Faster checkouts and returns
  3. - Secure payment processing options
  4. - Paperless transactions

Increased Sales Revenues

  1. - Accurate inventory information and traceability
  2. - Enhanced user experience
  3. - More time to shop

Improved operational and administration efficiency

  1. - Reduced picking and shipping errors
  2. - Faster decision making
  3. - Quick Response

To consolidate, Retail and POS mobility enables enterprises to do things better and allows

  • Speedy checkouts
  • Quick access to item/inventory information
  • Quick access to customer transactions
  • Quick replenishment of out of stock items
  • Bar code, RFID, QR Code scanner Integration

For a demo, please click here

You can download Karya’s Retail POS Brochure

If you have any questions about the post, please contact us by sending a mail to info@karyatech.com

Karya’s Mobile T & E – Manage your Time and Expenses on the Go..

In the beginning of this Smart generation, it is necessary to track Time and Expense on hand to run the business professionally. Enabling Mobility in T&E management provides the ability to record time and expense and procures prior approvals wherever, whenever needed. Mobile Time and Expense tracking minimizes the manual work of billing clients and saves time and reduces unnecessary expenses.

T & E on Mobile

Karya Technologies, Mobile Time and Expense application is designed to simplify your complicated business process. Karya’s Mobile T & E automates timesheet and expense approval to benefit the employees. Karya’s Time and Expense integrates with Dynamics AX (AX 2012, AX 2012 FP) and AX 2012 R2 supports the following platforms.

  • Android
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)
  • Blackberry

Karya’s T&E is extensible to other mobile platforms and ERP systems with minimal changes without compromising on installation ease and user experience. Karya’s Time and Expense allows employees to view, edit, add, delete and submit timesheets and expense. It also allows you to check the report status. This app helps employees to re-submit timesheets and expense reports for approval. The status of the time sheet is indicated with the color codes for easy identification.

Karya’s Mobile T&E helps to:

  • Organize your expenses – Client, Project, Trip, and Cost Center.
  • Track your expenses, receipts, mileage and time.
  • Govern and manage – Employee accounts, reporting/approval hierarchies and policies
  • Export and Print – Expense reports inclusive of expense summaries and receipts.
  • Import bank and credit card statements – Import bank statements, corporate credit cards, or CSV.
  • International Support – Automated currency conversion.
  • Track VAT, GST, or user-defined taxes.

In addition to the above mentioned functionalities it helps to view the workflow history and provides the organization with alerts and push notifications.

For a demo, please click here

You can download Karya’s Time and Expense Brochure

If you have any questions about the post, please contact us by sending a mail to info@karyatech.com