Start mobilizing your reports with Karya’s SSRS Report viewer!

Karya has launched the SSRS report porter which eases viewing SSRS reports on your mobile device (iPhone/iPad). This report viewer is compatible with different versions of SSRS servers like 2008 R2, 2008 and SSRS on Azure, also supporting Native and SharePoint Mode. It establishes user connection using HTTPS, ensuring security of the connection. Karya’s report viewer facilitates you accessing the reports from the server on your mobile device and lets you navigate them.

What is SSRS Reporting Service?

SQL Server Reporting Services is a report generation system which plays a vital role in simplifying the conception, deployment and management of reports in an organization. These services also help in tailoring your report functionality based on your needs.

Reporting Services help creation of different types of reports. These reports may include heavy components like charts, maps, and spark lines. The Reporting Services also accommodates publishing reports, view reports that are on demand and also help in scheduled report processing. A wide range of viewing formats are available for you to choose from. You can also subscribe to published reports and export various reports.

An Insight on Karya’s Report viewer:

There are two versions of Karya’s report viewer. The Pro Version provides access to all the SSRS reports in the report viewer, on the other hand, the Lite Version provides access to limited reports.

With Karya’s report viewer, reports can now be obtained “anywhere and anytime” almost instantly with one move of the finger! Without having to burden with desktops or laptops, Karya’s report viewer allows users to access data from the mobile device itself.

Use cases:

The C-level management of any organization is always on the move. They may not be able to come directly to the workplace at all times. In such cases, SSRS report viewer proves very helpful. Top level managers can now access reports from their mobile device and get work done from wherever they are. Using Karya’s report viewer saves time and facilitates work on the go. Again this feature has proved to be a boon to executives and sales representatives who travel a lot. They can use this enhanced feature to update, retrieve reports as they travel.

ssrs report builder

Attributes of the Report Viewer:

  • Displays reports from SSRS server through native or SharePoint mode
  • Displays reports from SharePoint server
  • Built-in with a sliding bar for quick navigation in file system.
  • Parameter support for reports.
  • Additional 3rd party viewer is not required for common document formats
  • Dynamic zooming
  • Search/filter/Sort reports
  • Personalized security for application
  • Mark as favorite option
  • View recent reports

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