WhatsApp For iOS Gets Large Emoticons, Zoom While Recording Video

WhatsApp for iOS gets large emoticons, zoom while recording video

WhatsApp developers are slowly rolling out the features that they had been testing in closed beta test groups. Some of the features touted and mentioned in the leaks arrived with the latest Apple iOS update yesterday. The most protuberant of new features include large emojis which was uncovered in the app code weeks back.

In addition to bigger emoji, you can now zoom in and out while recording videos in WhatsApp by sliding your finger up and down. Chat improvements are also part of the update as you can now select multiple chats to quickly archive, delete, or mark as read. The optimizations extend to refining average chat load time in addition to the message management. Most of the new features on WhatsApp are initially rolled out to iOS versions of the app and later come to the Android version of the app.