Things You Should Know About “Internet of Things (IoT)”


Technology has given rise to quite a number of innovations. Today, almost everything is connected to some kind of a network, communicating with each other and to intelligent devices such as smartphones. Add sensors to these devices and they will also be able to act more intelligently.

In essence, this will create a smarter planet where energy efficiency is greater, appliances are smarter, and the overall life is better. This interconnection of things using smart sensors and embedded technologies is known as Internet of things (IoT). Today, the world is perceiving an advent of a large number of Internet of Things Service Providers. The thing in IoT domain can be anything that has an embedded sensor that measures and transmits its detailed status over a network. Each of these objects have an assigned IP address, making the IPv4 obsolete and IPv6 the norm. IoT has been proposed way back in the ‘90s although even today it’s under great research and development phase. Once it becomes reality, it will be game-changing for most industries—a paradigm shift not just for IT but all industries.

IoT has some key applications in several industries, such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail, Utilities, etc.

  • Security and Surveillance
  • Building Management
  • Vehicle, Asset, Person & Pet Monitoring & Controlling
  • Agriculture Automation
  • Energy Consumption
  • M2m & Wireless Sensor Network
  • Telemedicine & Healthcare
  • Embedded Mobile
  • Smart Homes & Cities

Strategy and Consulting

Work with our Internet of Things Services Team and Consultants to develop a Strategy Roadmap to achieve your Enterprise Business Goals.

Managed Services

Our Internet of Things Services team helps you accelerate deployment through the implementation of next-generation technology such as cloud-enabled, “pay-as-you-go” services or a predictable fixed fee.

Delivery Services

Leverage Internet of Things to reinvent your business processes and the way you work to gain efficiencies and increase speed to market.

We Focus on The Following Steps:

1. Gearing Up for the Internet of Payments

Made possible by the Internet of Things, a host of IP-instrumented devices and appliances are opening vast opportunities for banks to play a bigger role in the lives of their customers.

2. Transforming Manufacturing with the Internet of Things

We are entering a golden age for innovation in manufacturing products and processes, all enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). This IDC market spotlight can help you understand some of the considerations for driving value from Connected Products, Connected Supply Chains, Smart Manufacturing and IoT.

3. Informed Manufacturing: The Next Industrial Revolution

‘Intelligent Machines’ enable People, Processes, Products and Infrastructure to seamlessly Coordinate, creating cost-efficient finished goods on time, that meet, if not exceed customer expectations.

4. Designing for Manufacturing’s ‘Internet of Things’

The deeper meshing of virtual and physical machines offers the potential to truly transform the manufacturing value chain, from suppliers through customers and at every touchpoint along the way.

5. Turning the Vision of Connected Health into a Reality

To fulfil the goals of the healthcare industry’s Triple Aim Framework and the new patient-centric paradigm, stakeholders across the healthcare and life sciences sectors must combine high-tech with high-touch.

6. Reaping the Benefits of the Internet of Things

Before they can realize the potential of the Internet of Things, organizations must deal with shortcomings in IT standards, skill sets and data and infrastructure management capabilities.

KARYA Technologies offers Design, Development, Implementation and Support Services for Internet of Things. Please refer the link below to understand more about our IoT competency stack and what makes us unique among other service providers.

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