Master Data Management

Golden Copy Customer and Product Masters now a closer reality with KARYA’s Master Data Solutions.

Master Data Services

Reference / Master Data collectively refer to fundamental entities on which day-to-day business transactions are carried out in an organisation. A typical IT system today comprises of multiple mission-critical applications such as ERP, CRM, Web and Legacy applications. These applications tend to create and manage their own Master Data entities like Customers, Products, Employees, and Vendors. Without a clearly-defined Master Data Management process in place, the enterprise runs into the risk of presenting inconsistent and possibly inaccurate data across these silo applications.

Master Data Management provides a ‘single version of truth’ and mitigates this risk. Also referred to as ‘golden copy’, Master Data Management captures, stores, and propagates the pristine version of the Reference and Master Data across the Enterprise Applications. With the emergence of the Data Governance, the need for effective Master Data Management is felt more than ever.

KARYA Technologies systematically helps global organizations strategize, implement and maintain Master Data Management Solutions. We assist you in identifying the right Master Data Requirements, thorough Dimensional Analysis, Tool Set Selection, Design, Orchestration and Materialisation of the Solution. A well-implemented MDM is a solid foundation for Enterprise Data Governance. Our successful implementations of MDM has helped companies reduce their Load Times into the Data Warehouse significantly, as there is a consistent Master Data Layer Reference.

Master Data Services

KARYA Technologies' Master Data Management Service Offerings

We offer complete range of MDM services from Blueprint / Implementation Roadmap to Hub Design and Development.

Advisory Services

  • Architecture / High-Level Design of MDM Hub
  • Implementation Road Map
  • Technology Decisions
    • Infrastructure
    • Tool Evaluation & Selection

Solution Delivery

  • Design
    • MDM Repository / Data Architecture
    • Source Target Mapping
    • Infrastructure Plan
    • Integration Environment
    • Failures / Error Handling Procedures
    • Visualization – MDM Admin Console and Data Steward UI
  • Infrastructure Setup
    • MDM Servers
    • Integration Servers
  • Development
    • Data Models, Integration Jobs, MDM Admin & Data Stewards Screens and Reports

24x7x365 Operations, Maintenance & Production Support

  • Scope Infrastructure, Integration Server / Report Servers
  • Security Control
  • Environment Monitoring
    • Job / Latency
  • Failure Recovery
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance
KARYA Technologies' Competency Stack for MDM

We are competent and experienced in recommending and implementing the right toolset for Master Data Management. Here is the list of some of the tools that we recommend and implement

Subject Area KARYA's Tool and Technology Competency
Data Quality - Profiling, Cleansing & Metrics Reporting Microsoft DQS, Oracle Master Data Management Suite, Talend, Varonis, Informatica, Trillium.
Master Data Integration Microsoft MDS, Oracle Master Data Management Suite, Talend, Informatica
Meta-Data Management Oracle Enterprise Metadata Manager, Talend, Varonis, Informatica
Dash Boarding and Visualization of Critical Data Microsoft Master Data Services, Oracle Master Data Management Suite, Talend, Varonis, Java, .Net, SharePoint

Why KARYA Technologies for MDM?

  • Broad Enterprise Application Implementation and Integration Experience – ERP, CRM, Web and Legacy Applications.
  • Experience in implementing MDM Solutions for customer data and product data for various industry verticals.
  • Key Partnerships with Master Data Management Tool Vendors.
  • Proven Global Engagement Model.

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