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DevOps Services

DevOps is a suite of technologies that lets an organization align its Development and Operations Teams in order to improve Code Quality, Integrate Continuously, and Deliver Faster.

Today, IT has become so competitive that you need to deliver high-quality products, in less time. This is the reason why continuous integration tools are so important today. Which explains the presence of DevOps service providers in the industry.

The Challenges

Continuous Integration and Delivery is the basis of DevOps Paradigm, and is a service promise from DevOps service providers like us. Many organizations continue to use manual processes in delivering their software—a tedious, costly process that only hampers the code quality and time-to-market. After the application goes live, it’s sure to create issues, which then requires a similar time-consuming bug-fixing process.

Why not automate this with the help of a DevOps Service Provider and make Deployment and Delivery a continuous process?

Reliable, high-quality Continuous Integration pipelines will make your organization faster and more efficient in embracing challenges. More importantly, professional DevOps Service Provider like KARYA Technologies knows and abide by the Agile Philosophy of emphasizing on Customer Satisfaction.

The industry-leading DevOps tools, such as Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Vagrant, Packer, etc. plays a vital role in this sophisticated world.

KARYA’s Offerings in DevOps include:

  • Automated Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines
  • Custom Development of Dashboards, Tools, Connectors, and Accelerators
  • Training and Consulting Services

Continuous Integration Tools have been able to deliver Software Products up to 30 times more frequently. DevOps achieves about 33 percent improvement in Infrastructure, while traditional operations are 41 percent more time consuming.

DevOps Consulting

DevOps Companies

DevOps and Infrastructure Automation

DevOps is a collection of strategies built around the fact all facets of your organization must be aligned towards the goal of rapidly and reliably producing high-quality software-based products and services while breaking down silos, removing bottlenecks and eliminating inefficiencies.

The DevOps point-of-view is that your technology organization should be enabled in a way such that the business can react quickly to ever-changing market forces and out-win the competition. Automation is the single biggest enabler for DevOps.

Automated Infrastructure Provisioning

KARYA Technologies enables customers with the ability to Deploy, Refresh and rectify their complete Application Infrastructure – in a repeatable, model-based policy driven manner. It has deep expertise in Architecting and Deploying full-stack provisioning solutions including bare metal provisioning (using Razor, Crowbar), cloud provisioning (using jcloud, fog, libcloud etc.) to operating system and application configurations (using Chef, Puppet, CloudFormation and Salt) and associated services.

KARYA Technologies works with customers to understand their existing processes and requirements, define their roadmap for Automation and Implement Solutions in a phased manner. Learn more about our DevOps Offerings.

Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines

Continuous Delivery provides Automated Feedback of the readiness of an Application Release Build for Production every time a change is applied to Application Code, Configuration, Infrastructure and Data. KARYA Technologies has deep expertise in designing and deploying Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines including:

  • One Click Build and Deployment Automation
  • Automated Testing
  • Defining Promotion Processes for Release Candidates
  • Custom Dashboards for Cross Team Visibility.

KARYA Technologies works with customers to Design and Deploy Continuous Integration/Delivery Pipelines, Develop Automated Test Suites and Automate Code/Build Management. Learn more about our recommended Best Practices for a Mature Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Custom Development: Dashboards, Tools, Connectors and Accelerators

The DevOps and Infrastructure Automation Ecosystem consists of several open and closed source tools that provide Bootstrapping, Provisioning, Orchestration, Reporting and Monitoring Solutions. Based on the Business Requirements, Custom Workflows can be built that integrate these tools to provide end-to-end Automation with Simplified Management.

KARYA Technologies has built Custom Dashboards to easily monitor production readiness of release candidates across product lines. KARYA Technologies has also built several tools, connectors and extensions integrating several tools to work a unified manner.

KARYA Technologies Expertise In DevOps

Learn more about KARYA’s DevOps Services at www.karyatech.com. You may also email us at info@karyatech.com.

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