Tinder Launches Stacks for iMessage

The swiping gesture is a defining experience in Tinder. Tinder is now bringing ‘Swipe to like’ gesture to iMessage users with the new app called Stacks, by Tinder. To install the app, users have to navigate to the iMessage App Store, and search for Tinder, not Stacks or Tinder Stacks. The Tinder app shows the Stacks logo. The app is available in India.

Users are then prompted to start a stack. A Stack is a collection of photos, where each image is called a Card. Once a Stack is created, they can be shared with contacts. The friends then have to swipe to vote on each Card in the Stack. Users can swipe on their own Stack of photos too. Each swipe counts as a vote.

Once all the votes are in, users can review the results for the stack. Votes for ‘no’ get counted next to a pink cross, votes for ‘yes’ get counted next to a green heart. The feature is meant to contain friends in the decision making process of choosing between alternatives. It can be used to choose a particular set of glasses, an image to use as a display picture or a dress for a night out.