Visualization in Today’s BI Landscape

A reliable Visual BI is easy on the eyes, converts complex data sets into comprehensible insights and serves as a proven & reliable method to track Business. Capturing the data that streams from your organization and applying Analytical Decision Making tools to derive maximum Business Value improves Business Performance and delivers the desired Business Results. A wide variety of Visual Data Representation Aids such as Pie Charts, Line Charts, Graphs, Gauges, Maps, Scatter Plots drives the BI Landscape.

In today’s Hyper-Competitive Business Environment, the IT Industry is flooded with various BI Vendor Products, Visualization Options and Organizations need to focus in choosing the best suited Visual BI Tool for making faster and informed decisions. KARYA offers comprehensive Services in Advising and Developing Visual Dashboards as part of its Business Intelligence Portfolio Offerings.

Top Innovations & Trends

This is a no-brainer. Data Visualization is the most important trend among the BI Spectrum and shapes the future of Business Intelligence according to Industry Experts. Emerging Trends in the Business Intelligence and Data Management Platform include Data Visualization, Self-Service BI and Data Quality / Master Data Management. Data visualization provides insight into information through customized and impactful visuals – graphics and dashboards closely associated with Data Visualization, Self Service, Mobile BI and Cloud BI.

Top Trends in Business Intelligence

Why Visual BI Is important?

Visualization in Business Intelligence enables:

  • Combination of Visual Images, Data & Text to convert Complex Data Sets into comprehensible insights
  • KPIs to be highlighted
  • Visual Presentation of Data Trends from time to time
  • Business Logic Oriented Data Segmentation
  • Comparisons & Analysis: Expected vs. Actuals vs. Desired

Until a few years ago, Dashboards were more of an option than a necessity. Today Most Decision Making Processes involves Visual BI, in-memory computing, BI on the Cloud and Mobile Technologies. The Self Service Capabilities is taking BI closer to the Business Decision Makers.

Interactive BI Dashboards when rendered on Mobile Devices like the Android Tablets, iPad and Smartphones has revolutionized Data Analysis by CXOs / Managers enabling information empowered Decision Making on the go. KARYA delivers wide-ranging services namely Advisory Services, Solution Delivery Services and Production Support Services for Advanced Visualization Solutions such as PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik and Cognos BI helping Enterprises to realize their BI Vision and Analytics Initiatives.

Top Trends in Business Intelligence

Key Aspects of KARYA’s Visual BI Solutions

  • Dashboard Objectives: KARYA clearly Establish the Dashboard Objectives simplifying the task of creating Dashboard. Level of Customization, ability to drill down will determine the design elements of the Visual Dashboard
  • Key Performance Indicators: We will help in defining KPIs precisely.
  • Benchmarking and Variables: KARYA Visual BI Solution meets Industry Benchmarks.
  • Presentation Format: KARYA Visual BI Team uses a combination of Charts, Graphs or even tables to enable better viewer experience.
  • Data Segmentation: KARYA performs Data Segmentation enabling the decision makers to understand Strategies, Resources and other Conditions in Business Environment.
  • Historical Trend Analysis: KARYA’s Historical Trend Analysis quantifies individual data points while displaying ongoing trends.

Sure Benefits of our Visual BI Solutions

  • Our Visual BI Solution will ensure timely Data for better understanding, Collaboration and Decision Making giving you the much needed competitive edge.


There is no need to convince an organization about Visual BI but the need of the hour is implementing the Right Visual BI Solution best suited to the business with the Best Practices. KARYA Technologies helps you in implementing the Best Visual BI Solution tailored to your business. For more information on KARYA’s Visual BI Services, please visit the Power BI Service page.

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