Data Governance

KARYA can help you secure and utilize your data assets effectively with simple-yet-powerful Data Governance Policies and Procedures.

Data Governance Service Provider

Data Governance ensures maximisation of returns from a company’s data assets by combining people, processes and tools. Data Governance, improves overall Quality, Timeliness and Accessibility of the Enterprise Data, directly benefitting the bottom-line.

KARYA Technologies assists global organisations in their Data Governance initiatives by suggesting them the right strategy. We help to define the policies, procedures, roles, responsibilities, ownership as well as implement the various technology components such as Data Profiling / Quality, Meta Data Management, Master Data Management and Data Governance tools across Enterprise Applications. We advise companies on establishing a sound Data Governance Program with a view to sustain and streamline their Information Management activities and most importantly exploit data for Strategic Planning and Decision Making.

KARYA's Data Governance

KARYA Technologies' Data Governance Service Offerings

We offer a wide spectrum of service offerings ranging from strategy to actual implementation of various components of Data Governance.

Advisory Services

  • Data Governance Strategy and Blueprint
  • Implementation Roadmap
  • Data Governance Operating Model

Solution Delivery

  • Setup Policies and Procedures
  • Defining Organizational Roles and Responsibilities
  • Design Evaluation Metrics
  • Implement Specific Technology Components
    • Data Profiling and Data Quality Systems
    • Meta Data Management System
    • Data Archival Systems
    • Data Governance Effectiveness Monitoring System
  • Devising Communication System
  • 24x7x365 Operations, Maintenance & Production Support

KARYA Technologies' Competency Stack for Data Governance

We are competent and experienced in implementing various tools and technologies for Data Governance. Here is the list of some of the tools that we recommend and implement.

Subject Area Tools
Data Governance Oracle Data Governance Manager, Varonis
Data Profiling & Quality Microsoft DQS, Oracle Data Profiling and Data Quality, Varonis, Talend, Trillium.
Meta Data Management Oracle Enterprise Metadata Manager
Data Acquisition Varonis, Talend
Data Archival Varonis, Talend
Data Anonymization Varonis, Talend

Why KARYA Technologies for Data Governance?

  • Expertise in designing and delivering Enterprise Architecture / Data Management Solutions.
  • Organization Transformation Experience, thanks to several ERP / CRM implementations.
  • Key Partnerships with Data Governance Tool Vendors.
  • Proven Global Engagement Model.

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