Many of us must have heard about “Oracle Fusion Applications”, and few have some ideas about it. Here, let’s discuss what it is and the diverse range of applications that it can offer to the ERP, CRM & HCM Workforce.

Oracle Fusion Applications is a combination of best in class on-premise applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle Peoplesoft & Oracle Siebel Applications.

Realizing the Cloud is going to be the future of technology, Oracle started offering Fusion Applications as a Service. This SaaS model of Fusion applications is called as Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud is relatively broad term that embraces all SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings. Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle HCM Cloud as examples of SaaS offering also comes under the umbrella of Fusion applications.

Oracle Fusion Applications utilize Oracle Business Intelligence products to enrich user experience and also speed up decision making, using powerful operational Reporting with new Visualization and user interfaces. Such enriched user experience provide enterprise wide insight to Top Management and Line Managers to make well informed business decisions. Let’s discuss the features of Analytics & Reporting tools of Oracle Fusion Applications.

Oracle BI Reporting Tools
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher)
  • Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics
  • Spreadsheet Integration

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher)

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher is a Business Reporting tool used to Query and extract data from source Database of any Fusion Application. The extracted data can be formatted and published in various formats such as CSV, Excel & PDF. . The reported data can also be exported to Third Party systems. User can create new Reports using SQL queries

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)

A Powerful Ad hoc reporting tool that provides Ad-hoc querying, Drag & drop functionality, shared queries and embedded analytics. OTBI reduces the need for maintaining customized reports through a online inquiry feature.

Oracle Business Intelligence Analytics

Contains pre-built Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and metrics to deliver information across organization levelsFor e.g. this will help evaluate collection agents’ performance in an Account Receivables organization. It helps Managers & Supervisors in making well informed decisions using the KPI Dashboard of each collection agent. KPI will help evaluate the performance of collection agents across geographies by comparing actual values against the benchmark value that you set.

Spreadsheet Integration

Spread sheet integration feature helps planners transfer data to and from spreadsheets into Planning and Financial Reporting modules

Oracle Hyperion Smart View with built-in Excel functionalities, client-based Report Authoring tool Oracle Financial Reporting Studio, Oracle Account Monitor for real time multi-dimensional Account Analysis, Oracle Account Inspector, a tool to perform ad-hoc balance queries together build a rigid Reporting & Visualization Platform for Finance & Accounting Industry.

Hope this information on Oracle Analytics and Reporting tools is helpful.

If you’re already using an On-Prem version of Oracle Business Intelligence and would like to migrate to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), KARYA Technologies can help you in a Seamless transition from OBIEE/OBIA on-Prem to Cloud.

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