Facebook Updates Messenger


Facebook has introduced the Messenger Platform 1.2, with updates that create a richer platform for businesses to interact with customers through chatbots. Advertisers will get the ability to divert users to Messenger through News Feed advertisements. The feature will be rolled out over the next month to all advertisers around the world. The same features obtainable for current advertisements, including targeting at demographics and choosing delivery times, will be available.

Microsoft Launches Selfie App on iOS

Microsoft Selfie App

Microsoft has launched its Selfie app on iOS that lets users edit selfies with the help of features like noise reduction and colour balance. The app’s function is to simply make the images appear enhanced and better by automatically adjusting the colour balance, skin tone, and lighting in the given environment.

The user interface of Microsoft Selfie is fairly simple with minimal and easy to access features. The app takes age, gender, skin tone, lighting, and many other variables into account and captures image accordingly. The iOS users can either click a new image from the device’s front-facing or rear camera, or select an existing image from the local storage. The image can be further edited using any one of the 13 photo filters along with other functions such as noise reduction, colour theme, and others.

Microsoft Selfie however, gives no way to users to directly share their edited final image to social networking websites such as Instagram, Google Photos, Facebook, or Twitter. It can be downloaded from the App Store. It weighs 56.9MB and is compatible with iOS 8.0 and later OS versions.