If you have been into digitalising your business, you should have come across the phrase “CONTENT IS THE KING”. Now here is a less known phrase to add on to it, “MARKETING IS THE QUEEN”. As important as your content is, where it is placed before the audience is equally, if not, more important. It is, therefore, necessary to strengthen your marketing process and procedure by making it more efficient, fast and relevant.

Since the advent of E-commerce, There has been a lot of data flood about the customer behaviour and the most tailored advertisements catering to the right audience have always been the ones with the upper hand, but tracking the behaviour of each customer and giving him/her the most relevant ads in the most relevant time can be overwhelming to do manually, even the most skilled operator can make mistakes.

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing Automation platforms like Clickdimension, Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot and Eloqua make it easy for small, medium and large-scale enterprises to do their targeted marketing.

What Do They Do?

Retargeting Campaign

Your customer could have browsed one product from the plethora of them you produce, that gets recorded and they are automatically driven into the retargeting campaign, in which similar products are displayed to them in various places in the internet until they are converted enough to become a buying customer. Then they are driven into another campaign.

You might have to send the next video or the text ad of one campaign after the customer has watched 50%(say) of the previous video or spent a specified amount of time in the previous text ad, and this process might have to continue until the customer is converted. A different approach might have to be carried out for customers who fell short of the criteria. All of these can be automated and the platforms will do it for you. You can have your say in setting up the criteria.

E-Mail Automation

The first thing that strikes most people, the second after they hear about marketing automation is E-MAIL automation. Once your customer lands a specific web page and gives his/her e-mail Id after your request for the same, you can drive them into the e-mail marketing campaign.

In this campaign, e-mails related to their product/services of interest can be regularly sent and depending upon the customer’s response, the course of action can be changed. For example, if the customer purchased a shoe and is converted in that regard, you can drive them into the shoe polish campaign from then on. This can also be used for customer relationship maintenance and Feedbacks after the conversion is made.

Text Message Automation

Marketing automation also lets you exploit the advantages of text messages effectively. This is an area which is not given much attention by business owners as of now but it has a huge upside potential. The average open rate for emails is 20% while it is as high as 80% for text messages and most of them are opened in less than 5 minutes of reception.

You can automate the text messages in a timely way with tailored content and a strong call-to-action (for example, discounts) to make full use of this potential interface.

And there are a lot of other excellent use cases of marketing automation. By choosing the right platforms and criteria with the help of the right digital service providers, you can rule your country with the most capable king and queen.

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