WhatsApp Introduces Snapchat Style


WhatsApp just updated the application with extra features for chatting and sharing multimedia. WhatsApp has introduced stickers used by Twitter and Snapchat. The sticker set is called Twemoji, made by Twitter Open Source and is accessible for use by anyone under an MIT and Creative Commons license. The stickers can be slapped on to videos and images. Text can be added on top of the multimedia shares as well, with options to change the font and colours.

Users can draw directly onto the image as well, in various colours. Multiple stickers can be layered onto an image, along with the drawings. The stickers can be dragged around, rotated and the pinching gesture can be used to resize. There is a color gradient offered that can colour the stickers and text, and these have more colours on offer than Snapchat. Additionally, WhatsApp permits users the option to use speech and thought bubbles as well.