WhatsApp Posts Their First ‘Status’ Update

WhatsApp has posted the first series of ‘Status’ updates on the revamped status feature that the company is working on. We previously reported approximately 3.5 months back about WhatsApp working on this disappearing status interface in addition to the company trying to test the WhatsApp broadcast list. The company posted a series of first status updates to present people with the new ‘WhatsApp status’. The statuses seem to be working on all the platforms that comprise Android, iOS and Windows Phone. We could not confirm if they work on WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp for the desktop.

The company sent about six ‘disappearing status’ updates specifying the features of new WhatsApp Status. It established that you can ‘Tap to move to the next status’, edit and post photos, videos and GIFs as your new status. Each update will vanish after 24 hours with no way to access the old status updates. Users can quickly share the highlights of the day with their contacts along with the capability to control who can see your status updates from privacy settings.