Microsoft Introduces Spectator View

HoloLens offers immersive mixed reality experiences, overlaying digital elements onto the real world. Microsoft introduced Mixed Reality Capture (MRC) to permit sharing of HoloLens experiences, by letting users record videos of what they were seeing through their perspectives. However, viewing this content can be a disturbing experience because of head shakes, and there are restraints when it comes to specifications of the device. Microsoft has solved this problem with the introduction of Spectator View.

Spectator View is good for demonstrations, livestreaming and presentations, but there is a pretty intricate setup. Users should connect a dSLR camera to a HoloLens device using an HDMI cable. The HoloLens then interfaces with a computer over Wi-Fi. Spectator View is only available for HoloLens applications that are shared experiences on the Windows Universal Platform. Users need to adjust the setup, and then they are good to go.