Cloud is more than a choice for entrepreneurs today in bringing industry-specific digital transformation. As the technological revolution has taken the business world by storm, most organizations have started migrating their business processes to the cloud as a means of modernizing their applications and competing with the existing challenges of the industry. Cloud adoption stands as a potential key to such business modernization for organizations to cope with the fluctuating demands of the industry and to keep their processes stay in-line with global business standards. 

Cloud architecture supports extensive business process modernization, which is quite about automating the operational workflow to such an extent that we can’t imagine. Migration of workloads from on-premises to the cloud ensures upgrading business standards towards a higher level of intelligence.  

Cloud – a value-add for IT enterprises

Seamless cloud integration optimizes the overall process flow within an organization to help achieve strategic business objectives at the right time. Native cloud applications integrated into a business system maximizes the process efficiency, agility, and time to market. Thus, cloud-enabled transformation opens new opportunities ahead thus ensuring fast-forward growth in place. 

Reimagining cloud integration for enterprise needs! 

Let’s admit how KARYA’s seamless cloud solution helps clients unlock the business potential to catalyze growth in the right direction. Realizing and shaping the future of any business is possible now. 

KARYA, with its huge industry and domain expertise, offers cloud-intelligent applications coupled with deep tech capabilities to design, develop, execute, and enhance modern cloud solutions for IT enterprises. We provide automated assessment tools to help develop an infrastructure blueprint and application code to customize the journey toward the cloud. Identifying application interface codes, and data dependencies is the initial step of our cloud integration/migration suite thus providing a holistic view of technical and business needs for a cost-effective and risk-free cloud adoption. 

Cloud embracement going beyond the buzz: 

As per Gartner’s research, the global end-user spending on cloud resources is grown up to 20.4% this year with a net worth of $494 billion and is expected to rise to around $600 billion by 2023. 

Detailed yearly spending forecast: 

KARYA’S cloud offerings: 

Disrupt the global IT economy with our robust cloud offerings as we help engineer digital transformation via cloud deployment at every step the business gets into. Be it an AI-centric business or an IoT-enabled one, it just starts with the power and agility of KARYA’s cloud, securing data and transparency to make it more customer-centric; Just explore the cloud advantage we provide right from here.  

Our cloud approach can help lower IT complexities to get into an efficient and accelerated business touchpoint.  

Bottom line:  

Innovation and continuous re-invention are assured with cloud-enabled business transformation for the IT industry. Unleashing the potential of the cloud encourages organizations to re-build legacy business applications into modern cloud-native platforms compatible with enterprise-grade systems. Hence, rethinking about making a journey towards cloud embracement helps businesses stay ahead of the curve. 

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