Sirin Labs Set To Launch Secure Phone At $10,000 Plus

Sirin Labs set to launch secure phone at $10,000 plus

It is being dubbed the Rolls Royce of smartphones. So when Sirin Labs launches its secure smartphone this May, it will be priced in the region of $10,000 to $15,000 and will have one focus: security.

The phone might still be successful, particularly since the withering away of BlackBerry has left a vacuum none of the bigger brands have been able to fill.

“After over two years of intensive research and development, SIRIN LABS is poised to present our first product, a mobile phone built without restriction or compromise,” screams the company website. But there is not much info on the phone itself, except for the suggestion that it might be called Solarin. The phone will be launched at the company’s flagship store in London.