Microsoft To Reach $1 Trillion In Market Value

The $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn can propel technology giant Microsoft to be the first tech company to achieve a market value of $1 trillion, an analyst has said. A report in GeekWire quoted Michael Markowski, who writes for Equities, as saying that Microsoft will reach that threshold before other big companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple.

“Microsoft will do it by leveraging LinkedIn to become a leader in social media and the emerging crowd funding industry,” the report said. “A pair of rulings from the US Securities and Exchange Commission this year opened up crowd funding by letting companies directly advertise to the public” the report said.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, What you need to know

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Most of us must have heard a lot and read a number of blog posts already about the newest member of the Microsoft Dynamics family, “Dynamics 365“. Those who followed the WPC updates on the web or those attended the event in Toronto this year must already know a lot of details of this by now.

This is the first blog post on my new blog which will be dedicated and tailored for Microsoft Dynamics 365 going forward. In this first post, we will summarize some of the key aspects of Dynamics 365 that you need to know for now.

What is Dynamics 365 :

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of business apps in the cloud from Microsoft. It is intended to bring together the best of Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM, cloud offerings into one consolidated cloud service. In other words, it is a new umbrella which will consolidate the Microsoft CRM and ERP cloud applications and provide specific purpose built apps for each of your business areas (Both for SMB and Enterprise Customers) along with the best of Microsoft Productivity apps (Office 365) and Business Intelligence/Analytics, IoT and power of Azure.

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