Google to index HTTPS webpages by default

In a push for security, Google on Thursday announced an updated indexing system which will index websites’ HTTPS pages by default, even after an HTTP equivalent is available. The move is aimed at having everyone land on a secure webpage.

Google says browsing the web should be a private experience and must not subject to eavesdropping, man-in-the-middle attacks, or data modification.

Microsoft buys data analytics start up Metanautix

Microsoft has acquired Metanautix, a US-based data analytics Start-up that helps companies draw insights out of big data, in an undisclosed deal.

Microsoft will integrate Metanautix into its “data platform, including SQL Server and the Cortana Analytics Suite.” Metanautix was founded in 2012 and reportedly had a backing of $7 million in capital.

Apple appoints Jeff Williams as COO

Apple on Thursday appointed Jeff Williams as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), a position left vacant since Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tim Cook assumed his post in 2011.

Williams, who has previously served as the Senior Vice President of operations and overseen the development of the Apple Watch, is now only the fourth C-level executive at Apple.