Google Maps Announces New Feature

Google has announced a new feature that lets users to track and share locations on Google Maps. Maps now lets you create custom lists of places of interest, and share them as links through email, instant messenger clients or social networks. If someone shares a list with you, you can follow that list, and that gets added to your Google Maps app for easy access at any future point of time.

To use the feature, users only have to search for a location, tap on it, select save, and give a name to the list. Google suggests that the feature be used for making bucket lists, or keeping track of local Wi-Fi hotspots. The places saved to list will always show up as icons on the map, so that users are alerted any time they are in close proximity to one of the places in their saved lists.

Google Maps Acquires City Traffic Data Analytics Startup

Urban Engines is a data analytics startup that focuses on tracking the movement of people and vehicles in urban areas, and churning that data into actionable insights to progress mobility. Urban Engines products use some of the same techniques available to make navigating the web faster, and more personalized, to real world cities. The movements of vehicles and people are tracked, and the flow of traffic analysed.

This can be used by corporations to plan better trips, by city planners to anticipate and make for heavy traffic events, and by consumers to intelligently plan routes. Urban Engines products can also handle what if situations, where different flows and traffic patterns are emulated based on known data. This is a accurate, and more advanced form of traffic modeling as seen in the city building game, Sim City.

Google Maps Rolling Out Wi-Fi Only Mode

Google Maps rolling out Wi-Fi only mode

Google is finally rolling out a Wi-Fi only mode for its much-loved Maps app. Apart from the new toggle, has also added new notifications for mass transit delays as well. Android Police reports that the new feature is rolling out gradually and that users will need Maps v9.32 installed to take advantage of the same.

The toggle for the Wi-Fi only mode can be found in Settings screen. If you can see it right away, you are perhaps one of the lucky ones to be able to use the new feature.

Previously known as ‘offline areas’, the new toggle does what it states, which is to disconnect the Maps app from your cellular or data network. Google however, states in a small pop up that the Maps app may still use a small amount of data during operation.

Google Maps Upgrades To Road Trips


If you are planning a road trip soon, update Google Maps on your smartphone now. With the latest update of Google Maps on Android (coming soon to iOS), you can now plan a road trip with multi-stop directions. Just open the app, enter a destination, tap the corner menu and then click “Add stop”.

To rearrange the order of your stops, tap and hold the three dot menu to the left of “Add stop” and drag it to the position you want. “No matter where your travel plans take you this monsoon season and beyond, the new Google Maps features will get you there and help keep track of all the memories you make along the way,” said Sanket Gupta, Product Manager, Google Maps, in a statement. The users can also add as many stops as they like.