Twitter Launches Dashboard App! Targets Small Business Accounts


To help business owners connect with their users, micro-blogging website Twitter has launched “Twitter Dashboard” — an app to streamline engagement for business accounts. “Available on web and iOS version, Dashboard comprises features that have popped up in other Twitter products in the past. In both versions, Twitter guides you through a quick process to create a custom “About You” feed tailored to show tweets about your company or business,” .

The feed takes into account what type of business you are running, and then combines mentions and keyword searches to find people talking about your brand, even if they do not tag your handle directly, the report said. On Tuesday, Twitter added a new feature that would let a user add virtual stickers to photos by just searching them like hashtags. The company is also creating collections of stickers that are linked to the time of year and events such as New Year and Christmas. The new feature was similar to adding a sticker to a Snapchat post where a user can resize, rotate and add multiple stickers to each post.