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Software Testing Services

Enterprise Applications vary in terms of multiple aspects such as accessibility, scalability, infrastructure, functionality, performance, compatibility, security and number of simultaneous usage. The number and types of these applications increase exponentially every year. As the level of sophistication in using such applications increases, the complexity involved in developing them increases as well. With multiple factors to be considered, Quality stands above all. The demand for Quality Assurance has grown significantly for enterprises now-a-days. Organizations in today’s world need to be faster in market and tighter in budgets.

Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Testing are no longer the individual phases of SDLC, they are in fact a part and parcel of the entire Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) right from conception, implementation through the entire life of the application.

Software Testing Life Cycle
Software Testing services

With robust offerings for Software Quality Assurance, We help organizations maximize quality from all angles of any application. We have assisted numerous global clients in testing and productionalizing mission-critical applications. Further, we have also helped clients build their in-house Software Quality Assurance and Testing competencies.

KARYA Technologies Competencies in Quality Assurance Services

At KARYA Technologies, we maintain a judicious combination of people, processes and state- of-the-art testing tool competencies, blended at right proportion to render superior service delivery. With deep domain expertise, knowledge on proprietary and open source technologies and prime focus on scripting, automation & reusability, we always delight our clients. All resources including but not limited to Business Analysts, Quality Architects, Quality Leads, Quality Analysts and Software Testers are under one roof.

Features of Quality Assurance Services

  • State-of-the-art Testing Lab
  • Independent Virtual Cloud-based Testing Platforms and Test Centers
  • Support for different Architectures - N-Tier and SOA-based
  • Support for different SDLC Methodologies – Agile, Waterfall, Spiral
  • Support for diverse platforms - Hardware, Software, Web and Mobile Applications.
KARYA Technologies Service Offerings for Quality Assurance

Advisory Services

  • Healthcheck Assess, Evaluate & Recommend
    • Test Infrastructure
    • Test Methodologies & Processes
    • Product Releases
    • Test Automations
    • Regulatory & Industry Vertical Compliances
  • Performance Engineering
  • Security Testing

Solution Delivery

  • Manual & Automated Testing
    • Functional Testing – Unit, Smoke, Integration, UAT, System, Regression, Localization, Globalization Testing
    • Non-functional Testing - UI/UX, Load/ Performance/Stress, Security, Compatibility, Infrastructure Testing
  • Setting up QA Tools & Automation Frameworks (Open source & Commercial)
    • Test Management & Automation Tools, Continuous Integration & Configuration Management Tools
  • Managed Testing Services - End-to-end Strategy -> Planning -> Execution -> Reporting
  • Specialized Testing Services for Regulatory & Industry Compliances - PCI, SOC, HIPAA, ISO

Why KARYA Technologies for Quality Assurance Services?

  • Broad-based Application Experience
  • 100% production-worthy product that is tested for
    • Functionalities
    • Technicalities
    • Performance
    • Security
    • Compliance
  • Robust Reusable Processes and Scripts
  • Test Environment Support
  • Clear Documentation
  • Multiple Engagement Options
  • Optimal Resolution – Quality, Time and Cost

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