Multiple areas, One integrated, Scalable solution- Karya’s MS Dynamics NAV for Food & Beverages

The Food and Beverage business is a fast emerging competitive marketplace accompanied by shifting trends and tough challenges. Customer expectations keep soaring high and amidst complex global regulations, being inventive and profitable is a complex task. The ability to be flexible and evolve with the consumer demands is critical to stand apart in the food & beverages business. Karya believes in innovation to be a strong differentiator in the Food and Beverages industry. Innovation contributes to evolution of new products, identify effective ways to run business and establish relationships with consumers. Karya’s solution for the Food and Beverages industry helps organizations to self-assess their capability to drive growth and surface new ideas across the entire organization. Further Karya’s solution also aids organizations to define.

  • What they mean by their product success?
  • How they respond to the shifting trends of the food and beverages industry?
  • How this changing environment will affect their business?

Having done this, Karya also directs the organization to determine the best possible way to capitalize on the subsequent opportunities and build strategies to transform the business outcomes. {Read: Dynamics AX for Food and Beverage Industry}

Dynamics NAV for Food and Beverage

Reshape, lead & grow with Karya’s MS Dynamics NAV for your Food & Beverages business:

Karya’s solution based on Dynamics NAV has the right skills and processes to help companies improve efficiency, profitability, and turbo boost businesses. Karya adapts to your needs and provides end to end solutions. Karya provides quick access to real-time financial and operational data needed every day to spend less time wrestling with issues in fetching data and have more time to measure performance against goals. Karya is equipped with technical experts having seamless knowledge and experience required to implement the Food and Beverage Solutions merged with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to adapt to business and comply with industry requirements specific to the market.

Maximizing efficiencies & opportunities with Karya:

Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution for Food and Beverage offers a comprehensive business management control with the ability to track and analyze various components of the system. The capability to gather, record, analyze and retrieve accurate product and operational information contributes to greater visibility across all processes. A complete understanding of cost details and internal operations helps in identifying areas for development and new opportunities for growth. Karya’s solution reduces the risk of error. Flexible data views, graphical key performance indicators, and drill-down capabilities provide the ability to find and compare data efficiently.

MS Dynamics NAV functionality for Food & Beverages:

  • Fast order entry
  • Multi-channel trading
  • Flexible pricing & promotions
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Accurate stock & distribution
  • Delivery planning
  • Improve purchasing
  • More Efficient Returns Management

Benefits of our solution:

  • Common database for operational processes
  • Increases efficiency by adapting a Comprehensive methodology
  • Improved scalability and Traceability
  • Ensured Quality
  • Proactive decision making
  • Flexible and scalable to changing requirements

Use Case:

A leading confectionary realized that with the standalone systems they maintained, the business systems were very cumbersome and dependent on different spread sheets to fetch management information. The business process across the organization lacked transparency with restricted reporting capability and heavy paper work leading to a constant variation in the data posing creating challenges to the management. Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions helped create a system that had complete traceability, comprehensive management system, controlled costs and ROI in spades. With our solution, the users were able to identify stock locations and exact quantities of raw materials with ease, the control over ordering improved, the efficiency of the inventory management increased. With Karya’s MS Dynamics NAV solution, users were added and a structured training and staffing was employed across the organization.

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