Ramp up your Construction finesse with Karya’s Dynamics NAV!

A construction management system involves complex implementation processes which need to be handled efficiently to deliver projects on time and on budget. Maintaining construction projects as per planned schedule can make the difference between profit and loss. A construction management system needs a centralized repository of data which includes critical estimates, details of sales, labor and financial information about budgets, schedules, customer relationships and field activities.

Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a comprehensive ERP construction management solution which connects the moving parts of the business. Karya helps you truly transform your business outcomes. The solution designed by Karya is intended to boost business margins and drive growth along with a greater control over business. Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution adapts to changes with ease and works with familiar Microsoft products further contributing to seize multiple opportunities. Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution designed for construction management reduces errors, saves time, and breaks down multifaceted processes into simple ones which also supports in making proactive decisions. Activities like labor tracking and payroll processing can be automated using this solution resulting in greater productivity and a highly efficient work environment.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Construction

Appraising the severity of challenges:

There are few drawbacks prevailing in the current construction system posing serious challenges which affects the growth of the entire construction system which are:

  • Limited resources: Most developing countries are well equipped with natural resources which are not fully utilized because of lacking infrastructure like strained financials , untrained professionals, deficient technical ‘know-how’.
  • Unskilled and inexperienced labor forces:  Construction contractors depend on uncertain labor force. Such laborers keep switching from one construction site to another with the capability to do all the tasks though they are not professionally qualified for the same. This source of labor is unreliable as they are influenced by many other factors like seasonal demand in other types of occupational domains.
  • Poor Infrastructure: The construction system is also affected by poor infrastructure which results in low productivity. Inadequate and improper facilities like road, water, and transportation also adds-on to the decrease in efficiency in the construction sector.
  • Improper Practices: The unpredictable instabilities in the cost of materials used for construction purposes take a toll over the construction schedule. In an attempt to account the additional expenditure, traps the whole process resulting in a very low productive construction schedule.

How Karya’s Microsoft enabled Dynamics NAV for construction shape your business?

  • A single solution simplifying your entire business
  • Enhances productivity
  • Helps make proactive decisions
  • Results in speedy implementation

Realizing benefits with Karya’s Microsoft enabled Dynamics NAV:

  • Accuracy in data with improved response time
  • Contributes in establishing operational excellence
  • Elevates financial management and performance
  • Industry specific functionality

Use case for construction:

A leading construction company required a massive review in the structure of its management. The infrastructure of this company was based on disparate systems which needed to be correlated and made to function together as a single unit. The different units of this construction company included accounting software for tracking wages, human resources software, and software to calculate the construction budget. The solution designed by Karya was based on Dynamics NAV ERP and it included the processes of preparing tenders, construction and delivery structure. After acclimatizing Karya’s solution, the company was able to integrate with other systems of the construction management system. Karya’s Dynamics NAV solution accommodated special requirements of the customers eliminating double keying and double duplicity of data. The solution monitored all the tasks in detail and allowed the successful completion of the project.

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Transform Manufacturing methods with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business management application best suited for mid-sized industries. Integration and flexibility sets Microsoft Dynamics NAV apart as it lets the customers to rapidly achieve the targeted solution and attain ROI along with enhanced visibility across the business process. Transparency in an organization plays a very important role in steering the business process to success. Industries without an ERP in place experiences limitations in accessing data. To make speedy and informed decisions, it is required that necessary information be accessible whenever required. In the absence of a centralized repository of information, employees will need to juggle between different sources of data. This will in turn slow down the delivery process and hence reduce the total productivity. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is cost effective, flexible and easy to use. Collaboration of data and analyzing data is found to be more effective while using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is used in the areas of:

  • Financial management
  • Supply chain management
  • Manufacturing
  • Business intelligence
  • Project management
  • Human resource management
  • Service management

dynamics nav for manufacturing

Merging MS Dynamics NAV and Manufacturing Industry for unsurpassed stability

Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes tools to help plan, manage, and execute an exceptional manufacturing process. This solution contributes to turbo boost operational efficiency in production. Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps in managing the entire manufacturing process ranging from product configuration to planning and scheduling.

Additionally, this solution also helps to manage a broad array of other business areas according to organizational needs. With the deployment of Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV, employees are able to access a central repository of information. Users have their own role-based views of information, and access is provided to real-time data and user-friendly analytical and reporting tools which gives manufacturers an in-depth view of their business. The solution provides improved staff productivity at a minimal consumption of time.

The manufacturers are able to obtain a multidimensional prospective view of the organizational process and address the areas which need attention. By using Karya’s Dynamics NAV, the employees can eliminate unwanted expenses and reduce costs.

This solution enables to maintain an up-to-date database which contributes in delivering promised orders and giving a quick response to customer queries.

Karya’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows quickly adapting to changing customer demands.

Key manufacturing capabilities of the application include

  • Exceptions handling
  • Supply planning demand
  • Forecasting
  • Capacity requirements planning
  • Warehouse and inventory management

How to improve odds to generate great results?

To understand the utilization of Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the field of manufacturing, let us consider a real time scenario. A leading tea manufacturing organization decided to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The organization felt that the comprehensive ERP capabilities would be able to support the requirements of its individual units. The authorities felt that after the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, they were able to efficiently track the core areas including flavoring, tea bag paper and the tea itself.

They were able to effectively monitor the various departments that are purchasing and planning, sales, warehousing and accounting. Besides these, the organization had its operating branches across the globe. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s Multilanguage and multicurrency abilities, the company was able to produce sales documents and purchase transactions in different languages. They were also able to operate across the globe without language being a barrier of communication. The authorities strongly felt that after the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the company was set on a right path of ongoing success.

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