Opera Hits Back At Microsoft


Microsoft recently published a blog post in which they claimed that Edge on Windows 10 offered vastly superior battery life to every other browser out there. Specifically, Microsoft claimed that Edge offered 17 percent more battery life than Opera and 70 percent more battery life than Chrome.

Opera took this as a challenge and decided to prove Microsoft wrong with a test of their own. Microsoft demanded to have run two tests, one in which they only streamed video and another in which they ran a script that ran through a series of websites, tabs and videos.

Meanwhile, Opera ran their own test, the full details technical details for which have been explained in this blog post here. The main difference was that this time, Opera enabled the “battery-saver mode” on their browser, as well as the native ad-blocking functionality. Their tests show that Opera with battery saver and ad-block enabled is 22 percent faster than Edge and 35 percent faster than Chrome.