Many of us must have heard about “Oracle Fusion Applications”, and few have some ideas about it. Here, let’s discuss what it is and the diverse range of applications that it can offer to the ERP, CRM & HCM Workforce.

Oracle Fusion Applications is a combination of best in class on-premise applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle JD Edwards, Oracle Peoplesoft & Oracle Siebel Applications.

Information Technology is rapidly changing with the evolution of various technologies such as Open-Source, Cloud, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Block chain, etc. Digital Transformation is also sweeping the IT world with more options to collaborate internally and with trading partners. Most importantly, the Digital Transformation provides companies today with multiple options to reach out to the customers.

Traditional CRMs costed high and they had to be hosted on the company’s own server. The company had to have their own hardware and software development team which was tedious, inefficient, time and money consuming. The set up took a very long time, anywhere between 6 months and 12 months. In spite of all the heavy work that was put in, the model was still difficult to use and understand.

There is no denying the fact that the advent of technology in the past few decades has opened the door for many innovations. It had a significant impact on the purchasing style of the individuals, thereby drastically shortening the existing supply chain system and few others go- between on which people rely on. Internet and social media both joined hands for generating awareness among the natives in terms of purchasing the hallmark products from the authorized dealers.

If you know the first thing about IT infrastructures, you should also have heard about cloud computing. It has become an indispensable part of digitalisation and has taken over the world by storm since its introduction. I hope this article helps you know a little bit more about cloud computing than just its name.

With the global ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software market expected to be worth approximately around $41.7 billion by the next fiscal year, the impact of these systems is evident. While that number is impressive, those who’ve never utilized any form of the software may find it difficult to understand why it is important to their business, let alone an integral part of it.

If you have been into digitalising your business, you should have come across the phrase “CONTENT IS THE KING”. Now here is a less known phrase to add on to it, “MARKETING IS THE QUEEN”. As important as your content is, where it is placed before the audience is equally, if not, more important. It is, therefore, necessary to strengthen your marketing process and procedure by making it more efficient, fast and relevant.

An IT audit, is a thorough assessment of the management systems and operatives within an IT infrastructure. The evaluation of thus obtained data determines if the information systems are securing assets, holding data integrity, and operating effectively without any compromises to achieve the organization's goals or objectives. These reviews may be performed featuring a financial statement audit, internal audit, or other forms of an attestation engagement.

Dynamics 365 is among the best ERP & CRM integrated Cloud-based application based on a single platform, all the tools like Outlook, Word, Excel are used for reviving and bringing the power of Digital Collaborations and Intelligence to all the decisions that the user makes. The power of AI Enhanced Analysis optimizes the Customer experience.

Dynamics AX is a part of business software, developed by Microsoft. It’s an Enterprise Resource Management program (ERP), the program with which several businesses manage the daily record of back-end operations in the organization

The advent of the internet plays a crucial role in revolutionizing the lives of individuals. Through these latest technologies, one can easily enjoy long conversations with anyone staying at far distance. There is no denying the fact that without these revolutions communication would have been as simple and easy as now.

The advent of the internet plays a crucial role in revolutionizing the lives of individuals. Through these latest technologies, one can easily enjoy long conversations with anyone staying at far distance. There is no denying the fact that without these revolutions communication would have been as simple and easy as now.

Portal, in the context of D365 can be viewed as an independently running Web Application that can be leveraged to Model Business Processes or Portions of it aimed at providing higher level of accessibility to the core ERP & CRM functionalities for your key Stakeholders. Key Stakeholders can range from internal users (Employees) to external parties (Customers, Trading Partners) requiring minimal rights and access.

Information technology consulting (aka IT Advisory) as a field of management consultancy focuses on advising organizations on how best to use IT in not only achieving their business objectives but also in optimizing their current systems to maximize the output.

Software Quality Assurance is a process that helps to validate the Correctness, Completeness and Performance of IT Applications and Infrastructure. Quality Assurance has always been an important part of Software Engineering. More so in this digital era, with the explosion of various Digital Applications such as Web, Mobile, IOT and expansion of Digital Infrastructure to Cloud. The field of Software Quality Assurance is rapidly transforming to meet such demands.

Most of the business intelligence tools like Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, Office applications are all part of the greatest software application giant Microsoft. Enterprises have started embracing the stack of BI services retooled by Microsoft for various prospects like data integration (SSIS), analytics (SSAS) and for business intelligence (SSRS) and visualization. These services have been retooled and brought under the umbrella of ETL (exact, transform and load). These products can be either used as a standalone or used in totality and integrated as part of the share-point system. Precisely, close-knit integration with BI tools helps quickly gain business intelligence from their data.

Quality Assurance services have been considered quite imperative in the world of Information technology. On skipping this process, businesses and IT hubs suggesting new platforms to enhance their business digitally would suffer due to results that are quite ambiguous. Hence to save time and money, which are detrimental to the growth of any brands - testing from time immemorial is considered as an important parameter, though not followed exponentially for which most results and outcomes are with glitches.

With quite a lot of cloud excellence happening in the past few years, Microsoft Dynamics has paved a great niche with quality improvements, integration in the sphere of account research, account management and in verticals like sales and marketing too.

Moreover, acceleration in the field of information technology is to understand the customer better, chalk out specific data for them, ways and means to tap them in this cut-throat market.