Microsoft To Bring Bash Shell To Windows


Microsoft announced that it will bring GNU project’s Unix-like command line user interface ‘Bash shell’ to Windows. The release would let developers execute Bash scripts and Linux command-line tools on Windows. For this, Microsoft collaborated with Canonical, the creator of Ubuntu Linux, and built a new Linux-like structure called ‘Windows Subsystem for Linux’ within Windows.

Microsoft Releases Bot Framework For Developers


Microsoft released a Bot Framework – a platform for developers to develop and integrate intelligent bots into their own apps. The company demonstrated the new system by assembling a chatbot and showing how a conversational interface could substitute the existing system. It also made a portfolio of its 22 APIs called ‘Cognitive Micro Services’ available for the developers.

Skype To Get Hololens, Cortana Support


Microsoft announced that it is bringing its digital assistant Cortana into Skype, allowing users to carry out activities like scheduling calendar appointments or booking flight tickets from within the application. The company also announced that it is developing a version of Skype for its augmented reality headset HoloLens, enabling the users to connect with friends using the headset.

Google To Add Augmented Reality To Its Camera


Google is reportedly looking at bringing augmented reality (AR) to its camera app. This will be leveraged through Google Goggles, an image recognition app that is used for searching information based on pictures. The technology of the standalone AR app will be merged with the camera, and will also allow outlining “specific areas of the image” for targeted search results.

Samsung Accidentally Reveals Galaxy S7 Active


Samsung has fortuitously revealed the existence of the new Galaxy S7 Active smartphone. Samsung Level, an app that enables users to control headphones through smartphones, has listed the formerly unknown phone in its Google Play Store description. Active variants are rugged versions of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S series that support added features like waterproofing and rubber cases.

Finally Stress-Busting Headphones Unveiled


A Florida-based startup has unveiled the ‘Nervana’ headphones with a generator, priced at $279, that stimulates nerves in the ear to “increase calm and reduce stress”. Electric pulses are carried through one of the headphones to trigger the release of feel-good hormones. The Nervana Generator reportedly analyses the music to synchronize the nerve stimulation with sound.

Apple Unveils 4-Inch Iphone SE Starting $399

Apple unveils 4-inch iPhone SE starting $399

Apple on Monday unveiled its new 4-inch smartphone ‘iPhone SE’ at $399 for its 16 GB variant and $499 for the 64 GB variant. Powered by a 64-bit A9 chip, the new iPhone runs on iOS 9.3. It features a 12 MP camera, 4K video recording and support for live photos. The phone will be available starting March 31.

Apple Unveils 9.7-inch iPad Pro Starting At $599

Apple unveils 9

Apple on Monday unveiled a smaller iPad Pro tablet with 9.7-inch display at $599 for 32 GB, $749 for 128 GB and $899 for its 256 GB variant. It weighs less than one pound and comes with a 12 MP rear camera, 4K video recording and 5 MP front camera. It also has a blue-light reduction feature for night use.

Apple Watch Price Slashed To $299 With New Band Options

Apple Watch price slashed to $299

Apple slashed its Watch price to $299 and unveiled a series of new bands compatible with the device. It includes a set of woven nylon bands available in four colours. Apple’s space black version of its Milanese Loop will also be available for the Apple Watch. Until now, the starting price of an Apple Watch was $349.

Apple Releases New Software Update iOS 9.3


Apple has launched a new software update iOS 9.3, which will be accessible for download on all its devices starting today. It features Night Shift mode that shifts the colour temperature of the display based on the time and location. It also allows users to protect Apple Notes with a password/Touch ID and brings multi-user support for iOS.

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 Mobile


Technology giant Microsoft on Thursday rolled out Windows 10 mobile, sporting features like Windows Hello, Cortana and Continuum. The update has been rolled out for select Windows Phone 8.1 devices including a series of Lumia and BLU handsets. Microsoft has also created an ‘UpdateAdvisor’ mobile application that will let the users know if the update is ready for their handsets.

Which Is The Most Used Coding Language! Check Out The Survey Result!


According to a survey by Q&A website Stack Overflow, JavaScript is the most popular development language with 55.4% of people using it. SQL was second on the list with 49.1% followed by Java (36.3%), C# (30.9%) and PHP (25.9%). Particularly, the survey also revealed that Full-Stack Web Developer was the most popular developer job title.

Sony’s Video APP For Android Platform


Sony on Wednesday launched a new PlayStation Video app for the Android platform that allows its console owners to stream TV shows and movies formerly purchased or rented from the PlayStation Store. The release also allows in-app purchases of new movies and episodes, making this the first time its users can watch PlayStation Store purchases on non-Sony devices.

Check Out Apple’s New Ad Format

Apple News Will Soon Get 'Native' Ads That Look Like Articles

Apple has announced a new ad format for sponsored posts that will appear in users’ news feeds alongside articles in the Apple News app.

According to the new native banner format, sponsored ads will “display right-away in the content feeds, in line with News articles,” and can link to an article in the News app. The advertising format is available for both the iPhone and iPad versions of Apple News.

Now, Generate Music By Humming


Samsung today unveiled a new mobile application called ‘Hum On!’ which allows users to generate music by humming. The app allows users to edit the created track and also change the genre of the song including R&B, rock and orchestra. The produced tracks can then be shared via social media, and can be used as background music, the company said.

Google’s AI Program AlphaGo Gets Highest Go Grandmaster Rank

Google`s AI program AlphaGo gets highest Go grandmaster rank

Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) program AlphaGo has been awarded the highest Go grandmaster rank, reserved for those whose capability at the ancient board game borders on “divinity”, South Korea`s Go Association said

lphaGo was given an honorary “ninth dan” professional ranking, equivalent to that held by Lee who has 18 international titles to his name and is widely considered one of the greatest Go players of the modern era.

Facebook, Google And Whatsapp To Fortify User Data Security

Facebook, Google and WhatsApp to fortify user data security

As Apple battles the US government over encryption to unlock an iPhone used by an attacker in a mass shooting in San Bernadino last year, top US companies Google, Facebook and Snapchat are expanding encryption of user data in their services, media reported.

According to The Guardian, while Whatsapp is set to roll out encryption for its voice calls in addition to its existing privacy features, Google is investigating “extra uses” for encryption in secure email. Social networking giant Facebook too is working on to better protect its Messenger service. The popular messaging service Snapchat is also seeing a more secure messaging system.

At Last, An APP To Find Your Lost IPhone


Mobile security firm Lookout has launched one of the more practical app for Apple Watch, that lets users locate a lost or stolen iPhone by pointing them to its last known location. The app generates a loud ‘scream’ or sound alert on iPhone which lets the user find a misplaced phone. It also alarms the users when they leave their iPhone behind.

Google Will Help You Plan Trips Via Smartphone


Google has launched new feature ‘Destinations’ which lets users to plan trips via smartphone using Google’s search engine. A user needs to search for a state, country, or continent and add the word “vacation” or “destination” for information on spots to visit and compare prices for transportation and accommodation. Results can also be personalized based on user’s budget and schedule.