Negotiate boat loads of data at your fingertips with Karya’s MS SharePoint services

Microsoft SharePoint is a proven business collaboration platform easing the way people work together in an organization. It aids steadfast, strategic and tactical decision-making throughout the organization and facilitates streamlining key metrics in business. With Microsoft SharePoint services, information can be managed and planned effectively with immediate access to critical data helping in taking the best course of action to serve business and clients better. With its holistic approach, Microsoft SharePoint connects people, processes and information in the best possible way to obtain enhanced productivity. MS SharePoint automates redundant manual functions to save time and eliminate errors. Information can be shared within employees by setting up websites. Documents can be managed effectively and interactive reports can be generated to make better, proactive decisions. Microsoft SharePoint acts as a repository of information wherein a single copy of information can be used for different purposes. This results in the able utilization of resources amongst various departments saving time and human effort.

Considering the amount of belief today’s industrial marketplace has placed upon IT, it is imperative that every business has a unified view of business critical information and documents. Microsoft SharePoint services from Karya Technologies is here to make this idea a reality.

Going one step ahead with Karya’s SharePoint Services

Karya’s Microsoft SharePoint operates as an intranet for business, where all internal documents are stored and managed. These documents are available to simultaneously view and edit, along with facilitating workforce to constantly work on documents without any deterrence. Karya’s Microsoft SharePoint services features administrative capabilities which control the accessibility to documents including viewing and/or editing any information.

Gaining a universal presence

Karya’s MS SharePoint services, a cloud hosted platform, allows workforce to access documents while on the move from an internet enabled mobile device. Karya’s SharePoint services allows workforce to become truly mobile and retain efficiency at the palm of the hand. Having access to all business documents via SharePoint empowers the work done by people who are constantly on the move. Access to information while travelling and working off site allows more productivity and adds value to business from anywhere and at any time.

Our Offerings surrounding Microsoft SharePoint

MS SharePoint Services

Our Industry vertical features:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Software and services
  • Telecom
  • Energy

Reporting and Business Intelligence:

  • Design/Develop, Render SSRS reports in a Microsoft SharePoint integrated environment
  • Data Summarization & Analytics using Excel Power Pivot Tools
  • Integrating Data Cubes, KPI’s, Score Cards with ECM Portal
  • Role based Dashboard and Collaboration Workspaces for Intranets & Extranets
  • Role and Data based security protecting access to users data
  • Some popular data sources and business subsystems
    • Microsoft Dynamics Suite – AX, NAV, GP, CRM
    • Oracle based Systems
    • Sales force CRM
    • ADP Payroll
    • Other 3rd Party systems

Business benefits:

  • Users can retrieve and view documents with a focused approach
  • Quicker access to documents resulting in increased productivity
  • High adoption rate
  • Facilitates multi facets of document management like record maintenance, collaboration and compliance

Case Study:

A global automotive company maintained a website to offer information to employees and dealers about vehicles, social networking and updated newsletters. The company decided to enhance the website to obtain improved content, increased scalability and a reduced cost of ownership. The website was built on ASP web architecture and the company management felt an elevated burden of IT management and also an increase in the total cost of running the website. The company considered several options and finalized upon MS SharePoint services from Karya. With Karya’s MS SharePoint services the automotive company was able to successfully meet fluctuating market demands. The result from Karya was a highly customizable end product with efficient features to aid the company’s specific needs.

Benefits of Karya’s MS SharePoint solution:

  • High degree of resource scalability
  • Reliability
  • Reduced cost of operation

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Get better in a flash using the Microsoft SharePoint

Discover and focus on strategically growing your business with Karya’s SharePoint know-how at your disposal, there’s no boundary to what you can do with your SharePoint solution. Leveraging best practices, Karya is fully equipped to offer the most robust guarantee for availability and performance, along with an express service response time and expert technical support. We also ensure your environment will meet your needs today and be capable of scaling to meet your needs in the future. We can familiarize yourself your SharePoint solution to your needs, and deploy it rapidly for a faster ROI.

Microsoft SharePoint Services

From our presales contact to our unique on boarding process, from our dedicated migration service to our efficient and helpful support Karya’s SharePoint hosting experience work for you. You’ll always benefit from an outstanding experience—and the most secure and reliable SharePoint environment possible. Many business applications are form based with several people needing to contribute information to the form. It is not unusual for data from the paper to be manually entered into a system, and in a number of cases there is an Excel or Access tracking system to follow up the paper forms. SharePoint eradicates these problems by automating the paper and the process.

Save time and stay focused with our all-inclusive solution

  • Support and Maintenance
  • Integration
  • Upgradation
  • Migration
  • Editions

Despite the industry, all organizations make every effort for increased productivity and having a tool in place like Microsoft SharePoint that can make all of the difference. The collaboration features effortlessly translates to increased efficiency and cost savings for any organization.

If you’re interested in learning and implementing how to navigate SharePoint like a pro then contact us by sending a mail to and develop your customized implementation for SharePoint. There’s something in SharePoint for you, whether you are an end user, developer or designer. Thinking of setting up SharePoint? What are you waiting for? Reach out to us, and we give you the rest!

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