Oracle Database

High-performance Processing, Engineered Systems all made easier with KARYA’s Advanced Database Services for Oracle.

Oracle Database Services

Oracle Database Being an innovator, Oracle has been steadily evolving over the decades. Oracle’s robust Database functionality, when combined with high-level Technology and Integrated Business Solutions, provides the winning recipe for the large and mid-sized organisations. While Oracle’s 8i was an answer to the Internet / Web Applications challenges, 10g, with its Grid Computing concept, took the Database Technologies to the next level. Now, 12c introduces Cloud, Multitenant Architecture and In-Memory Processing Capabilities, which are highly-sought-after features in today’s database processing environment.

Oracle Gold Partner KARYA Technologies, a gold partner of Oracle , helps its global clients to harness the power of Oracle Database through high performance, fault tolerance, and secure database systems. We deliver the complete range of database services that includes Configuring the Database, Managing Memory and Storage, Managing Users, Managing Database Objects such as tables, performing basic troubleshooting, creating backups for your database, performance monitoring activities, and more. KARYA Technologies provides an array of cost-effective tools, accelerators and dedicated groups of experts to enable clients to migrate from traditional Heterogeneous Databases to Oracle Exadata faster and realize measurable return on investment, while reducing implementlementation time and cost.

Oracle Database Services
KARYA Technologies Service Offerings for Oracle Database

Advisory Services

  • Healthcheck Assessments & Recommendations
    • Capacity, Performance & Application Design
    • Security
    • Replication & Disaster Recovery
    • Data Retention & Compliance
  • Architecture, Planning & Roadmap
    • Infrastructure & Database
    • High Availability & Failover
    • Clustering & Load-balancing
    • Consolidations and Federations
    • Data Center & Cloud

Solution Delivery

  • Database - Install, Upgrade, Migrate
  • Performance & High Availability Implementations
    • RAID, In-memory Caching, RAC, Grid Control, Data Guard, Golden Gate
  • Database Administration
  • Database Modeling/Design
  • Security Implementations

24x7x365 Operations, Maintenance & Production Support

  • Environment Monitoring
  • Fault Handling
    • Diagnostics
    • Troubleshooting
    • Failure Recovery
  • Security/Access Support
  • Performance Tuning
  • Housekeeping & Optimizations
  • Working with Oracle Support
KARYA Technologies Competencies in Oracle Database

We are competent and experienced in recommending and implementing the right toolset for Oracle Database. Here is the list of some of the tools that we recommend and implement.

Subject Areas KARYA's Tool and Technology Competency
Database Administration Oracle Universal Installer, Oracle Database Configuration Assistant, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Database Upgrade Assistant, Net Configuration Assistant, Toad
Tuning & Performance OEM, Statspack, AWR, ADDM, ASH, Native Unix commands, TKPROF
Backup & Recovery RMAN, FlashCopy, CommVault, NetBackup, Tivoli Storage Manager, NetWorker, Data Domain
Replication EMC - Avamar, HomeBase, FalconStor , RecoverPoint; NetApp SnapMirror, Hitachi TrueCopy, IBM Global Mirror, Data Guard, Cloud/Grid Control, Oracle Gateway and Toad
Disaster Recovery SuperCluster, Active Data Guard, GoldenGate, ZFS
Oracle Engineered Systems Unix-based Hardware, Cloud, Oracle Software Products - Exalogic, SuperCluster , Database Appliance, Exalytics, Big Data Appliance, ZFS Storage
High Availability RAC, ASM & DataGuard
Data Modeling Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, ERwin, ER/Studio, Data Architect, DeZign for Databases, Toad Data Modeler, Altova DatabaseSpy, Database Visual Architect, PowerDesigner, InfoSphere Data Architect, DbWrench
Oracle Cloud Cloud Service - Java, Storage, Messaging, Database, HCM
Security Vault, Firewall, Advanced Security, Data Masking and Subsetting
Big Data Oracle Exadata, Hadoop, Netezza, Greenplum
Virtualization VMware ESX/SRM, Microsoft’s Hyper-V, VMM, & Virtual Server, Xen, Solaris Zones, LDOMs or AIX LPAR/MPAR)
Programming and Scripting Java, JavaScript, SQL, PL/SQL, Perl / Python, Windows and Unix Shell Scripting, HTML, XML, ODI Mapping, OBI Development Tool set

Why KARYA Technologies for Oracle Database?

  • Full Scope Services
    • Data Administration
    • Infrastructure – Hardware, OS, Network
    • Database and Application Tuning
  • Experienced in implementing Advanced Oracle Solutions – RAC, Clustering, Replication, and Engineering Systems.
  • Industry vertical knowledge and experience enforcing Industry Regulation and Compliance of Databases.
  • Provide expert consultation and participate as a subject matter expert for all client projects.
  • KARYA Technologies' Proven Global Engagement Model with 24x7x365 Operations, Maintenance, and Production Support.

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