Apple Releases Artificial Intelligence Paper


At the Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) conference earlier this month, Russ Salakhutdinov of Apple showed a slide that Apple would initiate to publish research papers. The previous ban on publishing research papers by Apple meant that less researchers in the cutting edge of AI research would work for the company. AI researchers present at the conference were blown away by the design and the type face of the slide, more than the announcement.

Barely a month has gone by, and Apple has already published its first research paper. The paper is published on Arxiv, and demonstrates a unique approach to quickly train machines. Machine learning approaches for machine vision use big databanks of real images, which need the features of the images to be mapped. This is an expensive and time consuming process. An alternate method is to train computers on generated images, the features of which can be effortlessly tagged.

Microsoft To Reach $1 Trillion In Market Value


The $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn can propel technology giant Microsoft to be the first tech company to achieve a market value of $1 trillion, an analyst has said. A report in GeekWire quoted Michael Markowski, who writes for Equities, as saying that Microsoft will reach that threshold before other big companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple.

“Microsoft will do it by leveraging LinkedIn to become a leader in social media and the emerging crowd funding industry,” the report said. “A pair of rulings from the US Securities and Exchange Commission this year opened up crowd funding by letting companies directly advertise to the public” the report said.

Apple, Google and Microsoft Partners with LG


The three biggies of the tech world – Apple, Google and Microsoft – have reportedly partnered with LG for the development of fold-out display technology.

These foldable displays will not even enter production till 2018, so you can forget about those dreams of playing with a flexible phone any time soon. It’s likely that these companies are merely investing in the technology to keep a toehold in innovative display technology.

Facebook To Start A New Programme


To educate people, Google has been serving users a new Doodle on every special day. But now social media giant Facebook has planned to implement a similar programme that will serve the same purpose that Google’s service has been fulfilling.

“We are introducing a marketing programme to invite people to share and talk about events and moments that are happening in their communities and around the world,” Gary Briggs, Chief Marketing Officer at Facebook, wrote in a post.

Similar to a Google Doodle, which is a special, temporary alteration of the logo on Google’s homepage that is intended to celebrate holidays, events, achievements and people, messages from Facebook will look at the top of News Feed about a specific event or moment. The goal of the message will be “to give people ways to connect and share with friends during holidays and events”.