WhatsApp’s New COO


WhatsApp has hired Matt Idema, a Facebook executive who was leading product marketing for all the business products made by Facebook worldwide. This hire is suspected to lead WhatsApp into a totally different and contrasting direction than the current scenario. Facebook acquired the company in 2014 for $22 billion. The interesting part of the acquisition is the fact that WhatsApp does not make any money for Facebook. The company also decided to eradicate the subscription fee that WhatsApp charged the users after one year of free usage.

There are hints that the company is thinking about a mechanism to make money out of the massive userbase that WhatsApp commands all over the world. The decision of hire Idema hints towards a push in direction of monetization as reported by Recode. Even though his role has not yet been chalked out inside WhatsApp and it may not be the same as that of product marketing while working with Facebook. But it may very well fit in if rumors are true about WhatsApp working on adding ‘Business profile’ to the platform which will make it easier for businesses to operate and reach consumers beyond emails, calls and SMS.

Yahoo Mail Updates App


Yahoo has been in a lot of trouble with data breaches, SEC investigation, and slow acquisition proceedings, but to keep its Yahoo Mail running, the company has rolled out few new features for its mobile app.

The app now also syncs a user’s smartphone photos to the desktop and a new Caller ID feature to help recognize phone numbers.

The caller ID feature identifies incoming phone calls by cross-referencing the phone numbers with those found in your inbox. This is quite smart as it reads numbers in the email along with signature lines and other references, but they are not saved in your phone’s contacts.

LinkedIn Has A New Competitor?


Facebook began letting businesses in the US or Canada post jobs and take applications from job seekers, posing a challenge to Microsoft-owned LinkedIn.

The platform’s users will be able to find help-wanted posts at business pages on Facebook or by looking in a new ‘jobs’ bookmark on the leading social network’s mobile application.

“Businesses and people previously use Facebook to fill and find jobs, so we’re rolling out new features that permit job posting and application directly on Facebook,” the California-based internet giant said in an online message.

Job postings may appear in news feed streams if companies pay to endorse them.

Clicking on an “apply now” button will open an online form already filled out with relevant information from a person’s Facebook profile, according to the social network.

WhatsApp Posts Their First ‘Status’ Update


WhatsApp has posted the first series of ‘Status’ updates on the revamped status feature that the company is working on. We previously reported approximately 3.5 months back about WhatsApp working on this disappearing status interface in addition to the company trying to test the WhatsApp broadcast list. The company posted a series of first status updates to present people with the new ‘WhatsApp status’. The statuses seem to be working on all the platforms that comprise Android, iOS and Windows Phone. We could not confirm if they work on WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp for the desktop.

The company sent about six ‘disappearing status’ updates specifying the features of new WhatsApp Status. It established that you can ‘Tap to move to the next status’, edit and post photos, videos and GIFs as your new status. Each update will vanish after 24 hours with no way to access the old status updates. Users can quickly share the highlights of the day with their contacts along with the capability to control who can see your status updates from privacy settings.

Check Out Facebook’s New App


Facebook has mentioned that the social media giant is currently working on a separate app focused on the video content on the Smart TV platform.

This app will run on set-top boxes like the Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV. This new app will only focus and push out video content to the TV so that you don’t get lost in other media formats like text and photos that are not meant to be consumed on larger screens.

The company detailed that this move is to target all the Smart TV and set-top box users who wanted more selections to consume videos. The new app will roll out soon and is not limited to the platforms mentioned. You can watch all the videos on your Facebook newsfeed which comprise the videos that have been shared by your friends, family or pages that you follow. One of the most important inclusions is the ability to watch the videos that you have ‘saved to watch later’.

Facebook To Auto-Play Videos


Facebook has announced a slew of updates to its video platform, mostly for the better. Facebook will now start auto-playing videos with sound. Earlier, videos would still load in the background but you had to tap on them for audio playback. This was comfortable and less intrusive.

As with everything Facebook does, however, this new auto-playing of sound will be enabled by default, whether you asked for it or not.

Internet of Things Expected To Grow Rapidly By 2020?


Internet of Things (IoT) units in India are expected to see a rapid 31-fold growth to reach 1.9 billion by 2020. The market value of IoT is expected to reach $9 billion by 2020. IoT is going to be the next big thing for operators as India will rapidly grow into a hub for IoT lsolutions.

“With advances in reliability, accuracy and technology of advance tech measures such as biometric authentication, digitisation will gain popularity in various business applications,” the company said in a statement. Even with over 750 million cards in circulation and significant growth, mobile-based and digital payments will eclipse physical card payments.

Google Maps Announces New Feature


Google has announced a new feature that lets users to track and share locations on Google Maps. Maps now lets you create custom lists of places of interest, and share them as links through email, instant messenger clients or social networks. If someone shares a list with you, you can follow that list, and that gets added to your Google Maps app for easy access at any future point of time.

To use the feature, users only have to search for a location, tap on it, select save, and give a name to the list. Google suggests that the feature be used for making bucket lists, or keeping track of local Wi-Fi hotspots. The places saved to list will always show up as icons on the map, so that users are alerted any time they are in close proximity to one of the places in their saved lists.

Microsoft Introduces Spectator View


HoloLens offers immersive mixed reality experiences, overlaying digital elements onto the real world. Microsoft introduced Mixed Reality Capture (MRC) to permit sharing of HoloLens experiences, by letting users record videos of what they were seeing through their perspectives. However, viewing this content can be a disturbing experience because of head shakes, and there are restraints when it comes to specifications of the device. Microsoft has solved this problem with the introduction of Spectator View.

Spectator View is good for demonstrations, livestreaming and presentations, but there is a pretty intricate setup. Users should connect a dSLR camera to a HoloLens device using an HDMI cable. The HoloLens then interfaces with a computer over Wi-Fi. Spectator View is only available for HoloLens applications that are shared experiences on the Windows Universal Platform. Users need to adjust the setup, and then they are good to go.