Xamarin Software Development Kit, A New Entrant for Microsoft Open Source


Microsoft acquired Xamarin cross platform development tool two months ago and on 27th April at Xamarin’s Evolve developer conference in Orlando, officials announced Microsoft has open-sourced the Xamarin software development kit (SDK).

In a statement released the company officials said Microsoft has open sourced and contributed to the .NET Foundation the Xamarin SDK for Android, iOS and Mac under the same MIT license used for the Mono project. The native application program interface (API) bindings for iOS, Android and Mac, the command-line tools necessary to build for these platforms, and the cross-platform UI framework Xamarin. It has to be noted that forms are all part of what’s now open sourced.

As part of the announcement Microsoft also revealed some new Xamarin Form features, enhancements to Xamarin Studio IDE, which is aimed to bring it closer to Visual Studio. One more notable inclusion is the Test Recorder Visual Studio plug-in at Evolve.