Food and Beverage Industry Enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Embracing the enterprise technology means viable advantage in today’s marketplace. The food & beverage industry face many challenges right from consumer demands, operational inefficiencies and governmental regulations. Adopting enterprise-wide technology among many companies provides opportunities to streamline operations, getting insight information on customer and industry trends and also remain compliant to make many of their challenges more manageable and provide actionable improvement from the bottom line.

Food and beverage industry have special requirements that standard ERP applications cannot readily meet. The Microsoft Dynamics AX Food and Beverage Solution changes all of that. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides food and beverage companies with the tools they need to meet quality standards, manage stock and satisfy customer demands while continuing to provide excellent customer service.

Dynamics AX for Food Industry

Karya – From conceptualizing to creating and implementing

Karya’s food & beverage solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX enhances a richly-featured ERP system to meet the explicit requirements of companies in this industry. Karya has designed a solution that is effective, affordable, and scalable, with a roadmap for continuous improvement. Food & beverage integrates with Microsoft Dynamics AX in a cohesive, flexible infrastructure to help companies meet their current and emerging customer needs and operate profitably. We have designed an industry-specific functionality and capability that makes managing the processes in food and beverage companies a great deal easier and more effective.

Our solution also includes a custom-made user experience, multi language and multi currency capacity, and also integrating with Microsoft products that make Microsoft Dynamics AX a world-leading IT investment. Karya enables you to meet customer demands, break up traditional barriers in doing business, and adapt in-house procedures to create a profitable environment now and also into the future.

Karya helps you do better…..

Karya knows how to make clients more successful by adapting and implementing proven, Microsoft-based ERP solution to maximize the efficiency and overall business performance of food & beverage manufacturing companies.

With deep engagement in the food industry, we build solution sets on top of a reliable Microsoft Dynamics platform that deliver value and faster ROI. Our solutions often meet the industry requirements with individual adaption. Thereby you will experience the full impact on your business performance at a lower total cost of ownership.

We help you streamline processes to optimize your business in a professional, yet pragmatic way. Our proven step-by-process and unique solution sets ensure a faster and less expensive implementation.

By upgrading your legacy system your business will realize:<>

  • Advancement in operational efficiency and collaboration in the supply chain
  • Increased visibility for optimal business decision
  • Improved food safety and reduced risk

Microsoft Dynamics AX makes it easier for you to:

  • Manage safety and quality regulations
  • Track costs and analyze profit margins
  • Streamline supply chain
  • Optimize your production process. Reduce labor costs, waste and rework
  • Simplify order cycle to improve customer service
  • Better decisions with real time data

Use Case:

One of the UK’s largest catering company with a very robust reputation in the food service industry. The holding company had several other food businesses that aimed to deliver high quality food at a very competitive price. The main reason to consider replacing the company’s ERP system was that the legacy system that had become obsolete and was concerned about its long term viability. The company had two main criteria based on their previous ERP platform. First of all it wanted a generic solution that would allow them to diversify the way they used IT systems within their business. Secondly it wanted to harness the benefits by aligning to a global solution which was appropriate for their type of company.

Karya carried out a detailed analysis of its requirements and identified the functions available in the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform that matched these needs. Karya implemented and customized new ERP solution from the ground up Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions to. With Dynamics AX implementation, the organization experienced a stupendous growth in its operational efficiency, support in its future growth and also leveraged their existing Microsoft technology. Furthermore, AX’s potent planning, business intelligence, traceability, financial and other tools helped with the company’s rapid growth

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