Benefits of buying from authorized dealers

There is no denying the fact that the advent of technology in the past few decades has opened the door for many innovations. It had a significant impact on the purchasing style of the individuals, thereby drastically shortening the existing supply chain system and few others go- between on which people rely on. Internet and social media both joined hands for generating awareness among the natives in terms of purchasing the hallmark products from the authorized dealers.

You all will be surprised when you get to know that there exist hidden valuable benefits in purchasing the oracle and Microsoft products directly from the authorized dealers and partners which are mostly neglected because of its slightly high cost inculcated in the purchase of the particular product. It’s true and the prime motto is not to discuss from where to buy the web products, but to share the infrequently discussed story with the tech geeks.

There exist official and unofficial ways to acquire the product. Official places to purchase the windows and databases include authorized dealers who carry a range of license to issue the product. Unofficial ways of buying the products include a host of “gray market” dealers who aren’t authorized dealers but acquire timepieces in a range of ways. In the modern era, due to lack of proper awareness and the trend to adopt short cut, most of the users prefer to purchase the products from gray market dealers due to carelessness and carrying about their short term goals only.

There is no doubt that purchasing the products from authorized Oracle and Microsoft distributors contribute significantly in a number of ways. There exist a number of hidden benefits, which are unfolded in the subsequent article section.

Extended Warranty

In comparison to that of buying the Microsoft windows or installing oracle 12E database from the local distributors, the authorized Microsoft and oracle officials provide an extended product warranty, along with the free installation and cost effective time to time product maintenance. The no return policy adopted by the local merchants mostly infuriates the customers who encounter the defects while operating the software. Whereas the authorized non- gray distributors are more reliable and always deliver the licensed product with the actual GST bill and stamp.

Licensed products

The entire product purchased from the authorized Microsoft and oracle dealers are licensed. They have the unique ID and the embedded scan code, which can be used in any case related to its malfunctioning, fraud etc. The licensed key is issued to the purchaser by the legitimate authority and this unique provides the proof of originality of the product.

Opportunity to Purchase First

Authorized distributors tend to maintain the checklist of their customer demands and requirements and carry out the desired changes accordingly. Buying the products from the direct owner makes us the opportunity to get the first copy of the product. Irrespective of the local distributors, the adequate Oracle and Microsoft distributors provides the users with the original bill and the warranty card, so that in case of any dilemma, the customer can directly approach them via online or offline means at any point of time.

Reliable hardware

Oracle servers and the Microsoft operating systems are built to ideally maximize the uptime and to significantly ensure the fast recovery from the failures. These systems featured redundant components, hot- pluggable, hot- swappable and high energy efficient products are available only from the Oracle authorized distributors. All the others vendors, sell the first hand pirated copy of the database products.


The valid distributors are responsible for day- today corporate functions and hence thereby providing an efficient performance. Oracle distributors optimized the database for the highest possible performance. Unlike, local distributors the authorized parties are responsible for balancing the workload among multiple machines using the clusters. Microsoft Solaris operating system which is provided only by the right Microsoft owner is capable of delivering massive threading, high performance and large memory addressing Windows operating system.

Established customer base

This is probably one of the most important advantages that one can seize by purchasing products from the company. The trusted distributors establish a strong customer base by ascertaining a healthy client customer relationship. The legitimate distributors provide high data encryption and security to its clients in order to securely save their confidential data. For the mission critical applications, generally Oracle and Microsoft authorized distributors provide online backup and recovery to enables the users to maintain the superior performance and availability of the system.

Use of marketing as an element of strategy

The authorized dealers inherit the use of marketing strategies and the various other social media platform to advertise about the latest version of sprint of Microsoft office, Microsoft one drive, Microsoft access and is used by Oracle to share the latest updates regarding their database appliances, Exalogic Elastic cloud, Secure Global Desktop systems. The use of these marketing strategies plays the key role in performing initial literature analysis before choosing the respective product.

Efficient customer services

Purchasing the products from the authorized Oracle and Microsoft dealers extend administrative customer support services for its clients. It is there duty to provide the extensive support services to the authorized customers. This will significantly minimizes the low of operations as ranging from the software installation till its maintenance all sort of services are extended as a result of authorized purchase of Microsoft windows and Oracle database.

Which Purchase option is Right for you?

Whether you are committed to purchase the Microsoft or Oracle product for the entire network or choosing to install the scheme in your personal system, there’s no clear-cut answer regarding the better purchasing option. Every business requirement is different and each of them has different pre requisites. But it is generally recommended to purchase the products directly from the legitimate authorities to significantly cut the cost in some circumstances and to ensure the easier oracle and Microsoft products scalability.

Knowing your current business status, the specific requirements of your products, and the scope of your future ambitions will all guide you in plotting the right course of action for your unique needs.

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