An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has become one of the most important assets that an organization would require. It helps people to manage their businesses, streamline workflows, enhance productivity, thereby reducing manual interventions. As the new technologies and trends like AI, ML and IoT are on the rise in recent times, opting for an ERP would be a most viable option. With the rapid expansion, the ERP market is set to exceed $49.5 billion by 2025.

What is Epicor ERP?

Epicor is a dotnet-based end-to-end ERP product, which is equivalent to Microsoft Dynamics 365, having a very strong base in manufacturing. Epicor provides services for various industries such as manufacturing, distribution, and services. Some of the prominent modules of Epicor ERP are:

· Supply chain management

· Finance management

· Project management

· Manufacturing/Production

· Service-based industries

· HR & Payroll

· CRM – to a limited extent

How does Epicor ERP perform in the manufacturing sector?

Having an efficient ERP makes your business to be highly responsive. Even though Epicor can provide solutions across industries, they predominantly have more success rates in the manufacturing industry. It supports various management processes that includes discrete, Engineer-to-order (ETO), Make-to-order (MTO), Configure-to-order (CTO), mixed-mode and make-to-stock environments.

Benefits of Epicor ERP:

Adaptable deployments options – Epicor ERP offers you the leisure of deploying both on-premises or cloud-based hosting. The flexibility this system brings enables the businesses to grow and transform in the longer run.

Intuitive and efficient – Epicor ERP provides an intuitive user experience and user interface that allows easier navigation, active home page and configurable dashboards. This mainly helps organizations to make better decisions resulting in increased productivity.

Collaboration – Epicor ERP is built using modernistic systems architecture, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and can be segmented, making it collaborative and responsive. It’s a connected system that helps collaboration a sweet affair and they are also scalable, allowing you to respond to your customers promptly.

Integrated with latest technologies – Epicor ERP deploys several technologies like Business analytics, Big data and IoT that can help transform your business.

Mobility – Epicor ERP helps individuals to enter relevant and timely information/data when they are on the job site or from various geographies. This results in accurate reporting that helps to make better informed decisions on the current situations.

Summing it up:

Epicor ERP has been predominantly created to cater the needs of manufacturing industries and other large businesses to automate their processes, streamline the operations and enhance them to produce the desired performance.

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