Free Course on Android App Development


Google and Udacity have teamed up to offer a nanodegree in Android application development. Called the Android Basics Nanodegree by Google, the course is for $200 and gives you a certificate along with face to face interactions with instructors and partners. The course requires 165 hours to be completed. The course teaches you the basics of Java to start off with. Those interested can try it out for a week, for free. There is a more advanced course called the Android Developer Nanodegree.

There is a free version of the course, for which 131,406 students have already signed up. You do not get the certificate, or the personal interactions with teachers. However, instruction videos are available and those interested are expected to learn by following step by step instructions and doing exercises. The course permits you to build a portfolio of basic Android apps over a period approximately four weeks, a rate of 6 hours of learning per week. The course is meant for people without any prior coding experience.